Finest Career Preferences In Teenage

Today is JOB ACTION DAY. Aim of this day is to help and support the people who are looking for their first job in the life. On this day these people take expert advice and make their dream come true by identifying best suited job. This article discusses the most suitable career options as per the personality traits decided by the ascendant rising in the horoscopes of the teenagers. All the 12 ascendant signs have been analyzed in detail.


Finest Career Preferences In Teenage


Teenage is a sensitive and impressionistic age of a person where if a person is given the correct guidance and shown a right direction in the matter of the career, the person will have a better and brighter future career-wise. The Vedic astrology helps in letting people especially young bloods to move toward the right direction or choice for career and also helps them in making them aware of the steps to be taken to achieve their dream job.

The process of guiding and making career choices with teenagers can be a daunting process. Planning career with the ever-changing and evolving career landscape becomes a tougher job with every passing day.

Here, we will discuss the bright career options for the teenage on the basis of their ascendant (zodiac sign) which will help them clear the clutter and focus on their ulterior goal or ambition.

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Making a blazing first impression is one of the trademarks of an Aries Teen. You have an urge and a dream to make its big impact on others and with your great personality; you will be a reason for many people turning green with jealousy (of course with your personality and success). Still, it is important for you to know exactly what career options suits you the most. Following are few such options that you can choose from as your career in future

  • A technical field such as mechanical or software engineering
  • Hotel management
  • Any Degree or Stream in Management


The deep-rooted nature of the Taurus teen learns to take the thing on its own pace. You do not like when people try to hasten you. With a pretty realistic approach to life, you rely on your own talent and capabilities to do or get things. If you are given the correct guidance with respect to career choices than you will achieve more than people could even talk about. Given below are few of the many career options for Taurus Teen ascendant:

  • Hotel management
  • Graphics Designing
  • Animation
  • Multimedia


The extremely social Gemini teen ruled by the Twins, you love variety in life. Blessed with an inquisitive and agile brain, you love exploring new things and are pretty humorous in nature. Hence, you look for the angle in which the given situation may become hilarious and funny. People love to be around you because of your good humor. For the lively Gemini, the good career options will be:

  • Medical Field
  • Any work related to Art and Creativity
  • Education-Related Field
  • Teaching field and Branches Related To It


The psychic Cancer Teen is very closely tied to their parents. As a cancer ascendant, you will remain pretty reticent in public and seldom trust anyone around you. You also get to know about the things unsaid and act accordingly. The most suitable career options for you are:

  • Real Estate
  • MBA
  • Technical Field: Mechanical or Software Engineering
  • Hotel Management


The natural born leader Leo Teen, you are known to be regal, physically strong and fearsome by others. You are highly and naturally expressive, if anything is on your mind, it is on your face. Laughing is your favorite thing to do. Career options will suit your personality the most:

  • Fashion industry
  • Photography
  • Modeling
  • Civil services
  • Government Job
  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Law Enforcement


The inquisitive Virgo teen as you are, you do not shy away from asking questions related to bitter reality. You have a knack of picking up new things and learning things on a practical level. The best career option for you will be:

  • Writer
  • Professional Advisors
  • Commission and Consultancy based Work
  • Teaching Field


As a Libra Teen Ascendant, you are a natural born lover and a powerhouse for art and creativity. You always have an amazing number of innovative ideas in your mind and love to share them with your family and friend. You are highly social and love to hang around your friends and family. The best choices for a future career for you will be:

  • Artist
  • Painter
  • Actor
  • Animation
  • Graphic Designer
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel industry


The Scorpio teen can be intimidating at times as you are completely aware of all the events happening around you. Highly emotional as you are you can seem pretty serious at times. The best career options for you will be:

  • Management Degree in any stream
  • Agriculture
  • Real estate
  • Civil Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Defense


Sagittarius teens are always open to all sorts of ideas and because of the same reason has many friends. They are extremely fun to be around and blessed with a loving and caring nature. You can count on the Sagittarius teen. The best career options for you are:

  • Education Field
  • Teaching Field
  • Stationary and School Supplies Business,
  • Clerical Job,
  • Advisory Job
  • Government Job


Capricorn teens hardly find any free time as you are always busy preparing for the future. You are a diligent and good student and generally, you do not think anything beyond work or study. Your friendly nature wins the hearts of all those around you. The most viable career options for you are:

  • Female clothing business
  • Cosmetic Business
  • Jewelry business
  • Hotel Management
  • Any Technical field


As an Aquarius teen, you believe in keeping things to you and are not a great supporter of sharing your problems. They are not very emotional and therefore do not have a warm reaction to any sort of display of emotion in public or private. You are good at coming up with radical ideas. Sometimes you also become a rebel and are always ready to try out new things in life to keep up your adrenaline rush. The best career options for you are:

  • Management in Any Stream,
  • Agriculture
  • Technical Field
  • Commission and Consultancy Based Work


A Piscean teen is known to be quite calm and compassionate individual. You are always up to offer help first and are the strongest shoulder to cry on. But sometimes you tend to become absent-minded. The career options for you are:

  • MBA
  • Hotel Management
  • Real Estate Field
  • Agriculture
  • Media Field
  • Teaching Field

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