National Brother's Day- What to gift him as per his zodiac sign

You love your brother to bits but he brings out the best and worst in you. He is mischievous yet caring. He will go to any lengths to protect and support you. And for this reason, you value him so much. On the occasion of Brother’s Day, find out the best gifts that you can pamper your brother with. Read more…

National Brother's Day- What to gift him as per his zodiac sign


Your brother irritates you the most but you love him to the end of the world. He can be insufferably annoying but he is lovable to the core. On May 24th, we dedicate the day to our amazing brother, who is the centre of our universe. This day honours our brother who is a constant support, a pillar of strength, a partner in crime, and a fun companion for life.

It is not necessary that you need to celebrate only your blood sibling. You can as easily acknowledge your cousin brother or someone whom you consider as close as a brother or look up to as a brother figure.

History of Brother’s Day

Since 2005, Brother’s Day has been celebrated each year on May 24. However, this day is not to be confused with National Sibling’s Day, which is celebrated sometime in April. This day was first celebrated by C. Daniel Rhodes in Alabama to recognize the monumental importance of your male sibling in your life and the unbreakable bond that you share. This day can be shared by your stepbrother, your brother-in-law, brother-like someone, all of whom you consider close and share a safe space with.

The concept of brotherhood is very strong among men. Bro-code as it is popularly known, runs as deep as friendship for life, sometimes having even stricter moral codes. Brotherhood is widely recognized and have been inspiration for books, bands, movies and even historical achievements. Wright Brothers (pioneers in flying), Grim Brothers (books and literature), Band of Brothers (music and TV series) are some of the great examples of exemplary brotherhood.

Special Brother’s Day Treat:

On this special day, treat your brother to some of the most amazing experiences that he can have. Spend an extraordinary day indulging in your brotherly rituals, tell him how much he has enriched your life, and of course buy him his special gift to commemorate this beautiful day.

Now of course comes the million dollar question, what should you gift him? What is it that he will like the most and appreciate you for it? We are here to help you figure out this mystery. The answer of course lies in your stars. His zodiac will reveal his true personality and you can choose from the selection, the best gift for your beloved brother.

What to gift your brother based on his moon sign zodiac:

  1. Aries

Your brother is outdoorsy, energetic, and fun loving. He will love anything that is new to him. He is impulsive and sporty. He is a fire sign and have that flame of energy brimming inside him. He loves the surge of adrenaline, no matter how less or more. Creative, adaptive, and insightful, he is a force to reckon with. His fiery energy is contagious and makes him highly competitive.

Gift Ideas: Mountain Bike, Sports Equipment, New sporty shoes, gaming console, or home gym kit.

  1. Taurus

Your brother loves the fine things in life. After a long hard day, he likes to relax in style. . Sensual, strong, and indulgent, he make the life of others around him better for them. He is goal oriented and works hard and therefore on his special day, he deserves a lot of pampering. He is artistic and is quite close to nature.

Gift Ideas: A good old bottle of fine quality Scotch, Bath bombs and bath essentials, a Silk Robe, a fine piece of modern art or a luxurious perfume/aftershave.

  1. Gemini

Your brother is single most the special person in your life. He loves to regale his stories and keep you entertained with his amazing stories. He is outgoing, loves to talk and socialize, and is always up for new activities and adventure. He is affable, quick-witted, and affectionate, always extending his hand of help to anyone in need. His duality in character adds to his mysterious charm.

Gift ideas: An intellectually stimulating book, a small weekend gateway, a new mobile set or kindle, designer clothes or a nice perfume.

  1. Cancer

Your brother is a gem of a person. He is kind, sensitive and extremely caring. You feel extremely lucky to have him in your life. He covers for you when you are up to some mischief. He is precious and you should let him know that more often. He has strong values and is very close to his family. Traditional and loyal, he is known for his big heart and congeniality.

Gift Ideas: A photo frame or family portrait, dinner coupons to his favourite restaurant, a state of the art coffee maker, a handmade card, and customized t-shirt.

