Which Zodiac Signs Get Angry Easily?

(Moon Sign Based)

We all get angry from time to time and for certain reasons. As much as the frequency and cause of anger varies from person to person, astrology has finite answers for the same. Find out here how often each zodiac sign gets angry and how each moon sign expresses anger.

Which Zodiac Signs Get Angry Easily?


We all get agitated from time to time. How we deal with our anger is what sets us apart from one another. Different things hit each other differently which becomes the source of annoyance for us. Our zodiac moon sign is a great way to assess our personality traits, especially when it comes to how to express anger. Moon, which governs our mind, is especially important here to judge why one behaves in a cool way and the other person in an obsessive aggressive way.

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At the end, it all boils down to how we react to a particular situation and actually deal with it. Our innate habits and characteristics which are the flag bearers of our zodiac moon signs, comes to our rescue in letting us know about our anger quotient. Find out all about how a particular zodiac reacts and what you can do to allow them to cool down.

How do each zodiac sign behave or act when they get angry:

  1. Aries

Being a fire sign, you are quite prone to sudden fits of anger. You are quite impulsive and impatient and often break into agitation. You generally want instant results and when that does not happen, you lose interest and your temper. Your ruling planet is Mars – the god of war, so it is not surprising why you are referred to as the most aggressive ones. You get fired up easily and take a lot of time to cool down. You get overwhelmed easily and let your emotions get the best of you. It is better not to disturb an angry Aries and allow them time to cool off.

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  1. Taurus

You are not the one to get angry easily. You rather become passive aggressive when your patience is tested. You recoil into a silent cold zone and give subtle hints. You do not get irritated easily since you are an earth sign. Your resilience and patience level is high. However, if someone or something manages to irritate or anger you, you erupt like a volcano spewing hot rage. Symbolized by the bull, you get stubborn and violent when angered. No one should be around when you are angry, for you are quite capable of throwing things around.

  1. Gemini

Your dual personality shows different sides of you when you are annoyed. There is no guarantee how you will react. You can get super agitated when angry and stressed at times. You can engage yourself in a verbal battle or a screaming match or you can remain cool and composed and finish your enemy off with a sarcastic cutting remark. You are capable of both but which course of action you will take, that solely depends on your mood for the day. However aggressive or cool headed you are, your choice of weapon to attack your opponent will always be words, rather than actions.

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  1. Cancer

Governed by the Moon as you are, you are quite prone to mood swings. When you get annoyed, you are likely to project your anger towards everyone and everything. You are sensitive and emotional and often take things very personally. Your emotions go on an overdrive and all that bottled up feelings gush out. You remember your grudges against people and often such memories can stir up unpleasant and intense emotions. Your anger has a pattern. First you tend to sulk, followed by passive aggressiveness. Then you recoil into your inner self and take recourse to crying. If that too does not help, all your pent up emotions and feelings of anger are unleashed.

  1. Leo

You are a fire sign and are symbolized by the Lion. Needless to say, your anger is legendary. You become aggressive and assert your dominance. You take recourse to loud words and action. The more the volume of your speech, the more confident you feel to establish your authority on others. You are very prone to anger and get blinded by the fury. You are known to throw tantrums and even hit someone, if it comes to that. However, you do not spew meanness and often do not mean your harsh words. Your anger also seems to calm down as soon as you flare up.

  1. Virgo

Even though you are quite patient, you get agitated and annoyed at the drop of the hat. You are not very expressive, so you will rather hold your anger till the time you are ready to blow up. Your anger is much suppressed and that often creates physical and mental health issues for you. You are not likely to forgive easily and neither do you forget. You hold a grudge against someone for a long time instead of confronting them and it is only much later that you blow off your steam on something which had bothered you in the past. Your approach towards anger is quite unhealthy and you come across as unresponsive and unconcerned.

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  1. Libra

You detest confrontation. Being an admirer of beauty and elegance, you tend to avoid this negative emotion as much as possible. While you think you are above anger, there are so many times that you might lose your cool. However, you will have a proper justification for your melt down. You often get hot and bothered when you encounter any sort of injustice. When it comes to humanitarian causes and things that you are passionate about, you can lash out at the injustice caused. You are not actively aggressive and try not to show what happens inside ︎you. You can control your emotions very well.

  1. Scorpio

You are intense and brooding and even though you do not get angry easily, once you do, you become a very fearful person. You tend to become sarcastic and brutal with your words when you are angry. You can bring any person to their knees by your act of emotional destruction. You never forget how one has made you feel, nor do you forgive that person easily. You hold a grudge for years and let that become a source of anger for you. You do not share your feelings with others.

  1. Sagittarius

You are mostly easy going and friendly but being a fire sign you are quite prone to get angry easily. However, your anger subsides very soon as well. You use harsh words and actions and make it quite painful for the people who are being subjected to it. You get annoyed and aggressive when someone threatens your freedom or tries to micromanage you. However, you understand the exercise of dealing with your anger and have a healthy approach towards it. The best way to deal with you when you're angry is to side-track you, as you have a tendency to forget why you were so incensed in the first place.

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  1. Capricorn

You are grounded and passive, being an earth sign. However if you are incensed, you tend to take your anger very seriously. You don’t express your annoyance easily unless pushed off limits. You can turn physically aggressive and throw things around to express your disapproval. You are known to severely criticize those who have caused you displeasure. You are unforgiving and get frustrated each time you see the person. One shouldn’t cross the boundaries set by the Capricorn natives and if you do, you will have to face the wrath of Capricorn’s fury.

  1. Aquarius

You are usually very chill and easy to be with and it takes a lot to get you mad. When you get angry, your first instinct is to cut off all contact with the concerned person. You give people the silent treatment till you feel better or comfortable enough to address the issue. Although you may unload all of the negative feelings you've been having, it still may take you a while to start talking to friends again. You hate confrontations and will avoid them as long as possible. You are not known to hold a grudge against someone for very long.

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  1. Pisces

You are emotional and empathetic. Instead of being angry, you would first try to understand the other person’s perspective as to why they behaved in a certain way. You often get angry at yourself and blame yourself rather than taking it out on the other person. You keep your feelings bottled up even if you are bubbling from inside. This causes you to hold a silent grudge against that person who caused your annoyance. Your approach towards anger is quite destructive and unhealthy. However, you do get hurt and humiliated a lot because you take things to your heart.


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