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The First Vedic Programming Language “Sanskrit”

Ever wondered why Sanskrit is one of the richest languages in the world of Vedic astrology? It has profound richness in terms of literature, thoughts, and ideas that have endless meanings and values. Indastro explains to you how the Vedic language is significant and relevant in today's time.

The First Vedic Programming Language “Sanskrit”


The Vedic Language, ‘Sanskrit’, can be regarded as one of the first coding languages, which had the power to make its own software. Sanskrit has the memory in the sound that comes after uttering the syllables of Sanskrit, which gives cosmic power to be aligned with the energy of Planets and Nakshatra.

The use of multiple languages is an important way to communicate with people at a global platform. Even at the micro level, the language works like a tool to have a conversation with the people; as when a doctor is able to communicate with his patient in his/her native language, it would be very helpful in understanding to diagnose the patient.

Learning a new language can give new opportunities to start a new career as well. The current scenario is based on the language, which gets very popular and makes human life very convenient, about which people had never dreamed of. That would be the language, which is used in the technology, and are known as HTML, c++, Java scripts. The whole world’s scenario has been changed with the presence of programming language, as the people on the earth came to know of the Internet and Globalization.

One generation can pass on its knowledge and ideas to others, with the use of language. Language is a medium through which one can give the secret knowledge as well, to the one whom they want. We all are familiar with the term ‘Sanskrit Language’, which is correlated with the divine language from the Veda. Sanskrit is the language, which was orally transmitted to each generation. The Sanskrit language and the Grammar of the Sanskrit language are very rich in terms of presenting the thought and feelings in a single line. This works like downloading one application in your mobile, and availing numerous facilities provided by that App.

The Vedic Language Sanskrit and Maheshwara Sutra:

Panini, the Sanskrit Grammarian, gave the great Sutra related to the Sanskrit language. It can be named as the fourteen-line programming language that has its specific meaning and defines the entire language. Sanskrit is the language that includes in itself all the Indo-European Languages like the Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Italian and many more. Each syllable of the Sanskrit language works upon the wavelength of the sound, and that can connect with the wavelength of the Planets present in the universe.

Follow the guidance given by the Ancient Rishis and align yourself with the energy of the Planets and Nakshatras:

Vedic Rishi has revealed the power of the Sanskrit language, and has given many Mantras (Combinations of letter in a specific manner), Kavach (Armour of phrases), Suktam (Beautifully organized syllable in the form of Poem), and Strot (Poem), which are the combinations of certain syllables in a specific manner. They have a proper sound intonation, which produces cosmic power within the mind that helps relieve the harmful effects given by the planets.

Learn the precious Vedic Language Sanskrit and live an Affluent life by absorbing the cosmic power in it.