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Is Jealous Gemini Lover Really A Thing?

Gemini is a dual sign as per the Vedic Astrology since they are ruled by the planet Mercury. Therefore, Gemini possesses a dual personality. They have a very calculative analytical and practical approach to life and hence break-up may not make the world turn upside down. They love talking as the lord of their moon sign is Mercury who governs over the communication skills and speech of the native. Gemini for a person is emotionally immature.

Air as their element for their moon sign, they have a habit of constantly changing their focus in life and for this reason, cannot concentrate on a relationship for a longer tenure of time resulting in lack of connection on the emotional level with their partner. Work and career are the first love of Cancer which makes them more of a workaholic leaving no extra time to get involved in romantic affairs.

In the following article, we will discuss how Gemini if goes through a break-up, do they or do they not become the jealous lover (most of the time) on the basis of their moon sign (as per the Vedic astrology).

Dual Personality Individual

As a lover, Gemini is pretty cool and do not take much time to move on if the thing does not work out between their partner and them. This is because of the fact that the element for their moon sign is ‘Air’ which bestows them with a very practical and basic nature that helps them in accepting the reality quicker than the rest of the moon signs. They have a dual nature. On one hand he may dislike you for certain reason and may not constraint from bitching about you to his friends and family and on the other hand, he may also like the same set of traits in you and may also let you know how indispensable you are to them and that they cannot imagine their life without you.

Jealousy is a Rare-Rare Situation for a Gemini

Gemini lovers accept life as it comes; which means they accept all the aspects and dimensions of life along with individual differences. This becomes the base for the reason they adapt to new situations and people. Even in the case of a break-up, even if they get hurt by it, they may not show it to the partner or the public of the intensity by which they are hurt.

Emotionally Naive

Being dual in nature, Gemini lover faces or struggles with balancing their emotions skillfully. This makes them immature or naive on an emotional level. Generally, Gemini lovers tend to switch to their rational, practical and logical side of their character but if things go the other way, they may stagger between practical and emotional sides of their character where the immature side of him or her may take over. If the jealousy trigger turns on due to any reason, it will become a serious issue for you as the emotionally immature Gemini lover will become hard to handle. He or she may forget how badly he behaved the other day and will run around you like a puppy to get your attention and affection.

Emotionally Detached

Being a part of the Air element bestows a Gemini lover the skill to detach without feeling any pain in the process. They highly optimistic and full of life and therefore do not know how to react differently when entering a relationship. This also can be blamed upon the fact that they being an independent moon sign, they hardly bother their partners after a break-up as they believe in freedom and independence and would definitely not like to be caged down by anyone.

But on the off chance, if the Gemini lover gets jealous while in he or she was in the relationship, it is most likely that the breakup will further aggravate the situation. Though it is a rare case as far as Gemini lovers are concerned you never know exactly what percentage of rarity is going to come your way!

Impulsive Nature

Since the Gemini moon sign is a Dual Sign (ruled by the Twins) in Vedic astrology, a Gemini lover may at times flow the other way. They can behave a bit impulsive when they believe they are in a serious relationship. This might just open the floodgates of jealousy in them and hence making it difficult for you to deal with him or her in the first place. Just in case you break-up with them and move on with another partner, their jealousy may grow in leaps and bounds and you may expect any impulsive act as a reaction to your action. They may suppress their emotions and lie to you that they are not jealous but may strike revenge on you when you will be least expecting as they would know what will hurt you the most.

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