An Astrological Guide to Finding your Soulmate in this Lifetime

Love and soulmate connection forms the bonding of closeness and passion in any relationship. How you perceive love and reciprocate it depends on your celestial positioning of planets. Find out the answers to all the queries you have pertaining to your soulmate through Vedic Astrology.

An Astrological Guide to Finding your Soulmate in this Lifetime


Soulmates: An Introduction

A soulmate is that person with whom you share a bonding embedded as deep as the connection of the soul and body. According to Plato’s theory, love is implanted in every living soul. Each soul craves for their other half, amalgamating the togetherness of their soul. It shapes one’s conjoined identity from two identities, mutually healing each other.

The soulmate connections are destined to meet and sign their soul contract with each other for the lifetime into a deep and strong relationship. Soulmate is that unique person with whom you may connect romantically, or our soulmates are those people with whom we have no Karmic attachment - devoid of romantic inclination.

Through such platonic soulmates, we learn about new dimensions of life - close friend, mentor, or family member, with whose partnership we are here to grow and prosper.

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Vedic Astrology is a Science that can help us to find our soulmate connection based on mutual understanding and love - Our potential partners in love and marriage.

Important Houses and Planets in Love Astrology:

The twelve houses in a horoscope denotes various aspects of life.

  • The 10th house of our horoscope signifies our past life and karma [actions] attached to it.
  • The 5th house represents the love and bonding between two individuals.
  • The 7th house signifies marital and relationship happiness between two partners.
  • Your ascendant and Ascendant lord plays a vital role in determining the depth of love between both partners
  • Jupiter and Venus are the two main planets that enhance and display the pearls of happiness and love in relationship/marital relations

These are the key factors which becomes very important for analyzing your soulmate connection.

Meeting your soulmate is an inexplicable feeling and an incredible experience. This beautiful and serene feeling cannot be expressed in words.

Life is very unpredictable, and love is a very twisted lane which will take us through unfamiliar and strange routes to discover our real soulmate.

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Astrology can help us to very mark the answers to very frequently asked pertinent questions –

  • At which age you will meet your soulmate?
  • What kind of soulmate will you meet?
  • Which Zodiac signs that are likely to be your soulmate?

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place. Let us guide you and give a comprehensive analysis of ‘finding your soulmate’.

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Your Soulmate Based on Your Zodiac Sign-


Age to meet and greet your soulmate Aries personalities are well known for their passion and impulsive drive. You are likely to meet your partner around the age of 25.

At this age, your maturity is capable of pursuing the correct decision power. After this age, you will truly mature and become a better version of yourself. You ready to settle down into an adventurous routine that works for you and your soulmate.

Traits – Aries are known for their impulsive nature and independent streak. They have high energy quotient among their orbit of acquaintances and friends. You are true to your own self and dislike the idea of any pretense or ingenuity in your personal relationships.

Your partner has a very good chance to understand you in your natural indexes [enjoying in a party or pursuing your goals]. Your soulmate will be able to connect better with more understanding.

Characteristics of your soulmate – Aries will always love and choose as soulmate such a person who will be the pillar of strength for them. Someone who will be cordial during contradictory times without any demand. They want their soulmates to allow them to keep their space of independence within the relationship. The Aries natives will also have to consider the needs of their partner in reciprocation of mutual understanding.

Compatible signs for good soul mates - Aries are known for their passion for independence. Your compatible zodiac sign will respect your need for freedom.

  • Leo, Sagittarius (fellow fire signs) will make perfect partners or soulmates for the same expression for the need of freedom in relationships.
  • Libra (capable of balancing Aries in the time of stress) will be perfect for you as your soulmate.

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Age to meet and greet your soulmate – Taurus is an earthy sign who believes in the notion of romance and meeting their soulmate. Taurus is destined to meet their soulmates at the tender age of 18 years. It will be at such a time when you will not be able to correlate the depth and direction of your relationship yet.

You are at an innocent age bracket where you are influenced by anyone very fast. But on the contrary, this connection is based on instinct. There will be invisible strong bonding with the soulmate for lifetime.

Traits - Taurus are very strong, determined, and down to earth souls who are practical and have sensible minds. With sturdy emotional quotient, they walk down the lanes of commitment.

You belong to an earthy sign where you crave to form stable love connections with your soulmate. Along with faith and loyalty, you cannot stop yourself from dreaming about romance and beauty in your relationships.

Characteristics of your soulmate- Taurus prefer a soulmate who has a strong and sturdy emotional approach, with practical foundation of forming relationships between two people. You would love to connect with your soulmate who will help you to grow in your creative and humanitarian stimulus with perfection.

Compatible signs for good soulmates – Taurus natives are known for their strong will and grounded attitude.

