The Secret To Astrology Compatibility For Relationship Is Revealed

A detailed horoscope matching of two individuals can reveal the secrets of whether the couple will be in complete harmony with one another. In this article, we share the connection between astrology and the compatibility of the relationship.

The Secret To Astrology Compatibility For Relationship Is Revealed


There is no less demand for arranged marriage, even though the generation thinks about living relationships. Indians mostly believe in arranged marriage, and our faith in our tradition and values will continue with us even if the world around us is changing fast. Marriage is still a business between two families in Indian. Not only the Groom and Bride share their lives together, but both the families are going to be part of each other ever after. This is an interesting part of Indian marriages.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

On 6 September 2018, the Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality and same-gender marriage is not a crime in India. There is such marriage happening in India and all over the world now. In the Vedic period the same-sex relationship was seen as a heinous act. There are certain scriptures showing the same sex love

‘One with Mercury in inimical sign in the 7th with conjunction or aspect of Rahu will be disposed to have transexual behavior’

The Hora Ratnam says:

‘One with Rahu in Netrapani Avasta will be trans-sexual’

and goes on:

‘If Saturn aspects the Sun in Cancer, one will indulge in unusual sexual acts and be distressed’

‘One with Mars in a sign of Venus in aspect to the Moon will be transexual in nature’

And Saravali says:

‘If there be both malefic and benefic aspects on the 7th, the sexual act is mixed in nature’

‘Weak Moon makes the native seek sexual pleasures in illegal ways’

Everyone wants a stable relationship, and no one enters a relationship with the intention to get separated. All of us want a peaceful, progressive and productive marriage, but some marriages fail.

Astrology can help to find the best person to be the right partner in our life. Astrology can help you to identify who suits you well. It can give you an idea about what kind of physical, mental and emotional disposition you have and what is best for you. Anybody who practices astrology will come to know that it is high-end psychology and it is a powerful tool for spiritual awakening.

Marriage compatibility via astrology is a very complicated process and it should be carefully done so that it can affect that Karma of the astrologer who does the marriage compatibility check. Let’s see certain tips on marriage compatibility through astrology

Lagna, Ascendant or the Rising Sign

Lagna, Ascendant or the rising sign is the sign which rises from the east at the time of birth. Experts in astrology don’t suggest a marriage between same lagna people. Let’s see what Lagna is.

Lagna, Ascendant or the Rising Sign is the first house of your birth chart which signifies your personality, looks, the rate of perseverance, motivations, inner spirit attitude, and the thoughts you have about the outer world. These are the factors which primarily rules you.

So, if you and your spouse have the same lagna, so there will less room for improvement. This same pattern may give you less opportunism for growth in your life. You need someone who can show you a different vision in a progressive manner. Every sign is ruled by different planets. There are friends and enemies among them, so it is better you marry a person, whose lagna ruler ie, the planet which rules the lagna is friendly with you.

The Moon and Compatibility.

The Moon represents the mind, peace, happiness emotions, feelings, comfort, luxuries, mother, and woman in your life. It may also mean wife as well up to some extent. The Moon should be well supported in the chart. Moon has an important role in astro-psychology. Its placement shows how strong or weak the person mentally is.

A person’s mental illness can also be seen through the study of the moon. There should be a close relationship with the boy’s and girl’s moon. Astrology is not a stream which supports much feminism. It sees men as the guiding force in a woman’s life. Girl’s Moon should be close to the boy’s moon.

Degrees of his moon should be higher than her Moon as well. That shows he will be supportive of his wife. Astrology is a Vedic science and males are the decision maker. Since Moon is the mind, the girl needs mental support from the husband to take a decision in her life.

There are so many other factors which influence people’s life and astrology is just one factor. Astrology is a vast subject and we know only a little. Every chart has good and bad things shown in them. There are troubles and challenges in every chart. Certain marriages last for long, but some fails.

According to Hindu Astrology, Hindu marriages are for eternal. A compatibility test can show the potential of the couple and that will show whether the marriage is a long-term association or not. It should be done only by an experienced astrologer. Indian marriages last longer and compatibility has a role in keeping these marriages as a long-term relationship.