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How Romantic is your Zodiac Sign?

The Affair of ‘Romance’ and ‘You’

Doesn’t it make you curious whether your moon sign has that innate spark to attract people even while on the go? Does the mystic magic of the stars not arouse your interest in knowing what kind of a romantic you or your partner are? Each one of the zodiac signs are capable of showing their love and care in their own different ways, and being able to embrace romance in different capacities. The specific qualities a native of a certain moon sign would have will be dependent on the inborn qualities it has. Based on it, each sign would handle romance and perceive romance differently as well, and some would find comfort and solace in their partner’s arms, whether others might find a thrilling adventure trip together more romantic! Whatever it is, love is a feeling each one of us can feel and there is no other like it.

The Ride through life Being in Love

We all have had our own share of joyrides and failures in this roller coaster ride of love, which the experienced can very well agree with. In this saga of trial and error, when we do get the chance to get pre-knowledge and perception about our blooming romantic life, why not give it a chance and find out? Humans, by nature, are curious souls, and it would only excite and enthrall us to know how we, or our prospective/current partner would fare in a long-time romantic relationship. Whether we are made for each other forever, or are just wandering souls who have met to share some happy and sad moments together, will be know if we understand the magnitude of our togetherness quotient and whether it is a worth a lifetime. Whatever it is, we can very well start this journey of the discovery of love by knowing the various romantic traits of every moon sign, as credited by Vedic Astrology. With this as a start, and more as we proceed, we are sure to help you find the perfect soulmate for you, who would never dare even think of drifting away from you. With this in mind, let’s get started on the path of discovery for the various facets of love, starting with ‘the romance quotient’.

We at Indastro have taken the guidance of the stars, to specially curate this prediction for you as per your moon sign. So just relax, and read on to know how well the stars are set for your pursuit in romance!

Zodiac Sign Type of Attraction Attraction Skills
Aries Adventurous romantic =
Taurus Stable romantic =
Gemini Cynical romantic =
Cancer Incredibly Romantic =
Leo Authentic romantic =
Virgo Perfectionist in romance =
Libra Demanding Romantic =
Scorpio Passionately Romantic =
Sagittarius Classic Unoriginal Romantic =
Capricorn Realistic and Sincere Romantic =
Aquarius Carefree Romantic =
Pisces Hopeless Romantic =


Here, we have shared the romantic angle of every zodiac sign, so that you know which sign is what kind of romantic with their partner!


The Arians are one of the most determined, strong, and energetic among the zodiac signs, represented by the audacious Ram. They carry themselves around with a confidence not very easily found in others, being a fiery sign. The Aries are impulsive, and do not fear to dive headfirst into the most challenging of situations, thus giving their partners an adventurous experience and let them have fun at all times, which is the way they handle romance as well. They don’t pretend to be what they are in when in a relationship, and are not very accommodating, which make them moderate romantics at heart.


Represented by their celestial spirit animal, the Bull, Taurus is an Earth sign, and the natives of this sign are stable by nature. They like relaxing in a serene environment, surrounded by soothing music, comforting food, and refreshing fragrances. Their loyal, steadfast, and committed nature attracts a lot of attraction from the opposite sex since they always opt for a romance that continues as a long haul. They have a sense of devotion to their partner that can be compared to no other, thus making them all the more ideal for being called a romantic.


Always on-the-go, Gemini is symbolized by the celestial twins, and is an airy sign that is rightly represented as it is always on the pursuit of new experiences, so much so that it is like two souls in one body. Gemini natives have dual personalities, which give them the privilege to enjoy the interests of two different identities at the same time. Thus, they like a variety of things at the same time, thus making them indecisive and vulnerable at times. They love with all their heart and are overly emotional at times, which might be a burden for their partner at times. Thus, though Gemini’s are romantics, they are at times hard to keep up with until paired with the best partner.


This is the foremost water sign among all, and is represented by the Crab, which denotes the ability of a Cancer native to swiftly weave between the two characters of being emotional and materialistic as per necessity. They are experts in picking up various kinds of energies, and therefore know how to love and romance their partner and be in sync with their interests and likes. Known as the biggest nurturers, caretakers, have a forgiving nature, are patient, and can love unconditionally without any limit. The Cancerians are basically an embodiment of how love is supposed to be, and in matters of the heart you can always count on them. Does this quality not qualify them to be one of our toppers in the romantic meter?


