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How to check extra marital affairs in a Birth Chart?

People have always been interested in the matter of love and sex. Thousands of movies have been made on the love life of people across the world. Just like the reel life, in real life, also, people fall in love and they tie the knot with the love of their life. However, after some time, the love and romance starts happening outside of marriage as people involve in extramarital relations, which can destroy their married life.


How a person will behave after marriage remains an unsolved mystery. No scientific phenomenon can reveal whether your life partner will remain loyal towards you or not. But, Indastro’s best astrologers can answer all your queries with utmost accuracy.

It is true that nobody wants a cheating spouse, as loyalty is one of the most essential factors in any relationship, whether it is love or married relationship. So, let us try to understand the astrological factors that provoke a person to break the social norms and start a secret love affair.

Planets and Houses responsible for Extramarital Affairs in a Birth Chart

Our society is bound with rituals, customs and some set rules & regulations, of what is accepted and what is not accepted, as an ethical behavior. Extra marital affair is more than common in today’s modern world, due to several psychological and social changes that took place over a period of time. However, it is still considered as a taboo in most of the cases because cheating is playing with someone’s emotions and feelings, which is not okay.

  1. Rahu

This unorthodox outlook highlights the importance of the pseudo planet ‘Rahu’, the north node of Moon. For judging infidelity in a horoscope ‘Rahu’ plays an important role as it signifies the unconventional approach and anti-social element. Obsession, mischief, fear, confusion, cheating, manipulation, and unsatisfied desires are denoted by this foggy planet. All the above-mentioned traits can be linked with extra marital affair or infidelity.

  1. Moon

The second important planet to be monitored is Moon, the planet that controls your emotions and sentiments. The feeling that comes as natural instinct and the intuition, which drives any person to take any step, is ruled by Moon. A weak moon in the Birth chart can make a person emotionally unstable and hence the person may go with the flow of the emotional wave. Thus, a weak Moon is responsible for extra marital affairs in Astrology.

  1. Mercury

Mercury being the planet of intelligence is considered as the prince charming in astrology. It gives a youthful attitude to the natives. If Mercury is placed in friendly signs or houses, there are strong chances that you will attract the opposite sex like a magnet. It also gives you the courage to start a conversation and ask her ask. You tend to keep your relationship a secret from the outside world.

In Vedic Astrology terms, Mercury is considered as a volatile planet. The effects of Mercury changes as per the influence of other planets on it by conjunction, aspect or exchange.

  1. Mars

Mars, the fiery planet is the powerhouse in the Birth chart. It gives the energy required to take any action. Mars represent the will power, courage, and enthusiasm. It also rules the sexual power and passion, which is more than often seen in extra marital relationships.

  1. Venus

Venus, the planet of love and romance signifies the luxury and enjoyment, beauty & art and the materialistic pleasures including carnal desires. The most primary driver for any exotic relationship, Venus is responsible for attraction and thrill in love.

Rahu, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are the most important planets to be seen for extramarital affairs. Hence, we must look at the placement, aspect and conjunction of these planets in the third, seventh and eleventh houses, the houses of carnal desires ( kama sthana) or / and in the fifth house of romantic affairs , seventh house of marriage and relationship, eighth house of secrecy or twelfth house of bed pleasures.

Before going into detailed combinations, let us first discuss the significance of the houses responsible for love, romance, and physical intimacy in relationships.

  1. Third House

The Third house is also a part of the desire trine ( kaam trikona ) and is responsible for extra marital relationships in Astrology. It signifies your efforts, willpower and courage which provokes a person to break the social norms. Connection of this house with other significant houses or planets mentioned above is an important indication of extramarital affairs.

  1. Fourth House

The overall happiness and prosperity is seen through the fourth house. If a relationship is devoid of love and sex, then the person may find romance outside of marriage. The influence of malefic planets on the fourth house, the native may be deprived of conjugal happiness and may involve in extramarital affairs.

  1. Fifth House

In any Birth chart, the fifth house is the prime house which is to be seen for any kind of romantic relationship. The thought process & imagination, the creative pursuits, romance, the way you want to be courted and the people who may date are seen through fifth house/Lord and planets posited in this house.

