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Signs that indicate your partner is over you

There are four elements in the world of Vedic astrology - Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each of the 12 zodiac signs portrays the specific nature of these elements. Let's understand the characteristics of these elements, along with the suggestive hints that tell you if your partner is over you.

Signs that

The Four Elements in Astrology

As per Astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements, namely – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. These four elements are symbolic of different unique characteristics, and every element describes the core aspects of the personality we possess as per our zodiac sign. This further means that, at a deeper level, one can also know how relationships would fare as per our everyday life, depending on the nature we would have according to these elements. As if for example, if a man’s zodiac sign shares the same element with you, then, getting to know him would be easier, even if both of you had very different and contrasting backgrounds, and had a very different outlook at how the world works in harmony.

It might also happen that because of complementing elements or same elements, some relationships build up real fast, and the partners get comfortable way too easily. Being same doesn’t assure companionship for lifetime, and your partner might get over you, or not be into you for some reason or the other. Such relationships also end abruptly, at times, as the two of them have too much in common, and thus have no individuality in the relationship, thus forcing your partner to get over you. It depends on what kind of a personality you have, and what you would like to have in your partner. If you are one of those who wants a similar partner, you would obviously love to build a harmonious relationship with them, but, if you are one who needs a little variety, too much similarity would sadden you and that would lead to breakage. It is not always the same reason for everyone, when it comes the telltale signs that he’s over you.

Understanding the Hidden points in your Relationship

Now, it is necessary that we understand our partner well, and know when there is something going on in his head. As women and girls, we have this innate ability to sense things earlier, as compared to men, and we should use this to our maximum benefit. A relationship does not always have to be riding on a smooth road. It would have potholes and uneven terrains, and at times might lead us to a dead end, even without us knowing why, and wondering how it actually happened. It is thereby necessary for us all to remain conscious of our partner’s feelings, especially when he is a man, as they do not like sharing their feelings when in doubt. It is important that we know what is cooking in our man’s mind, and whether he’s over you, not into you anymore, he is out of love, or is deciding on how to make us realize that he does not want to be in a relationship with us.

Not realizing would certainly be like a hurtful thud for you, when he does give you the blow. He might show signs that mean that he’s over you. It would be better that we guess beforehand and understand what is in his mind, so that we are prepared and ready to face anything that comes our way. Here we have discussed the hints and signs that your man would show, if he is least interested in you and has fallen out of love. We have segregated the menfolk under the 4 (four) elements of the zodiac signs, and given signs that he might show, evidently or in a hidden way. These signs would mean that he’s over you, and indicate that he’s not into you anymore.

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

If your partner is born under the moon signs Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, he is fire sign, and would have the fire element dominant in him. Such individuals are passionate, dynamic, temperamental, energetic, ideal, and have a lot of creative energy. When such an individual is no more interested to continue a relationship with you, is over you, or is not into you anymore, these are the signs that he would show:

  • He would have announced break-up in anger, every time you had a fight with him or whenever he was angry.
  • He would react rudely when you ask questions, which used to be answered normally by him.
  • He would show himself to be extremely busy, and even give his time to mindless acts, so as to avoid you.
  • He would not answer your calls or texts, and keep you waiting at all times.
  • He would be playing the ignore game, and try avoiding meeting you alone.
  • He might even hurl abuses at you, cuss at you, or treat you with remorse.
  • He would no longer remember your special days together, your anniversaries, etc., and would in fact ask you to not celebrate them too.
  • He might even go out with other girls, check out girls when in a pub or disco, and try to make you feel that you do not exist.


The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The partners born under Air signs would be always in motion, and be energetic at all times with new ideas, action, and ready to take on the world. They have a strong intellect reasoning and communication, as well as social relationships. An individual with the element of Air would be born under the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius moon sign. To know whether he is not keen on continuing the relationship with you, or not, check out for these signs which would definitely make it evident. This would mean that he is not into you anymore, and he’s over you.

  • He might act disconnected to the world, or might even show that he does not even care that you exist.
  • He would show that he is very busy with his work, and has no time for small talk.
  • He would enroll himself in new activities and also distract himself from you.
  • He might make new friends and spend time with them, making you feel uncared for and unnecessary. He would try being friends with many girls as well, and go out with them.
  • He would spend extra time in social media, texts and calls, but make no call to you.
  • He would immediately start acting weird, and stop showing his love and concern for you.
  • He would stop being intimate with you, and try to get away when any such chance comes to the both of you.


The Earth Signs : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The Earthy signs are known as the most realistic among all. They are the most grounded, and the people born under the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are the ones who have this element in them. These individuals are known to be slow, steady, and stable, and are a mixture of practical and materialistic, in different situations. Let us see how such individuals would react when they are skeptical of being in a relationship, and want to get out of it. Theses signs would mean that your partner is over you, and he’s not into you anymore.

  • An Earthy sign born individual would show off mixed emotions, both of being perplexed and practical at the same time.
  • He would not want to discuss things would you and avoid any kind of face-to-face conversation.
  • He would avoid any kind of emotional drama, and try to be away from it.
  • He would totally stop attending your calls, or texting you back, citing no specific reason, other than keeping a blank face.
  • He would purposely try to build a communication gap and try to maintain it in every way possible.
  • He would purposely show and hint on not liking to be with your anymore, and not having any kind of romantic talks with you.
  • He would avoid going out with you, and always involve friends along so that he does not have to be romantic with you.


The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The individuals born under the element Water, are of the zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, and are very intuitive, emotional, and ultra-sensitive to the core, apart from being mysterious like the depth of the ocean. They are as refreshing as water can be, buy they might mysteriously drown you into them, leaving you dreaming and wondering what actually happen. Let us see how your partner would show signs if he were born under this sign. Know that these signs mean that he’s not into you anymore, and that your partner is over you.

  • A bearer of the Water element would need security, and in the absence of it, or even feeling its absence, they would become aloof and drift apart from you.
  • From the moment they realize that they have fallen out of love, they would be out searching for greener pastures, and that would be a hint for you.
  • You will find them hanging around with girls, and trying to keep it a secret from you.
  • They will try to detach themselves completely from you, and try to hide their emotions.
  • They will act weird at times, and at times try to show you the gate. They are experts in hiding their sentiments, and so even if they try to speak up, their nature will get the better of them.
  • They will stop complimenting you, and avoid communicating too much with you.
  • You would not be their stress buster and punch bag anymore, as they would no longer share their deepest secrets with you.

These various signs show the different ways that men born under the twelve zodiac signs would show, when they would be over you, and no longer be into you. These should be the sure shot way to know that your partner is not into you anymore, and that he’s over you.

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