  1. Leo

Your brother is like a ray of sunshine and actually shines bright like the sun. He is strong, assertive, and passionate. He is optimistic and blessed with charisma and charm. He love being in the spotlight and be the centre of attraction. He loves to live life king size and hence is quite opulent and indulgent.

Gift ideas: A branded grooming kit, extravagant perfumes/aftershave, a gaming console, a badass gadget, and limited edition shoes or designer clothes.

  1. Virgo

Your brother is the definition of responsible and mature adult. He is serious, hard working and practical. He would prefer practical gifts, which would make his life easier. He has a great sense of empathy, even though he is not very emotional in the outset. Methodical and organized, your brother brings much needed sanity in your life.

Gift Ideas: A binder, a gym membership, a new gadget that he does not own, a watch, a travelling bag, laptop covers etc.

  1. Libra

Your brother loves a good pampering. He has eyes for all things beautiful and aesthetic. He is extremely social, charming and fair minded. He adores versatility. Your brother is family oriented and has core traditional value systems. He is super chill to be around and deeply cares for societal and environmental issues. He enjoys his peace and harmony.

Gift ideas: Aromatic candles and bath accessories, a music system or speakers, designer pair of shoes, a fine bottle of wine, box of gourmet chocolate, coupons to his favourite restaurant.

  1. Scorpio

Mysterious yet charming, your brother is a hit among all your female friends. He has that typical brooding nature, which makes him quite irresistible. He is sharp, passionate, and fearless. He is ambitious, intense, and enjoys his freedom and independence. He is adventurous in our own way. Confident and often complex, he love challenges. He is also very conscious about his looks.

Gift ideas: Spunky sunglasses, designer clothes, a luxurious branded perfume, limited edition shoes, or a bottle of fine whiskey.

  1. Sagittarius

Your brother is constantly on the move. He is open, honest, and meticulous. He is the perfect blend of emotional, maturity and fun loving. He is jovial and free-spirited. He loves learning new skills and gaining knowledge. He is too drawn to intellectual pursuits and loves reading philosophy and history. He loves animals.

Gift Ideas: New camera, hiking shoes, gym equipment, a gateway to an adventurous destination, an exciting book, branded backpack or purse or even a cute little cuddly pet.

  1. Capricorn

Your brother is ambitious, competitive and seriously lacks a work life balance. He is so busy making his career that he often forgets to enjoy life alongside as well. You are very practical, logical and business like. He cares deeply about you and his family, but often forgets to show his emotions. Being an earth sign, he is grounded and very caring and has a natural flair for leadership roles.

Gift ideas: A short vacation, a dinner at his cozy favourite restaurant, a watch or ipad, latest video game, a fine bottle of expensive liquor, an expensive scarf or sweater etc.

  1. Aquarius

Your brother is extroverted, fun to be with and eccentric to say the least. You always have a jolly good time with him. He makes you laugh and gets you hooked on to sci-fi stuff. He is interesting and always enriching you with new quirky information. He is creative and innovative. He is gracious and patient. He is quite a revolutionary in his ideas and is passionate about changing the world for the better. He is a game changer and fearless.

Gift Ideas: Gadgets – fancy and latest, gaming console, limited edition DVD collection of Sci-fi movies, a food processor or coffee maker, DIY kits, digital watch etc.

  1. Pisces

You have a gem of a brother. He is caring, nurturing, and sensitive. He is extremely talented and creative. He is quite sophisticated in his choices and have a good taste in everything. He is extremely artistic, musical and the most adaptable among all the zodiacs. You are blessed to have such a talented brother. You love his dreamy vision and his aptitude for imagination. He works towards his goal with a zeal and passion and is very compassionate.

Gift Ideas: A musical instrument of his choice, a paint board and brushes, grooming kit, bath salts and assorted bath products, kitchen electronics, a perfume and designer laptop bag.