A fiery sign, Leo is represented by the celestial spirit animal Lion, who is the King of the jungle, thus corresponding to their royal status. The Leo natives are vivacious and passionate by nature, like to bask in their own glory and celebrate themselves. The Leos have a certain identity and magic in them, that is very attractive and romantic at the same time. Their chivalry and love with the idea of being in love, attracts a lot of people towards them. But the realization that the Leos do not need someone in their lives at all times, might be a deal breaker for most of the other signs.


Associated with the Virgin, the symbol represents physical purity and chastity. Being of an earthy sign, the Virgo natives have a very deep-rooted presence in the material world. They keep a logical, practical, and systematic approach to life, and are perfectionists at heart. They practice what they preach put in constant efforts through their skills to be perfect, and in this case diligently giving themselves in love and romance. They love taking a refreshing take on the world, are great listeners and advisors for their partners, are loyal to the core, thus making them a perfect romantic wanted by many.


Represented by the scales, the Libra sign demonstrates perfect balance in life. Being an airy sign though, its natives do get due privilege to explore opportunities and not just remain stagnant all throughout life. This is the only inanimate symbol among the 12 signs, and reflects Libra’s fixed attention on harmony and balance that strives to create a steadiness in every area of life. Since it is obsessed with symmetry, it likes to be deliver everything it gives to its partner, thus being calculative and demanding. They love being social and care for everyone, which makes them all the more romantic.


One of the most complex signs, Scorpio is represented by the spirit animal Scorpion. Though its nature is such that it demonstrates a fiery sign, yet actually being a watery sign, it derives its energy from the spiritual and emotional territory. The Scorpios are distrusting at times, and tend to have problems due to their personality traits, though they might secretly be madly in love with their partner. Though they are highly sensitive and emotional, they find it hard to show which might be a deal-breaker for their partners. However, when it comes to passionate love and being sensual, they can easily satisfy their partners and make them feel on top of the world.


The symbol of the Sagittarius sign is the Archer, with its fiery arrows of truth, which are always in the quest for knowledge. Being a fiery sign, its natives are full of energy, and pursue various interests and love living an adventurous and fulfilling life, apart from having a spiritual side to themselves. The natives of this sign are very protective of their partners and can will always try to keep their partners safe. Even though Sagittarians have a hard time expressing themselves, they do take care to understand their partners, thus making them quite a romantic! They like to be independent and free-spirited, and like to embrace their freedom, and so go for partners who would be likewise. And when they do, they go with the flow in a relationship, giving little space to conflicts and living a happy and smooth love life!


The last earthy sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is ruled by the Goat and is an embodiment of ambitions and has a love for enduring traditions, while navigating both the emotional as well as materialistic realms. For all those who are on the lookout for a huge family in the future, and living a lovely traditional life, you all should opt for a Capricorn partner. Honesty, responsibility, self-control, independency and loyalty, come naturally to them, thus making them an integral part of a classic romantic story. Being with their partner gives them confidence, and they like to be called a power couple together, thus increasing the romantic angle in the story!


Though named as the ‘Aquarius’, this sign is not a water sign, but an airy sign indeed. Represented by the water bearer, it is an embodiment of a mystic healer showering water and life to the land. The natives of this sign are humanitarian by nature, and possess a genius bend of mind. The natives of this sign are one of the least romantic among all, and they are constantly on the run for emotional expressions and rather would feel better focusing on their goals, and themselves. Being very independent, loving to live alone, temperamental, and not willing to compromise, they rather find it not very worthy to be in a committed relationship. They aren’t fond of the traditional ways of romance and the likes, but when they are in a relationship they prefer to still be able to enjoy life as it was and also be honest about everything.


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is a water sign and is symbolized by two fishes swimming in the opposite directions, and is also said to contain the qualities of all the other signs. It is said that the Pisceans have the biggest of all hearts, and one which bleeds with emotions and love. They are amazing romantics as they do not hide anything from their partners and keep everything clear, and their partners would always have the privilege of having their back, no matter what. Most Pisceans would even dream of a fairy tale romance and love believing in the concept of ‘happily ever after’. Time to search for a Piscean partner, don’t you think?