  • Capricorn – Another earth sign which will make good match for stability in relationships.
  • Pisces – Dreamy Pisces can empower your balance of creative and practical aspect with your soul mate
  • Scorpio – Scorpio will make lasting connections with Taurus because both have fixed nature of their signs. They challenge each other positively for growth of relationship.


Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Gemini has a very outgoing social personality with the numerous friends and acquaintances. You are likely to meet your soulmate at the young age of 19 years. Here you will form an inexplicable and strong bond with your soulmate.

But you will avoid any kind of commitment in the fear of ruining that friendship. You will keep in touch with your soulmate over time. And you will keep connected till you mature and perceive to unite for a commitment with your soulmate.

Traits - Gemini individuals possess great intelligence and conversations skills. They can attract others with their quick and sharp wit. Usually, they are very outgoing in their attitude and love to socialize with people.

This is where you can form a connection with someone who has a charismatic personality and matches your traits. However, you will take some time to figure out your soulmate connection.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Gemini sign has lots of friends and associations. But they will commit to a soulmate who will hold their hands in every adventure or misadventures. You will want your soulmate to stick by you through thick and thin. Also, you expect them to wait for you till the time you are ready to trust and commit to them.

Compatible signs for good soulmates - Gemini is an Air sign who craves for soul mates that can match them in with their wits and intellect.

  • Libra – Partnership oriented and can help you to keep yourself grounded.
  • Aquarius – will move slower than you and your patience will be at trial. Both have similar need for freedom in a relationship to make it work is mutual.
  • Aries- Gemini and Aries have the compatibility on mutual traits of freedom, independence, and confidence.

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Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Cancer natives tend to dream about their soulmate at a very young age. You are a pure and romantic soul. So, you are destined to meet your significant other at a very young age of 21 years.

Cancer will only involve themselves in a relationship with the person who will make peace and adjustment with the sensitivity of emotions. The soulmate will also respect the craving for the stable and love coated relationship. There will be mutual patience and affection for each other.

Traits - Cancer sign natives are the most caring and nurturing creatures in the astrological celestial orbit. They are mostly oriented towards their personal relations and family. They are romantic souls and dream for a perfect soulmate from a very young age.

Cancer will invest commitment in any relationship with the soulmate if there is promise of emotional stability and security. You are prone to love with dedication and deep bonding.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Cancer sign is a watery sign ruled by emotions. They want such soulmates who will adjust with their hypersensitivity and respect their freedom. The perfect soulmate for you will be someone who will match with the picture of perfect partner in every way.

Compatible signs for good soulmates - Cancer will only entertain that relationship with the partner who will give them the platter of emotional security.

  • Scorpio – will make good match as you both approach towards the relationship with caution.
  • Taurus – can provide you the stability in a relationship that you crave for.
  • Capricorn – Your opposite sign that can attract you as you work in a team towards your goals with a balanced partnership.


Age to meet and greet your soul mate - Leos is not really worried about the age when they will meet their soulmates. The Leo natives have a very strong perception that the love reflexes can wait for a more appropriate time. But the runway of materialistic success must be captured when its vehicle of success is still in the driveway.

So, you are likely to find your soulmate at the age of 27 years. At this time, you have had all the time to utilize opportunities in life. By this time, you would have accomplished your goals on your own caliber.

Traits - Leo natives believe a lot in their qualities as leaders. They are confident to lead others under their guidance and love to be in the spotlight. Leos are passionate individuals, generally led by their heart.

However, they do not believe in the idea of true love. They want to make commitment to their soulmate when they have gained success in life and become a better version of themselves.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Leos are very particular of avoiding any serious relationship until they succeeded in materialistic approach in life. When they make their beautiful search for their soulmate, they expect their soulmates to make them feel comfortable and at home.

Leos make good partners with other signs when their confidence, charisma, and the sense of confidence. It should match with mutual equal degree for compatibility with others.

Compatible signs for good soulmates - Leos are full of confidence and have a good personality and strong sense of self confidence. Their action and adventure invite those signs for mutual compatibility which are equal in intensity of strengths of traits.

  • Aries – Compatible due to the same traits of confidence and charisma. Leos are connected by your romantic and passionate side.
  • Sagittarius – Makes instant connectivity based on the quality of action and adventure.
  • Libra – Both value commitment and this match goes for long term commitment.

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Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Virgos have a hard time in visioning themselves in finding their soulmate. It is a very difficult for them to connect in a bond of affinity with anyone as their soulmate at any age. It is very hard for them to believe that there is any ideal person for everyone in this world.

They are exceptional to this rule but when young, they will have friends who they may identify as their soulmates. As they mature, they gain a classic understanding of relationships. Thus, they do not actively seek out a soulmate.

