Candles have the power to transform your Life

Have you ever gazed at a candle for a long time? Doesn’t it have a calming aura? An aura that calms your nerves down and help you unwind? Since, Vedic astrology regards the fire element as a high priority, candles are often labeled as the powerful medium that can transform life.

Candles have the power to transform your Life


The ‘Candle’ Game

Do you remember the times when we were kids and used to play the ‘candle gazing’ game? We used to gather around a lighted candle and take turns to gaze continuously at the flame, while others recorded the time. The one who was able to stretch the gazing time to the highest, would be declared as the winner. It was since that time that I have been fascinated with candles, and they have remained to be my confidante ever since. They have me through my tough times, and every time that I needed a little support, they have been there and helped me heal, bless, cleanse, and love myself. I have discovered that candles have been able to resonate very well with me since I came to know them. So, I have decided to share what powers they have with anyone who would like to listen and discover it.

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The Soothing effect of Candles

For as long as candles must have been in existence, they have been used for their soothing and calming effects. The candles have a relaxing aura that they surround us with. The flickering flame that gives a glow like no other lighted thing, makes us feel that we are in a state of peace and tranquility.

Everyone of us who has enjoyed and felt rejuvenated through the power of aromatherapy with candles, knows know it can help heal the mind and calm it. This, as per my thought, must be one of the most relaxing of all wonders that candles are capable of doing. Though they take a little help from aroma oils and fragrances, of course. However, it is not just the fragrance that calms us, candles have calming properties too. They have the power to brighten our mood and help us feel lighter. Here, keeping the benefits of aromatherapy aside, I will be discussing how the power of 1 candle can help us change our lives for the better.

You are channelizing the power of ‘Fire’

Candles represent the ‘fire’ element. The flickering flame is so subtle and gentle, yet has the power to calm our minds with the help of an element, which represents heat and light. Fire is the generator of energy in our bodies, illuminates us, and brightens our spirits. Thus, a lighted candle has the power to brighten our weakened and tired souls, by the connection of energy with calmness. Focusing on the flame of a candle can help us rejuvenate and realize that the energy that we have within us can be at par with none, and we have the power to use it for our own good. It helps us believe that we should be committed to our own well-being and calm our senses to prepare ourselves for the better.

Vedic Astrology also regards the fire element highly, as it is a significator of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, and energy. The natives of the fiery signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are known for their activeness and spontaneity, are extroverts and impulsive.

The effect of a calming aura in the atmosphere

It is for most of the times, that we do not realize that our surroundings affect our mental well-being as well. They contribute wholly to our mental health, often without us noticing. A candle can do wonders when it comes to uplifting our moods, and especially when it is teamed with aromas and fragrances. The soothing effect of the candle’s warm light is capable of relaxing your senses. It also gives you a serene and peaceful environment to enhance your mood and fill your mental space with calmness. Aromatherapy candles are an added bonus as they combine the power of aroma and light to do wonders for your mood.

It would increase your spiritual connection

Most of the religions have a very clear link when it comes to the light of the fire and the light of the divine. Fire has the power to pave a way for us towards the spiritual realm, as per belief. It is often said that fire has the power to charge us and help us connect spiritually. Lighting a candle and standing in front of God, no matter whichever religion we belong to, makes us feel closer to God and feel free to be guided in the right path as we convey our feelings to God. This thus helps us make ourselves the center, and focus, while calming our minds in the process.

You know that the candle would help you heal and relax

All of us who are believers in the candle therapy and know its calming properties, are already aware of the wonders it can do. So we purposely put in conscious efforts to set them up well in a room or wherever we want them to, and with the best intentions want them to be able to help us. We thus make an agreement to ourselves that we need to help ourselves drift from the present situation to the state of mental peace and tranquility. When the intent is positive, the results would surely be as good as expected, or even better. Such is the power of a calming flame of a candle.

Vedic Astrology believes in the power of the Fire

Vedic Astrology believes in the power of Fire, and in Vedic Culture Fire or ‘Agni’ is regarded highly for giving us energy and life. The planets Sun, Mercury, and Mars are significator of the Fire, and they bless us with spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and insights, and ignites our inner fire. Vedic rituals too give Fire a very high strata, is almost no ritual is complete without fire. The energy of fire can be harnessed through the candle, so that we never have to take a step back when we find ourselves not in the right state of mind.