Best Compatibility Match for Aries Woman

(Moon Sign Based)

An Aries woman has a fiery temperament & a highly energetic personality. She is warm, passionate & would love to spend her life with someone who shares a similar thought process. Yet, the idea of being with an over-emotional partner makes them sweat profusely.

Best Compatibility Match for Aries Woman


An Aries woman is more of a doer and is always open to, in fact loves, challenges. She has a warm and passionate personality, possesses an independent and strong aura.

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As a partner, she remains faithful to her lover or life partner and expects the same in return. Ruled by Mars, she needs to be treated as an equal; chauvinism and domination are not taken well by her.


Personality Traits of Aries Woman

Blessed with a zealous and highly-energetic personality, an Aries woman is ruled by the fiery planet Mars. The world may perceive her as an aggressive and loud personality, but she is basically a child at heart who is independent in her thoughts and lifestyle, yet extremely trusting and astonishingly naïve in nature. She carries the heavy load of her dreams and aspirations and expects no one to fulfill it for her but her.

Unlike other women, it is extremely difficult to read her emotions. On the downside, she lacks patience that can make her boil at any given point of time. But she is really sweet to those she holds close to her heart and may go to any extent to bring them joy and happiness.

An Aries woman is warm, passionate, extremely enthusiastic, confident and assertive in what she believes in. But one needs to be careful about not taking her love and affection for granted and should also appreciate the pains she takes for making others comfortable. It will, in fact, do her good if she realises that she is not responsible for others and that others can take care of their needs.

When an Aries woman falls in love, she can look like a goddess on earth. She looks like the most attractive woman of the world and believes in the game of flirting through which she may display her feelings for her partner in the most innovative and creative way.

She remains faithful to her partner and is the best support system her partner could ever have. As the Aries Moon sign is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, she would like to remain in a relationship, but she always needs her freedom even in a relationship and, just in case, if she realizes that her partner is way too emotional or is trying to bind her down with his emotional shackles, she will end the relationship.

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In this piece, we will take you through 4 compatible love matches for an Aries woman based on her personality traits’ analysis to enjoy a happy relationship/married life.

Aries Woman and Cancer Man

The theory of ‘Opposites Attract’ stands true here as they are pretty different from each other in their personality, nature, likes and dislikes, etc.

An Aries woman is known to be loud whereas a Cancer Man is calm and quiet. She loves hanging out in big social groups and he loves serene, quiet places such as home to enjoy a peaceful time with his loved ones. Yet a few mutual qualities or common traits between them that make them a perfect match for each other are:

  • Both are moving zodiac signs and, hence, love going out to different places for dates and drives.
  • Share a passion for succeeding and making it big in life.
  • Both have a sensitive heart and crave for the feeling of belongingness.
  • The relationship is focused on mutual trust and support.
  • Share passionate, physical intimacy.
  • Respect each other’s individuality and support eah other.
  • Both are excellent leaders in their own way.

If they focus more on open communication and discussions about their likes and dislikes, it will help them further to forge a common ground from where they can work on their differences and issues together.

Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man

As both of them are fire signs, the level of enthusiasm, energy, and passion - when clubbed together - reaches a new level when an Aries woman and a Sagittarius woman come together.

When an Archer and She Ram come together, the sparks between them turn into a massive forest fire that engulfs all the differences between them and gives them the eagerness to work and focus on their relationship. This further strengthens them as a couple.

As a Man, Sagittarius is super kind and sincere. They have a positive attitude towards life and are pretty generous. Some common traits shared by an Aries Woman and a Sagittarius Man are:

  • Impulsive nature.
  • Not afraid of taking risks.
  • The shared fire sign quality helps them strengthen their bond and grow together.
  • Adventure, adrenaline and passion rule their life.
  • A really hot and steamy physical intimacy.
  • They hardly hold grudges against each other and have a short cool-off time period.

An Aries woman and Sagittarius man share a strong compatibility equation. When they are together, the level of their energy combined help them reach for the stars together. Exploration and passion become a part of their life and they spend an adventurous life together.

Aries Woman and Pisces Man

When a water and fire sign come together, this amalgamation results in a very fascinating tale. The Pisces man is considered to be extremely sensitive and selfless and is a very kind-hearted soul who remains supportive of his partner. They are poles apart in nature yet the attraction between them is that of an intense level. The calm and peaceful Pisces and the extremely zesty and passionate Aries set aside their differences, creating a great life and future together.

The common traits that an Aries woman and a Pisces man share are:

  • Both are compassionate lovers.
  • Both balance feeling and expression as a Pisces Man is good at showing his feelings while an Aries woman is incapable of expressing her feelings.
  • They have a strong level of trust for each other.
  • Physical intimacy laced in the emotional wrap of love.
  • They accept and understand each other.

Once an Aries woman and a Pisces Man bring their mind to making things work between them and mutually work it out to reach a common ground, they make the best match.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is an excellent candidate for a compatible match with a cardinal sign like an Aries woman who can handle the high level of energy that she stores within. Scorpio is known to be a little extra possessive when it comes to his lover or partner and remains extremely loyal to his Aries woman. In fact, Scorpio is the most loyal partner any woman can dream for. They are stable minded and, hence, can help steady an Aries woman when she is losing her ground as she multi-tasks across different aspects of her life.

The common traits that an Aries woman and a Scorpio man share are:

  • An intense relationship that works out for both of them dramatically.
  • Both are highly energetic and competitive in nature.
  • Both share the same temperament (since both are ruled by Mars).
  • Both share the same level of energy, passion, and boldness.
  • Both are very good with money matters.
  • Both value independence a lot (since both are ruled by Mars).
  • Both make for a romantic, passionate, loyal, and intense couple; hence, share a piping hot physical chemistry.

As both are aggressive Moon signs ruled by the same planet (Mars), therefore, it is imperative for the Aries woman and Scorpio Man to balance a heated situation. E.g.: During an argument, if one of them gets angry, the other needs to keep calm to prevent damages beyond control or repair.

Apart from these matches, there are other signs who also share a good compatibility with Aries woman. They are:

An Aries woman is an independent, strong, sizzling, spunky personality who loves to lead her life on her own terms. This extremely stylish soul wants everyone around her to appreciate her and appraise her qualities. In her soulmate or partner, she wants someone who is able to handle her fiery personality and does not want to either control or dominate her, but rather treat her as equal.

Love Matters / Marriage Compatibility

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