Traits - Virgo are the generation who believe in practical and logical evolution even in their love relationships. There is the desire to know the benefits and utility of all aspects of life. Virgos do not believe that there is a soulmate for everyone. And, nobody can cross the boundaries of their analytical mind to convince them of the ideal of a soulmate.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Virgos are kind and good souls. But this zodiac sign does not believe in the divine theory of soulmates. They believe that their best friend can be a good life partner. If he/she can help them to stay practical, grounded and stress free from the challenges of life, it suits the Virgo natives.

Compatible signs for good soulmates – Virgo need practical and balanced humans who will eventually make living worth.

  • Taurus – Both have a stable and balanced approach in life. These two signs can complement each since they are practical and make sense.
  • Capricorn – The earthy sign will appreciate your perfectionist attitude over your feedback to make improvements in themselves.
  • Pisces – Your opposite sign. But you make an immediate connection due to strong physical attraction. Pisces help to bring out more of the romantic side of your nature.


Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Libra aspires to have perfect balanced life. But they are destined to meet their soulmate at the tumultuous age of 20 years. At this time, there can be a lot of imbalances in their life. They are barely in the mindset of any serious relationship.

They have just crossed the boundaries of teenage years and stepped into the twenties. There is a young maturity of twenties where mostly all attractions are of trial and error. They will want their soulmate to bring balance in their life as they move gradually towards maturity.

Traits - Libra is the sign that strives for balance and harmony in their lives. They are kind and compassionate souls who live peacefully with their partners. They always prioritize others’ need before themselves. Also, they possess the ability of diplomacy and compromise for the prosperity of relationships.

Characteristics of your soulmate – Libra will love to have a friend as their soulmate. With them, they can confide and share their fears and achievements without a hinge of judgement. They want a soulmate who is a good listener with good tuning and understanding of their partner’s emotions. Libra natives want their soulmate to read their inner thoughts with ease.

Compatible signs for good soulmates – They will want their soulmate to bring balance in their life as they move gradually towards maturity.

  • Gemini – Both love sharing new and innovative ideas and enjoy talking about it.
  • Aquarius – Both of you are interested in the overall development of the community. There is passion for justice and connected reformative innovative ideas.
  • Sagittarius – Has the soul mate potential based on maintaining a positive mindset and striving for perfection in life mutually.


Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Scorpios will meet their soulmates at the gentle and tender age of 17 years. At this time, they are still not eligible to understand the intensity of their emotions. However, it will be exciting and satisfying for them to have a soulmate at this age.

Scorpions are dominated with the zing of searching for everlasting excitement. They also crave for the strong stability of the support and love. With these, they are blessed at a young age. Unlike their friends or peers, they do not grapple with the idea of half understood emotions.

Traits - Scorpios are well known for their passion and power. But they are strikingly very emotional human beings. They have strong intuition and the ability to form quick connection with the persons of the same wavelength of psychic emotional realm.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Scorpios aspire and admire those people who will love them and on whom they can rely for support in times of distress. Despite their intense outbursts and anger issues, they will choose similar people like themselves.

Your soulmate will be the person with whom you can share your entire negative and positive secrets. They will love to spend time with you by reciprocating your love back unconditionally.

Compatible signs for good soulmates – Scorpios want people of same wavelength and emotional maturity to be their soulmates. Scorpios have a very strong sense of intuition and the ability to sense the instant soulmate connection.

  • Cancer – Both signs crave for security and warmth in any relationship.
  • Capricorn – They are emotionally very grounded and stable and will help you in achieving your goals with patience and strength.
  • Taurus - Both of you are sensuous sign so the physical aspect of your relationship is attractive. Scorpio can count on Taurus for commitment during challenging times

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Age to meet and greet your soulmate – Sagittarius sign can be defined as free birds who want to fly high over the world. They need their freedom in every sense. These natives love to travel at their own pace without any boundaries and interruptions. They are socially active and love interacting with other people and cultures.

Sagittarius love to meet new people. They do not want to be tied down in any relationship at a very young age. On the contrary the universe also blesses them with the time of the late 20s to fulfill their heart’s desire. Before treading the path of the star sign to cross the sign of their soulmate, they are often ready.

Traits - Sagittarius are free independent soul who do not believe in long term commitments. If you are in relationship, you will feel confined and restricted. But you will love to chase challenging and different aspects and adventures with your loved ones.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Sagittarius are loving, free spirited and generous in their relationships. But they will love those soulmates who will respect their independence in personal relations. You will want your soulmate to accompany you in your adventures with the same zest of energy and stimulus.

