Kargil Vijay Diwas: Zodiac Signs that are Strong, Resilient & Powerful

Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated to honour our esteemed Indian Soldiers who lay their lives for the safety and security of the nation. It takes a lot of courage, power, strength and resilience to be such a patriot. Find out if you too are blessed with these soldier like qualities, as per your zodiac moon sign.

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Zodiac Signs that are Strong, Resilient & Powerful


In 1999, the Kargil war a military, political and diplomatic victory for India. July 26, each year is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Diwas to commemorate the victory of Indian army and to honour the fortitude, bravery and undying valour of the soldiers of Indian Army, who sacrificed their lives in the Kargil War. The year 2021 marks the 22nd anniversary of this glorious victory of India against the enemy nation.


The war commenced on May 3, 1999, when Pakistani troops were identified as infiltrators at the top of the Kargil Hill. The war lasted till July 26 when the Indian troops established victory over the enemy by recapturing all the Indian posts that were previously occupied by Pakistani soldiers on the Indian land.

The day commemorates the success of “Operation Vijay”, launched by the Indian troops to recapture the Indian territories from Pakistan, in the Kargil-Drass sector. Since then on 26th July, this day is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Diwas to observe victory of Operation Vijay.

While the 60-day long war resulted in the loss of several lives on both the sides and India eventually won the war by regaining control of all the previously held territory, re-establishing the status quo. To honour the Kargil War's Heroes, who laid down their life for the country, a host of events and functions are organized all over the country to commemorate the contributions of the armed forces.

On the anniversary of this auspicious event, Amit Shah, our Union Home Minister had wonderful things to say about our brave soldiers. "Kargil Vijay Diwas is a symbol of India's proud, valor and steadfast leadership. I bow to the soldiers who, with their indomitable courage, drove the enemy from the inaccessible hills of Kargil and waved the tricolor there again. The country is proud of the heroes of India, who are dedicated to protecting the motherland," Shah tweeted (translated from Hindi).

How strong, resilient & powerful are you?

On that note, not everybody possess the strength of character, the indomitable courage, and patriotic sacrificing attitude. These qualities depend a lot on your innate characteristics, which can be best defined by your zodiac moon sign. How you will behave or react to a particular situation, is often borne from your internalized personality, which is the product of your moon sign.

Before that, let’s find out what these terms - strong, resilient and powerful mean, in this present context.

Strong – Strength is often attributed to physical ability. Being physically strong is extremely important for a soldier. To withstand great force or pressure, requires a lot of strength. Now, strength is not just physical but also mental. To become a soldier, ready to fight for your country and give your life for a cause requires courage and a lot of mental strength.

Resilient – Resilient means to withstand or overcome a difficult situation or condition very quickly. In other words, it means the ability to bounce back to normalcy after having faced an adverse situation. Now, being resilient is extremely important a characteristics for being a good soldier. Resilience takes self-control, and knowing what battles to fight and which ones to brush off.

Powerful – Power is the capacity or ability to behave in a certain way. One can influence the behaviour and pattern of the course of someone else’s life or certain course of event. Powerful is one who has great strength. Again the strength can be both physical and mental. Having power and being powerful is quintessential in becoming a loyal soldier.

So, on this note, let us find out about how strong, resilient and powerful each zodiac moon sign is:

Zodiac Signs and how strong, resilient & powerful you are:

  1. Aries

You are resilient and are able to get back on your feet very soon. You are fiery and energetic and have the uncanny ability to hold great mental strength. You love facing challenges and do not look at them as adversities but rather as a simple solution to overcome the problem. You are powerful because of your resilience. When you set your mind to something, you really go after it. You are very unapologetic about your relentlessness. You are the kind of person who really works hard for everything that you want in life.

  1. Taurus

You are undoubtedly one of the most powerful and dominating signs of the zodiac. When you set your mind on something, you achieve your goals by hook or crook. You are unstoppable when it comes to you doing something. You are stubborn, determined and tenacious and really don’t take no for an answer. With an intense and adventurous personality, you don’t have a lot to fear. In terms of mental power, Taurus natives are steady and firm and take grounded decisions.