  1. Seventh House

Seventh house governs your relationship and your dignity. Besides that, it rules your marriage and hence becomes very important house to be examined while predictin involvement of someone in extramarital affairs. The presence and influence of malefic will create problems in your marriage and can trigger any other affair. This house is also one of the three houses of carnal desires and it shows your inclination towards physical intimacy. Seventh house rules over internal reproductive and sexual organs too.

  1. Eighth House

Eighth house is known for mystery and secrecy. Eighth house also deals with the taboo topics and the way people react to them. It is also the second to seventh house and the destroyer of marriage. Scandals and external sexual organs also come under the eighth house. The original place for Scorpio sign, it is the place in a birth chart, which has its own secret charm and craving.

  1. Ninth House

The Ninth house is considered as the house of ethical righteousness. If the ninth house / lord is strong and has some connection with Jupiter, then the person will stay loyal towards his/her spouse. However, Any affliction to the ninth house or its Lord by Rahu , Mars or Saturn will indicate chances of extra marital affairs. Also, the placement of Rahu with or in trine to Jupiter will create confusions and provoke the native and increases the chances of extramarital affairs in astrology.

  1. Eleventh House

The eleventh house in a chart is normally considered as the house of gains and achievements. However, it also includes the gains in relationships if it is connected to houses or planets of relations. Being the original house of Aquarius, the most enigmatic sign of the zodiac, it gives the native a rebellious attitude and adds to the bizarre instinct. Being the fifth house from the seventh, it indicates extramarital affairs in astrology. This house is one of the carnal desire trine ( kaama- trikona) as well.

  1. Twelfth House

The twelfth house is the house of bed pleasures. It denotes sensual pleasures in Vedic Astrology. The hidden fantasies and deep sub conscious connection are also seen through this house. The 12th house shows sexual involvement without emotional bond. This house can also liberate a person from materialistic and physical pleasures and them you incline to spirituality but after giving enough over indulgence in bed pleasures. This is the house of unfulfilled desires too.

Some Important Astrological Factors

  • For any relationship to prosper, it is important to keep a control over your emotions and mind. Hence, it is essential the planets related to emotions, passion or sexual urge, Moon, Mars, Venus or Rahu should make a PAC (placement, aspect or conjunction) with mercury.
  • Moon in trine to Mercury, conjunction of Rahu and Mercury, conjunction of Venus with Rahu or Mars will provoke a person to start a secret love affair.
  • Any combination of Rahu with the planets of love or passion ( Venus or Mars ) will also make the person follow an illegal path. The conjunction and mutual aspect of Moon with Rahu or with Saturn creates a ‘punarbhu’ dosha in the Birth chart, which does not produce beneficial results in marriage.
  • When such conjunction happens in Aries, Scorpio, Gemini or Libra signs, then the probability of being involved in any kind of romance outside of marriage becomes quite strong. Similarly, the involvement of the Nakshatra of bharni can intensify the effects. If somehow there is an aspect or placement of Saturn, then the person might be exposed for their infidelity.
  • Since the third, seventh and eleventh houses represent the ‘ kaama’ or desire, any malefic combinations ( rahu saturn or mars ) in these houses or with lords of these houses will create an urge to involve to some kind of secret love affairs.
  • However, if Jupiter is conjoined or in trine to Mercury, it makes the native very mature, practical and realistic in marriage matters. Thus, the native is less likely to be involved in extramarital or secret love affairs.


Thus, we can say that for any extra marital affair to happen, there must be a PAC (placement, aspect and conjunction) connection of Third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, eleventh, and twelfth houses and their lords with each other or with malefic planets. The more the combination of these houses/ planets, the greater is the probability of being involved in an extra-marital affair.

If the sign of Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, and / or Libra gets involved, then the results become more prominent. However, the connection of the ninth house/ lord or Jupiter with either Mercury or Moon or its placement with the above-mentioned houses or with ascendant will work as a blessing and rules out chances of extramarital affairs.


How to check extra marital affairs in a Birth Chart?

People have always been interested in the matter of love and sex. Thousands of movies have been made on the love life of people across the world. Just like the reel life, in real life, also, people fall in love and they tie the knot with the love of their life. However, after some time, the love and romance starts happening outside of marriage as people involve in extramarital relations, which can destroy their married life.

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