The Dark Side of the Scorpio

(Moon Sign Based)

Scorpio people are highly aware of their surroundings, incredibly passionate, and realistic about life in general. They are also quite secretive. Read more to find out the dark side of Scorpio personalities.

The Dark Side of the Scorpio


Are you one of the Scorpios who are judged by people for being the one who needs a partner just for having a sexual relationship? Or maybe as the one who will never forget the mistake of others? Or as that Scorpio who is known for the black magic they are capable of doing?

However judgmental people get, the scenario will change if people will not ever leave you alone and know the reason of you being secretive and also keeping a patchy identity for yourself. This can be dangerous and might also not be good for you as a Scorpio.

Mars rules over Scorpio to protect the amazing quality within you, which should not fall into the wrong hands.

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Do not get destructive or insecure of being with the Dark Side of Scorpio, because, you will get mystic, weird, and wonderful titles like crazy Scorpio, resentful Scorpio, or the manipulative Scorpio.Scorpio is the one zodiac sign who has a close relationship with the eighth number, because of being the eighth zodiac sign. You will have an intimate relationship with the Nakshatras in the cosmic plane, which are the Anuradha and Jyeshtha, present in the Scorpio zodiac sign, and known for their devotional and mystical power.

You might have read about your good and positive traits, but now is the time that has come when you should be on a One-to-One confrontation with your Dark Sides, which can give you the real image of yourself.Though Dark, yet, that is your strength,and not the negative traits.

So, it is your responsibility to make the dark side stronger, and be the best connector like the Vishakha Nakshatra; a deep lover who has all the shades of love and also has the real mystical power that Jyeshtha Nakshatra wants to give you being a Scorpio, as your Sun, Moon or Rising Ascendant.

Let us know the Dark Sides of the Scorpio Personality, and how these Facts will work as your shield and sword.

  1. Suspicious and Secretive, but a Master in hiding the real identity:

People might think youto be a person who are suspicious, and might not want to reveal anything personal to you, because they feel a lack of faith for you, as per your identity.

However, you are one who himself/herself makes his/her identity suspicious and secretive, because you do not want to reveal your projects and aims until itis achieved.

Therefore, you believe that being suspicious and secretive will surround you with a protective layer that will save you from unwanted distraction.

  1. Scorpion’s Friends will complain about their Reserved Personality:

One of the significant Dark Shades of Scorpio is that they always want to be reserved in their own world. The people will be lucky when they have the amazing view of the fluorescent shades of Scorpio, which the Scorpios will show only two times, first when they want to attract someone to make their work done, another time when the Scorpio will be deeply in love with someone. Being a Scorpio, you should understand that you should never ever waste your time in a work, which is not yours.

This reserved personality of yours will lead you towards great success in your career, and you will keep your love reserved for the right person.

  1. Sexuality and Scorpio:

You have belief in the intimate and close relationship, but you are noton of those people who will break their promise in love. You want to experience the love of your partner without any drama, and do not want to be fake with your partner and never shy away from them.

This is the reason why while being in a relationship with Scorpio people will let a person feel the real essence of love in a very short period of time, for which other people might take a life long time.

  1. The Blind Lover Scorpio but the Devotional One:

This designation will not be liked by you, as it projects a Scorpio as the Blind Lover; but you just need to wrap out the hidden meaning behind these two words, and you as a Scorpio are an expert to see behind the scenes.

People have the tendency to understand the behavior first, and after that, slowly, the faith will be sprouted in any relationship and after a certain period of time,as after that we generally never ever ask a single question related to if’s and but’s.

You are the intelligent Scorpio and have all the secret knowledge and the idea to make things reveal. Before having blind faith, you will scrutinize every nerve of the opposite personality so that there will be no chance of betrayal and this will convert the partner to have faith in you as well.

If you are a Scorpio born under the Anuradha Nakshatra, you will have the comic power with you to get pure love. Or if you ever faced heating in your relationship, just scrutinize yourself first before doubting on your partner completely, as being a Scorpio it might be in your nature to either have cheated first, or in your previous life, or you might have either not given your partner the required love and care. You must remember that you will get an answer that is parallel to the fault you might have committed before.

  1. Scorpio the one who takes the revenge:

One of the popular traits of a Scorpio is that they will never forget the mistakes done by othersand also never forget their enemy.

This personality of taking revenge will make you competitive, which is very good nowadays to win challenges and get success at the right time.

  1. Self-destructive Scorpio but also a self-regenerator:

The clay potter will never get satisfied with his own creation until he makes the perfect one. It is good to be self-destructive with your own work, and recreating your own so that no one can criticize your creativity.

Be the best one and do not wait for others to pinpoint the mistake done by you. Compete with your own self, and come out from the challenge like a warrior. This is the actual identity of a real warrior that Mars wants to be in as, in your life as a Scorpio.

Never ever get yourself stuck into what is right and wrong, and be the best who you are with all your shades, whether it is Dark, or is the Brightest one that is only yours.


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