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How does your D.O.B Help you in choosing a Political Career?

Accurate Date of birth information can explain more about the choice of your profession through your horoscope reading. Your date of birth can determine if you will have a career in the field of politics by possessing the right leadership qualities.

How does your D.O.B Help you in choosing a Political Career?


Everything in this universe has a certain vibration and specific frequency on which they operate. This frequency is the dominating factor that confirms the individuality of a certain person.

Numbers also have specific vibrations which determine the personality, behavior, talents, and needs or desire of an individual. The study of the numeric value of letters in name, birth date, and ideas is known as numerology.

Numerology plays an essential role in the astrological predictions in Vedic Astrology. There are few numerical indications that can appear via the Date of Birth (DOB) of a person which further can be predicted astrologically.

Thus, through numerology, we can figure out the future of a person and know whether she/he would have a political inclination or may pursue politics as their career.

Planetary Placements playing a crucial role:

Few planets and their placement play a crucial role in deciding the political career of a person. Specifically, Saturn, Sun and Rahu play a crucial role in the political career of any native.
Those Date of Birth (DOB) that coincide with the numerological numbers designated for the planets Sun, Saturn and Rahu, if deeply analyzed, one can see a clear picture of their career graph and what future holds for them.


  • As per the Numerology, the digits designated under it are 8, 17, and 26. People who share these dates as their DOB will grow slowly and gradually but sustain for a long time in their political career.
  • They will remain deeply rooted in politics.
  • Saturn is known to give success after a certain amount of struggle and delay, but it ensures that the deserved success and growth is awarded to the deserving native.

To make clear the point let us take a few eminent leaders in consideration, shall we?

  • Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra, Damodardas Modiis born on 17th September
  • Our Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singhis born on 26th September
  • The famous Indian environmentalist cum politician Menaka Gandhiis born on 26th August.

As we can see, by the given DOB, all the above-mentioned personalities have shared a long period of time or tenure in politics and have also received the deserved fruit of their labor and struggle. They have established grounds in the form of unprecedented success after a long period of delay and struggle.

People influenced by Saturn do not get political career passed onto them as a family heritage, generation after generation but they work hard towards it and reach where they are today.


  • According to the Vedic astrology, the numerological the digits assigned for Rahu is 4. Hence the designated numbers that come under Rahu are 4, 13, and 22.
  • An individual who shares these Date of Birth is known to experience multiple ups and downs in their political career because of which people with high influence of Rahu in their natal chart have a fluctuating career graph in politics.

To quote a few examples of politicians with Rahu in their birth chart

  • Sushilkumar Shinde (Ex-Minister of Home Affairs & Minister of power in the Manmohan Singh ruled government) who is born on 4th September
  • Chiranjeevi (Actor/ Politician)is born of 22nd August are ruled by Rahu in Vedic Numerology.

Rahu represents a mysterious character, hidden enemy, sudden changes, fluctuations and ups and downs in every aspect and dimensions of life.


  • As claimed by Numerology, the numeric symbolizing Sun is 1 and therefore number that is designated under Sun are 1, 10, 19 and 28.
  • Individuals who have DOB with numeric 1 experience a rapid and sudden rise and growth in their political career initially but gradually the rate of growth mellows down with the time towards the lower end.
  • Generally, such political career influenced by Sun is handed over to them from their family as family heritage and hence step into the political horizon at a very young age.

The placement of planets plays a major role in one’s natal chart (more than the Vedic Numerology) in order to see the actual success growth of an individual in the political background.

That is why it is imperative to get a detailed and deep analysis of a person’s natal chart along with the numerological aspect in consideration to check the political journey of a person in a more accurate manner. This is because everyone cannot ace or survive in politics.

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