Compatible signs for good soulmates – Sagittarius sign will promote commitment with the soulmate who is not insistent in nature and gives space and time for commitment.

  • Aries – Sagittarius loves their independence and connects with Aries well because of their fearless trait for adventures.
  • Leo – Leo will make a good partner who can give you the stability when needed. However, you will never be bored due to their great sense of humor when together.
  • Libra – Both of you value the importance of independence within the relationship. You will perfectly balance your “me” and “we” time with equal importance.


Age to meet and greet your soulmate – You are strong pragmatist by nature. There is a probability that you will meet your soulmate in late 20s. You will not commit yourself blindly into any relationship but will calculate all the pros and cons of stepping into a relationship with your soulmate.

Capricorns don’t agree with the notion of meeting their soulmates. They are also restricted in the blissful idea of eternal romance. This reveals the fact why Capricorns are late in meeting their soulmates.

Traits - Capricorn are ambitious in their professional life which gives them less initiative in emotional prospects. They are always motivated to do their utmost best even in their personal relations. So, they place more value on responsibility, practical approach, and disciplined attitude even in their relationships.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Capricorns are goal oriented. They will want their partners to have the same zing of ambitious and realistic approach. You will connect with your soulmate who will not restrict you in your personal space in your relationship. You would want them to apply the practical logistics rather than emotional approach in the daily challenges of life.

Compatible signs for good soulmates - Capricorn do not believe in meeting soul mates. So, it takes time for sparks to fly within the relationship with soul mate.

  • Cancer – They support each other in fulfilling each other’s dreams. Therefore, they have the same strength and dedication in pursuing their goals.
  • Taurus – Both have the same ground of strength and practical approach. You have a slow tread to approach in relationships.
  • Virgo – Both will have practical thinking in life and stable tread in emotional prospects.


Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Aquarius doubt their capability to fall in love. They are busy scheduling their feelings to a denial mode. But your horoscopes have some other secret which reveal that you are destined to meet your soulmate at the age of 22 years.

At this time, you are least prepared for this encounter. You can come across your soulmate anywhere even at your workplace. You take time to analyze your feelings. By the time you reach to any conclusion, you are surprisingly content and happy with your choice.

Traits - Aquarius individuals are optimistic about all the events in their life. They will pursue their self-logic over the advancement of any personal or professional progression. Positive reinforcement is an important ingredient for the Aquarius natives. Usually, they tend to get demotivated in their relationships without this.

Characteristics of your soulmate - Aquarius need a soulmate who can accept them with their flaws and drawbacks. Someone who can understand their craving for space and freedom is ideal. Their soulmate should lend them their shoulder and ear to listen to their distress and love them without any clause.

Compatible signs for good soulmates - Aquarius is very firm to lay a strong foundation of trust and friendship. Only after that, they move forward and connect with their soul mates. So, they talk all night long and share some intimate time with each other to bond.

  • Gemini - Intellectual conversations their knowledge pertaining your independence in relationships will be your asset.
  • Libra – Will gel well with their charming attitude and their respect for your need of personal space in relationship.
  • Sagittarius – Both watch over community matters with the same level of interest and have the same active social life together. You will be attracted instantly to each other due to the streak of confidence and independence.

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Age to meet and greet your soulmate - Pisces are natural dreamers for the unconditional love. They are mystic souls who seeks meaningful connections with others.

The natural energies of the universe will bless them in finding their right soulmate at the young age of 19 years. Pisces rarely face any heart break. Because they usually marry their soulmate and have a happy ending.

Traits - Pisces are very sensitive emotionally. They are one of the most compassionate signs in the zodiac circle. Due to this, they can go to any lengths to ensure the happiness of those around them. They are sensitive to others’ needs. However, they should lead a more rational life.

Characteristics of your soulmate – Pisces will love to have a soulmate who will be your best friend and your partner at the same time. They need a person who can give you unconditional love in any situation. A soulmate will be that person who will make you change your perception to look at the world. This will make this correspondence of relationship very

Compatible signs for good soulmates - Pisces are said to be great dreamers and have strong romantic feelings for their soul mate. This concept can make them disappointed if their feelings are not reciprocated in the correct manner.

  • Taurus – Both are the combination of practical ideas leafed with romantic perceptions on the stable grounds of earth and sunshine.
  • Capricorn- They have a stable approach in all aspects of life. But the dreamy Pisces will bring out the softer side of emotions of the Capricorn sign.
    They will complement each other with their positive attitude to form a strong bond.

Your soulmate is your best friend, confidante and love partner all tied together in the ring of your emotions. Discovering your soulmate is an incredible feat when you can acknowledge that your soulmate is the person who is meant to travel all dimensions of bittersweet experiences of life.