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30 Warning Signs that Your Relationship is Over

The lack of emotional/mental connection or physical intimacy are some indicative signs that your relationship is about to part its way now. But there are times when people still do not know if their relationship is over. Indastro lists down 30 warning signs that are clear indications that your relationship is at a blank point.

30 Signs

Feelings and Intuitions

As a human, we have this inbuilt superpower in us that lets us pick up on the smallest and slightest of changes in a relationships, that hint on something that is not right or is amiss. This is true for almost the majority of our fraternity. These sins that hint towards your partner’s increasing non-attentiveness towards you, might either appear gradually or pop up suddenly at the weirdest of times. Whatever be the matter, no one among us deserves to be with a partner who does not love you as much as you do, if not more.

Love is a feeling that should be mutual among partners and one that comes easily, not something that you have to work hard to develop and try hard to keep up to.

It is rightly said about Love that, “If it is real, it will never be over.”

When you fall out of Love

Changes in feelings might crop up at any time while being in a relationship. It might be so that you are just whiling away your time in bed, or just surfing through the net, when you suddenly realize that you are not so much into your partner as you used to be. You wait for days, or maybe for months, thinking that it is just a phase, and it will pass. But no, it doesn’t. You might even find yourself waking up one fine morning and realizing that things are not as quite they were the night before.

Such feelings are not at all abnormal, owing to the tons of emotional chords a human has, and sometimes one might suddenly feel the urge to get out of a relationship, and feel that that they have fallen out of love. This might happen to either of you in a relationship, and the most important part is to understand and know what should be done, and then walk of the relationship you both have. As love does not have to envelop itself behind bonds, it is better that we know and understand the change that it needs and take a step back and realize that everything does not always end as we planned it to be.

Knowing that someone is over you

Heartbreaks have happened to almost all of us, whether when we were just a teenager or maybe when we were nearing our mid-thirties. No matter the age, heartbreaks have always been painful and give us a reality check that love is not all joy and happiness. With time though, every pain and every heartache is bound to be suppressed, and as it is said, nothing would stay the same. However, it is also important that if we suspect the change, and act fast to confront the situation. This is so that we realize that understanding things and realizing their present is what makes us mature and independent human beings.

We have herein pointed out some signs that hint at someone’s characteristic traits when he/she is falling out of love, or might be over the person they are in a relationship with. It does not matter whether this happens with your or your partner, or whichever sex you belong to; these points hold true for all of you. So, just relax and get yourself your favorite cup of blend and read on. So that the next time you sense anything in close proximity, you know that the deal wouldn’t work out, and you need to move away and apart.

These signs are very much a combination of traditional guidelines for love, mixed with the kind of love we millennials have seen and experienced. We believe there would be something for every kind of lover out there!