  1. Gemini

You are a great conversationalist and great at communicating with people. This excellent communication skills give you the power over anyone else. You can easily convince people and sway them in their decisions. Your words make you powerful and you know how to use it as an advantage over others. You are also highly resilient – a factor that comes into being due to your high intelligence quotient. You know how to diffuse any difficult situation and bounce back to normalcy soon.

  1. Cancer

Your compassion and kindness makes you the strongest among the lot. Your empathy and sensitivity gives you the power to become a head-strong individual. It takes a lot of strength to do what you do; to take all of the feelings and emotions of the people around you as well as your own into consideration. Your analytical skills get formed in such ways, which help you to handle situations in a healthy way, thereby making you resilient.

  1. Leo

Leos are the most resilient and powerful of the lot. When there is a problem, instead of ignoring it, you will work straight to find a solution and fix it as quickly as possible. You are gifted well in your ability to work well with others as well. As a natural born leader, you are indisputable when it comes influencing your peers. You may come across as a bit too intimidating and arrogant at first, there is a reason why no one is ever able to resist Leo’s orders. You are strong, powerful and charismatic and hold great power over people.

  1. Virgo

You are known for your intense and fierce approach in your life. You are disciplined, matured and responsible. Your attention to detail is what makes you such a formidable force of nature. You are so powerful because of how meticulously you approach everything in life. It’s because of your perfectionist attitude that you are able to catch things that other people wouldn’t typically be able to catch. This makes you one of a kind and therefore, strong and powerful.

  1. Libra

You love to maintain peace and balance in every sphere of your life. You are mentally very stable and can put everything in order around you. You are very justified in your approaches and such a trait comes from extreme patience. You are extremely resilient as you know very well when to bounce back. You treat the adverse conditions as challenges from where you have to come out at any cost, thereby often finding a viable solution. Your extreme mental strength gives you the power to maintain your composure during all difficult situations.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio represent power and intensity. You are also very firm about your decisions. Scorpios have the ability to look through people’s facade and so they find it less difficult to face challenges. This trait of theirs gives them a hold on difficult situations. You are brave and fearless and have very few self-doubts. You always have a clear head and will do whatever is required of you to withstand the pressure of any situation. You are never afraid of just fighting for your principles – and that’s what makes you a very powerful

  1. Sagittarius

You are an energetic and free-spirited person. You are brave and always on the move. This capacity of yours to be on the move, no matter how difficult or monotonous the condition be, makes you highly resilient. Your willingness to explore new things and try out new things gives you the power. You are always game for venturing into the unknown. You don’t get rattled by uncertainty. You are the type of person who is always up for an adventure. And that makes you are powerful and strong.

  1. Capricorn

As a Capricorn born, you are methodical, ambitious and practical. Your insatiable drive to succeed that makes you a powerful being. You are someone who is good at plotting out your life and following that path. Whenever you are forced to adjust, you do so almost effortlessly. This makes you highly resilient. You are also blessed with great strength of character. You are level-headed, steady, and won't play the blame game, making you mentally very strong.

  1. Aquarius

You have a great mind and are very intelligent. Your mind has all the power needed for you to succeed in life. Your mental ability is your greatest strength. Your intellect makes you a remarkable human being. Your mind is capable of great depth. You are an innovator. You are someone who other people turn to for advice. You are also very resilient and can face any challenge, as if you were looking forward to it. You have the ability to come out of any situation using your mental strength, power and resilience.

  1. Pisces

You are caring, empathetic and sensitive. You have a great imaginative power. This gives you a great strength of character as well as makes you mentally strong. You are a powerful being, your dreams have the capability to change the world. You are wonderfully resilient and can face any challenge with new perspective and innovative solution. Your emotional nature gives you strength making you powerful.