Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage according to your Moon Sign

Marriage is an important milestone in everyone’s life, where love and stability serve as driving factors. Whether you have a love or arranged marriage often depends on your innate characteristics. Let your zodiac stars help determine the type of marriage you might have.

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage according to your Moon Sign


Marriage signifies the union of two individual, each with their unique identity, seeking emotional connection and security, promising a lifelong commitment of body and soul. Various cultures have distinct customs and rituals for their marriages, celebrating this auspicious occasion in their traditional manner. In India, the celebration of marriage is a grand affair, constituting a festivity in its own right.

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Astrology of Marriage:

The marriage festivities typically span 3-4 days.

The crucial aspect of any marriage involves matching the horoscope of both the prospective partners.

Aligning the moon signs of the boy and a girl involves identifying similarities that facilitate the marriage. Additionally, one's zodiac sign can potentially indicate the nature of their future marriage.


Common Types of Marriages

  • Love Marriage - This type of marriage occurs when a boy or girl independently choose a life partner and marries after being in a relationship for a significant period, determining their compatibility.
  • Arranged Marriage - In this type of, the parents of the bride and groom seek a potential match for their respective children. If both families agree on the marriage alliance, the wedding takes place.

The Moon Sign matching or horoscope matching occurs in both types of marriages, playing a vital role astrological role in predicting the married life of both the individuals throughout their marriage.

Love or Arranged Marriage: What’s in hold for your Moon sign?

Aries - Independent and strong willed

Aries natives, ruled by Mars, exude passion and a strong sexual drive, seeking the physical intimacy and warmth of a partner. Carefree yet independent, you possess a romantic spirit alongside a determined, strong-willed nature, representing the fiery essence of your fire sign.

Devotion defines your approach to relationships; you seek a partner who matches your energy and vibrancy. Your involvement in a relationship is often all or nothing, lacking middle ground. Patience isn’t your strongest suit as you prefer things aligned with your desires, making you appear dominating due to your aggressive and argumentative tendencies.

Despite this, Aries individuals typically experience a fairly good married life, owing to their intense dedication and passionate nature.

Verdict – Love Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Leo and Sagittarius


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Taurus – Loyal and Supportive

The ruling planet of Taurus, Venus, symbolizes love and romance, bringing love, comfort, and stability into your life through relationships. You believe in complete union with your partner, finding solace and warmth within this loving bond.

Trustworthy, loyal, and highly supportive, you excel as a listener in relationships, reciprocating the affection you receive. Despite your calculative nature, even within personal relationships, occasional fickleness and stubbornness can emerge.

Nevertheless, your deep care for your partner fosters a happy and peaceful marriage, rooted in your commitment and affectionate nature

Verdict – Both Arranged and Love Marriage possible

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Virgo and Capricorn

Gemini – Effective communication in matters of heart

Governed by Mercury, the airy sign Gemini embodies expression and communication. Your emotional expression is marked by love and tact, fostering meaningful communication in matters of the heart.

You're devoted and faithful to your partner, believing in unconditional love even in challenging circumstances. Your inherent charm effortlessly draws people to you, establishing easy connections.

Devoting time and commitment to your partner, you also seek affection and pampering in return. Balancing compromise and setting boundaries, you anticipate a decent married life, knowing when to yield and when to establish limits.

Verdict – Love Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Libra and Aquarius

Cancer - Dedicated towards your partner

Ruled by the moon, your emotional essence is profound, defining your caring and tender nature, yet also serving as both your greatest strength and weakness.

Quick to be drawn in and fall deeply in love, your commitment to relationships remains unwavering once established. However, jealousy and possessiveness arise if you feel neglected, constituting your major flaw.

Dedication to your partner drives your desire to ensure their happiness and satisfaction. Your intensely emotional state often leads to taking things very personally. Overall, you typically experience a good married life, founded on your deep emotional commitment and care.

Verdict – Love cum Arranged Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Scorpio and Pisces

Leo - Passionate and energetic in relationship

Leo, ruled by the Sun, embodies authority, strength, and determination, exuding charm and passion while radiating positive energy.

In relationships, Leos maintain passionate and energetic involvement, expecting similar fervor from their partners, often going to great lengths for their loved one. However, their inherently bossy and dominating nature, alongside tendencies toward ego and arrogance, can sour the relationship.

