Arranged Marriage: How to find your perfect match?

A detailed reading of your birth chart can determine the story of your future partner and if you two are made for each other. Learn how astrology helps you find your spouse with accurate details of the prospective partner, compatibility of your relationship, and the potential of your marriage.

Arranged Marriage: How to find your perfect match?


Are you planning to attain stability in your life and are conscious enough to take the ultimate decision related to marriage? Is it disturbing you whether you should go with the decision that your parents want you to take or will you opt for love marriage instead? All of these questions haunt an individual who reached that brink of life when he/she is of the society-approved marriageable age, and is constantly asked about their future plans by relatives, and friends alike

It is indeed a very big decision to get married to someone whom you don’t know and decide on sharing the rest of life with that person. An arranged Marriage is not just the relationship between two persons, but it also is, at large, the relationship between the two families of the girl and the boy.

How do we come to know whether the relationship of a couple will be harmonious for both the couple and family as well?

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This dilemma will get resolved only if you get the helping hand of Vedic Astrology, which is a blessing in disguise. It can also guide you with specific details like when and how will the marriage take place.

Vedic Astrology will also help you to find your perfect match and anytime you need remedies to overcome your relationship troubles, it does suggest remedies too for the same.

Which parameters will make you ready for an Arranged Marriage, based on Astrology?

Combinations for an Arranged Marriage:

If your ascendant Lord is not in conjunction with the Lord of the seventh house, then your marriage will be arranged by family members.

If your ascendant Lord is in the ninth house, even then your marriage will be of the arranged kind.

If the fifth and the seventh Lord is not in conjunction, then arranged marriage is likely to take place.

If the ascendant Lord is not in conjunction with the fifth Lord, even then it is likely that it will be an arranged marriage.

Vedic Astrology will give you the time of Marriage

Sometimes we get stressed if we don’t find the perfect match for us. We are even more stressed, as along with us, even our family is tensed if our marriage seems to be at a later stage than expected.

The marriage combination is checked by looking at both the Bride as well as the Groom’s horoscope, and matching them based on the particular planetary positions in their birth chart.

For both the bride and the groom, different planets play specific roles. Mars and Jupiter in the bride’s horoscope and Venus in the groom’s horoscope, signify the marriage timing and lets an astrologer have a complete analysis of marriage life.


In the birth chart of the female, Mars signifies her husband. If Mars is in a good position, then the girl’s husband will have good health and wealth.

If Mars has conjunction with the planet Jupiter, then the marriage will take place at an early age.

If Mars conjuncts with Saturn or has an aspect from Saturn, then there is a possibility of late marriage.

How the planetary transits make the event happen for BRIDE

The connection between natal Jupiter and transit Mars will give the outcome of marriage.

The connection between natal Mars and transit Jupiter will signify marriage prospects.

Transit of Jupiter in the 1st or 7th house will provide the necessary grounds for marriage.


In the birth chart of the male, Venus signifies his wife and if Venus is in a good position, then his wife will be supportive and beautiful.

If Venus has benefice conjunction or is in the aspect of a benefice planet like Jupiter, than it signifies that early marriage will happen.

If Venus is connected with Saturn, then there is very high possibility of late marriage.

How does planetary transit actually make the event happen for GROOM

Natal Venus and the transit of Jupiter or their connection/aspect in the birth chart will give the possible details of marriage.

The marriage will happen if the Natal Jupiter is aspected from the transiting Venus or is in conjunction with Venus.

How will the sustenance of marriage be predicted by the Vedic Astrology?

We are amazed at times thinkning how and why we are with our life partner, as we have currently. It is our nature to constantly wanting to change and trying to improve the nature of the most lovable person, as per our ways, with whom we have to live our life or with whom we would be experiencing every joy of our life. But throughout the long journey of marriage, we are at times surprised and puzzled with the brain-eating thought that why we have this particular unique personality as my soul mate.

It will obviously be good if you have prior information regarding the real image of your spouse with whom you are going to be married.

Vedic Astrology has given the two most important parameters, which tells you how your spouse will be, and how will the relationship between you and your spouse be sustained.


The placement of the twelfth lord and the distance of the twelfth lord from the twelfth house will give a clear picture when you meet your spouse, and how will your spouse’s family be.

So get deeper analysis of your birth chart based on the Vedic Astrology, and enjoy its wonders to the fullest.

DARAKARKA: The mirror image of your spouse

Darakarka works like an angel who will guard you along the way of your married life.

Darakarka is the seventh highest degree of planet in your birth chart.

“Know your spouse deeply to enjoy the Venusians quality of married life and enjoy the core and unique personality of your spouse”.

Darakarka will guide you and gives you the ability how to not get into a disturbing situation with your hubby. To cut it short, it would guide you how to get rid of divorce, if there are any thoughts as such, and also give you insights in order to make your marriage long lasting.

How to make your married life the most adorable relationship in your life:

The universe has already chosen the life partner for you and through the bond of marriage, you will start the beautiful journey together on a beautiful note.

The cosmos know everything about you and your life partner, and with the planetary transits related to your birth horoscope, the event of marriage happens and give you a relationship bonded with love, trust, and togetherness, that would last your lifetime.