  • If your partner has started sending you small undescriptive texts as compared to the longer ones they used to send before. For all those who also received love letters, take care if they are no longer sent to you.
  • They have grown secretive about their lives, and no longer share the little details they used to. Like for eg., they hate to talk about simple things, about how their day has been or how they are doing at work, and so on.
  • They are overprotective of their personal belongings, like their phone, laptop, car, etc., so much so that you do not have any access to their phone, let alone their mails or other social media accounts of theirs.
  • There are more issues that they fight on, rather than trying to figure out what went wrong and how you both could have avoided it.
  • They stop expressing the love they have for you, and also show their affection for you through texts, gestures, gifts, and talks, a lot lesser than before.
  • They have stopped showing you physical affection, publicly as well as privately, be it holding hands or passing that smile across the table, or hugging you from behind in the kitchen or maybe(if you are staying together). Such loved actions, however small, prove that he/she is into you and adores you totally.
  • They do not want you both to hang out with either of your friends as a group. They don’t want others to see you both together, and hate such meetings.
  • They ignore your social media activities, your achievements in work or college life, your personal progress, and so on. They suddenly become indifferent to what you are doing in life.
  • They start spending quality time with their subsequent girlfriends/boyfriends or even their common friends group, but take out little time for you, saying that they are busy.
  • They no longer make any effort to show that they care for you. Even when you are in distress or not in the right state of mind, they show little or no care at all to help you out of the situation.
  • Every time you ask for something from time, be it as meagre as some time spend alone talking, or even calling up at night to talk, they label you as ‘needy’, and make you feel like you have no other work than making them surround you and yourself around each other’s lives. They make you feel useless, and one who is constantly imagining about love.
  • In the case of a man or boy, his ‘gentleman’ qualities are no longer there. He does not care to cuss in front of you, or show gentle gestures that were very much like him.
  • They avoid out on movie dates, a hiking trip together, or even a weekend getaway, and always have numerous excuses up their sleeves to cancel them. However, when that date or time arrives you find that they are not ‘actually busy’, and are just relaxing at home or out with their friends.
  • They check out other girls/boys even while with you, and if you are at a pub or club, they might even have a dance with them or buy them a drink. A very strong hint, we say!
  • Every night you plan on talking for long, like on a weekend, or the day before a holiday, their phone dies out or it goes busy. A trick that is convenient and super easy to take off.
  • They have removed your lovey-dovey and cozy pictures from Instagram. Even when their family is not added in their account! A Huge Hint we say!
  • They are no longer intimate with you, even if you are meeting after a long break.
  • Everything you do irks them to the point that they get angry and show their anger through their actions and words.
  • They might stop inviting you to their family gatherings, which you used to be a part of before. They might also ask you to stop talking to their cousins and family members, citing personal reasons, when there is actually no problem as such.
  • They suggest that you should hang out more often with your friends, and same should go for them as well. They give excuses that they you both have been missing out time with your friends since you started dating or have been together, and should divert your interest towards them, or even start learning something new or think of joining a group or class.
  • If he is a boy, he no longer cares about the revealing outfit you are wearing to the club, and when other guys hint at you and even when they try and become touchy. It is like they suddenly have no problem with whatever you do. Even if you were out partying all night, they do not care, and are the least bothered for you. Evident changes, right?
  • They try breaking up with you at the pretext of not being able to cope up with the relationship, or you being fussy, or you both not being made for each other. Every little fight you have and every little thing you differ thought on, gives them the privilege to announce break-up.
  • They no longer have a filter for what they say, and might actually be offending you often. They might start using cuss words in front of you, and might even abuse you. When you as them later, about why they behaved in such a way before, they would blame either alcohol or their anger for it.
  • They do not make any kind of small talk with you, no matter whatever the occasion and whatever the time. They even do not find your jokes funny anymore, and are distracted at all times. They might be looking at the floor or imagining, or at their phones surfing, or might even keep yawning to show how bored or uninterested they are.
  • They no longer remember what your favorites or preferred choices are, when it comes to foods, drinks, chocolates, clothing, or even the café that is your absolute favorite. They no longer remember even the anniversaries you celebrated before, like your first kiss, date, and so on.
  • They hate to discuss long-term plans with you, every time something similar comes up. Be it your best friend’s wedding, or your colleagues engagement, they try to avoid such occasions where you or your friends would ask the their future plans with you.
  • They are withdrawing and acting distant. They no longer like to be all-cozy with you, both emotionally and physically. They do not hold on to you for emotional support anymore.
  • They are less affectionate and not making an effort anymore, even if they see something is amiss. They would not try hard to solve the issues you both have, or try to amend their ways which might disturb or hurt you.
  • They invite their friends over on date nights, or when you planned on having a romantic dinner together at your place. Every single time they get a chance to be with you all alone, they somehow get friends to be a part of it too.
  • Something just feels off!
    No matter how blind you are to the various hints and signs, when you are totally in love, there is nothing that can suppress the ‘off’ feeling that you have in your heart, that makes you feel like you no more are loved as before and are no longer someone’s one and only.

    Always listen to what your heart says and feels, and if it signs with what your mind perceives, be sure that it is right and true!

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