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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage according to your Zodiac Sign

Marriage becomes an important milestone is everyone’s life and love and stability becomes the driving factor behind the concept of marriage. Whether you will have a love or an arranged marriage, will depend greatly on your innate characteristics. So let your zodiac stars decide for you what kind of marriage you will have.

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage according to your Zodiac Sign

Marriage marks the blend of two individual persons who have their own identity and are eager to gel with each other in all attributes of emotion and security with the promise of permanent commitment with soul and body for whole life.

Different cultures have varied customs and rituals of the marriage of their own and they celebrate this auspicious occasion in their own traditional way. Celebration of marriage in India is a grand affair and is a festivity in itself.

The festivities of marriage range from 3-4 days, but the most important aspect of any marriage is to match the horoscope of both the boy and the girl. The zodiac of the boy and a girl need to match with various similarities and thus it paves the bridge for the marriage to happen. It is also possible to portray the nature of one’s marriage based on the zodiac sign of the individual.

Marriages commonly is of two types.

  • Love Marriage - Love marriage is the one in which a boy or a girl choose a life partner on their own and marry each other, after being in a relationship for a considerable period and determining their own compatibility.
  • Arranged Marriage - Arranged marriage is such that parents of the bride and groom search for a potential match for their respective children and if the marriage alliance is agreed upon by both the families, then the marriage takes place.

The Zodiac matching or Horoscope matching takes place in both the types of marriages and plays a vital role astrologically by predicting the married life of both the individuals during the course of their marriage.

Love rules all. Find out which quality of your, attract others towards you.

Love or Arranged Marriage: What’s in hold for your Zodiac sign?



Aries are independent and strong willed. You want a partner who will share your love with equal energy and vibrancy. You want mutual relationship with the same strength from your partner. However, you may have less patience for your partner. You are either fully involved in a relationship or completely uninvolved. Because you are too straight forward, you are most likely to have a Love marriage.


Taurus are very trustworthy, supportive, and great listeners in any relationship, but you are calculative by nature, even in personal relationships. You would like to review your decisions repeatedly before accepting and entering into any commitment. You will avoid taking any decisions if you feel any outside influence. So, Taurus natives have a chance of having Love and Arrange marriage both.

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They are great lovers and tend to be faithful towards their partner even in adverse situations, as they believe in unconditional love. They love cuddling their partner and love to talk to their partner to their heart’s content. A Gemini will see both the positive and negative traits in every situation and in every individual. They will have more liking for an Arranged marriage.


Cancer individuals are sensitive and caring in personal and family relationships. They need to feel secure in a relationship and it makes them possessive of their dear ones. But their love is pure and innocent. They are misunderstood for being harsh in speech for their straightforward talks at certain times. They have chances of having Love cum Arranged marriage and arranged marriage too.


Leos are passionate and energetic about everything in their relationship and want the same inertia from their partner as well. Their ego and stubbornness may destroy their relationship someday. They tend to be private and will not share their need for your company and presence. You will not want to bow down in front of your partner and this may cause friction in your relationship. Your partner may be left craving your attention. Being super individualistic by nature, you will prefer to have Love cum Arranged marriage.


When a Virgo native is in love, they will make every effort to any extent to keep their relationships vibrant and exciting. Virgo has the tendency of being a perfectionist by nature. So, they want perfection in the smallest details in their relationship which makes them very conscious when it comes to choosing a partner for them. Virgos will stick to their relationship as they have the unique trait of being loyal and honest in their love relationship. So, you will most likely have a Love marriage.

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Libras are emotionally balanced people who are supportive and loyal towards their partner. They do not shy away from commitments and once they are committed, they do it from their soul. Libra, deep inside is a caring and nurturing soul and they love being in a deep and meaningful relationship. This zodiac is most likely to have a Love cum Arranged marriage.


Scorpios are the most passionate sign when it comes to relationships. They make commitment in a relationship only when they are very sure of their feelings. Scorpios can be too possessive or can have a suspicious attitude in a relationship. As long as the relationship is filled with honesty, integrity and passion, a Scorpio individual will be happy. Love marriage is more suitable for you.


Sagittarius is very romantic as they give more importance to inner beauty rather than materialistic things. You may take time in finding their life partner of their choice, but once you have found ‘the one’, you will stick with your partner and will do anything for the prosperity of your relationship. You like to live life the way you have planned, which includes the planning of their own marriage. An Arranged marriage will be the best option.

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Capricorns are the toughest ones to handle because they like challenges and are independent folks. You like to dominate your partners in a relationship as you are good at winning arguments. You will pick out your partner’s weak points with ease and with your intelligent glance of events. Your honesty quotient will be high in any relationship, and you will stay with your partner with full commitment. An arranged marriage will be more beneficial for Capricorn natives.


Aquarius natives are very strong spirited and being in love or relationship is not conclusive for them, as they like to have their own space or freedom in relationships and expect the same reciprocal feeling from their partner. You won’t be following the status quotient of being in love with an Aquarius by your side. But you can look forward to a reliable partnership that encourages personal space for you too. Love cum arranged marriage will be a good option for you.


Pisces natives are very emotional and sensitive beings as they tend to sacrifice the most in a relationship. Sometimes you do things for your partner without expecting anything in return. You are very confident and know how to make your partner happy in a relationship. You tend to put your loved ones above all other priorities in your life. Love cum Arranged Marriage will suit your temperament the best.

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Marriages are said to be made in heaven, where there exists a harmonious relationship between the couple. Love being the driving factor for marriage, should not be taken for granted. Whether you are in love or looking for love and marriage, be rest assured that everything eventually will work out for the best.