Being highly individualistic, Leos typically experience a moderately happy married life, influenced by their strong personalities and the challenges posed by their dominant traits.

Verdict – Love cum arranged

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Aries and Sagittarius

Virgo: Loyal and honest in your love relationship

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo possesses analytical power, intelligence, and a strong memory, embodying a perfectionist nature that expects the same level of precision from others. With a logical and practical approach to life, they trust their instincts over external advice but can also be indecisive and critical.

Virgos often find it challenging to meet their expectations in a partner, seeking someone with high intellectual values and a logical thought process. Preferring to choose their own partner, once in love, they spare no effort to maintain a vibrant and exciting relationship.

Verdict – Love Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Taurus and Capricorn

Libra: Love being in a deep and meaningful relationship

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance, Libra values the small gestures in a relationship, deriving strength for their love from these nuances. Emotionally balanced, they offer support and unwavering loyalty to their partner, embracing commitments wholeheartedly.

Beneath the surface, Libras harbour a caring and nurturing essence, thriving in deep and meaningful relationships. They eagerly provide comfort and affection to their partner while expecting reciprocation. Despite their nurturing nature, insecurities and possessiveness can occasionally arise within Libras when it comes to their partner.

Verdict – Love cum Arranged marriage.

Compatible moon signs for Marriage - Gemini and Aquarius

Scorpio: Mystery blended with honesty and passion

Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and intense drives, Scorpio individuals excel in love and relationships, demonstrating steadfast commitment through life's challenges, expecting the same devotion from their partners. Passionate and desiring genuine partnerships, Scorpios seek mutual support. However, their overprotective and argumentative tendencies can occasionally create friction.

For Scorpios, happiness in a relationship stems from honesty, integrity, and unwavering passion. Consequently, they anticipate a stable and secure married life rooted in these values.

Verdict – Love Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Cancer and Pisces

Sagittarius: Put hard effort to maintain your good relationship

Sagittarius individuals, guided by Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, lead humble relationships, characterized by unwavering support and kindness toward their partners. Their remarkable understanding and dedication foster commendable bonds, as they earnestly work hard to maintain the quality of their relationships and marriages. Valuing inner beauty over materialism, Sagittarians are inherently romantic.

While they might take time in finding their ideal life partner, once they do, they remain devoted and committed, willing to go to any lengths for the prosperity and success of their relationship.

Verdict – Love Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage - Aries and Leo.

Capricorn: Rather slow in expression of feelings

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns exhibit responsibility and dedication to their partners, boasting independence alongside a methodical and perfectionist approach. Thriving on challenges, they are known for their resilience and independence, often proving to be a tough match.

In relationships, they tend to assert dominance, excelling in arguments. Their commitment and honesty remain unwavering, although meeting their high expectations can pose a challenge. Capricorns are typically reserved in expressing emotions, yet they anticipate a smooth and fulfilling married life.
Verdict – Arranged marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage – Taurus and Virgo

Aquarius: Own space or freedom in relationships

Under Saturn's influence, Aquarius individuals embody discipline, sincerity, practicality, and intelligence, boasting independent and courageous minds. They highly value individuals with logical and practical approaches to life.

Strong-spirited, Aquarians don't consider being in a relationship as a conclusive necessity. They cherish personal space and freedom in relationships, expecting the same from their partners. While not adhering to conventional relationship norms, having an Aquarius by your side doesn't imply conformity to societal standards of love. However, they seek a reliable partnership that respects personal space, fostering a relationship conducive to mutual independence.

Verdict – Love cum arranged marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage - Gemini and Libra

Pisces: Seek emotional compatibility from partner

Jupiter, your ruling planet, signifies wisdom and knowledge, steering you toward seeking emotional compatibility in your partner. You're inherently humble, sensitive, and empathetic, often making sacrifices within relationships without expecting anything in return.

Confident in your abilities, you understand how to bring happiness to your partner, prioritizing your loved ones above all else in life. This commitment to their well-being ensures a good married life, as you never intend to hurt anyone and always hold deep respect for your partner's happiness.

Verdict – Love cum Arranged Marriage

Compatible moon signs for Marriage - Cancer and Scorpio

Marriages, often deemed as made in heaven, thrive on the harmony between the couple. Love, as the primary force behind marriage, should never be taken for granted. Whether you’re in love or seeking it for marriage, be rest assured that everything will eventually work out for the best.

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