When You Are In Love with A Virgo

Virgo moon natives are creative, compassionate human beings. At the same time, they may be control freaks, perfectionist, and their idea of showing emotions is when things are ineffective or don't make any sense to them. Read the article to find out more about your Virgo love partner.

When You Are In Love with A Virgo


How will the relationship with a Virgo be different?

If you are in love with someone whose Moon sign is Virgo, then you have a natural healer with you. Virgo is the Moon sign known for her ability to heal everyone. It is the symbol where a woman is holding herbs which can cure all the worries and wounds in a magical way.

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign in the zodiac belt. Virgo is ruled by the prince of the planet who is known by the name of ‘Mercury’. Mercury, the royal prince of the nine planets, has the authority over the intelligence of all the creatures. So Virgo will have an inbuilt intelligence to learn, and apply new ideas even in a tough situation. With Virgo as your love, you will have to enjoy the essence of love life with the intelligence of Virgo because, Mercury will bless Virgo with its childlike quality and the ability to enjoy love and fun with romance in a relationship.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

Virgo with various Nakshatras as your life partner

If you deep dive into Virgo, then you will see the Virgo has the magical energy of three divine Nakshatras within them. All these three Nakshatras of Virgo is known as the Uttar-Phalguni, Hasta, and Chitra. All these three Nakshatra are ruled by the divine Gods. These Gods bless Virgo with their divine energy to enjoy the real essence of life.

The deity of Uttar-Phalguni Nakshatra is Aryaman, who is known as the protector of the zodiac plane. Virgo will have this ability and protect all the relatives and friends who belong to them. If you have a relationship with a Virgo moon sign personality, then you are under divine protection.

The God of Hasta Nakshatra is known as the Savitur who gives the healing ability to Virgo Moon zodiac sign within them. Savitur is the one who is known as one of the most important forms of the rising Sun.

Savitur has healing ability and cures all your desires through the light of consciousness within you. So, having the Virgo as your partner you will have the one as your guide who will always guide you in the right direction and protect you from the many worries and hurdles of life.

The Chitra Nakshatra will fall in Virgo, whose deity is Tastar, the cosmic creative, and who knows how to create innovative things and ideas to have all the comforts to enjoy life. Virgo will give you all the luxury and comforts. If you want to have new gifts and surprise party on your anniversary then be loyal with your Virgo partner.

How the Virgo will be with three different roles in your life

Now you need to know how a Virgo will express their love and how they will romance with you. Also how they will react in a tough time in a relationship and how will your sex life be, with a partner of the Virgo Moon sign.

  1. Romance with Virgo

For each Moon sign, the fifth house signifies the love, romance, and happiness from the partner in love life. Because the Capricorn zodiac falls in the fifth house for the Virgo Moon sign, so the love and romance zone will be governed by the Saturn who rules over the Capricorn. If you are in love with Virgo moon sign, you will find that your partner will never take the initiative to express their love for you. For Virgo, when it comes to dating and relationships, the expression that comes to their mind is, “taking things slow”. If a Virgo will love you, they will hold their feeling at first and then they will wait and watch your feelings, likes and dislikes. Virgo would like to be very sure that you will be loyal for them and will not give you any commitment before getting any kind of assurance from your side.

  1. Virgo as your spouse

In Vedic Astrology, the seventh house signifies how your spouse will be with you. The seventh house for Virgo is ruled by the most beneficial planet, Jupiter. Pisces falls in the seventh house for Virgo Moon sign and Jupiter will nourish your married life with his blessings for the Virgo. The Virgo Moon as a spouse will be the most beautiful relationship in your life. The devotion from Virgo will be very pure for you as your partner. You will have real essence of love, care and devotion in your life with the company of Virgo as your spouse. Even in a tough situation, Virgo will give you courage and optimism with a new and innovative idea to help you.

  1. Virgo as your sex partner

It is true that Virgo will never express their love for you and wait for the approach to come from your side, in terms of expressing love and marriage proposal but you will be amazed with the scenario that Virgo will be quite in a hurry as they approach erotic acts the way they do everything else: PRAGMATICALLY. They will be- very royal on bed and a happy sex life is very necessary in the marriage life of a Virgo.

Approaching Virgo for love and marriage proposal is a tough task but if they will give a commitment for being in a relationship, then you will the luckiest person who will have the perfect life partner. Your life long journey of marriage will be full of romance, fun, and good emotional bonding, and will give you the much needed stability of a happy married life.