Will There Be Third Wave of Covid-19 - An Astrological Prediction

Covid-19 has put a halt on our lives and brought the world to a standstill. With the third wave looming on our heads, it becomes imperative to know what this means for the common people. Read more to find out when the third wave will come and if it will be as deadly as the second wave.

Will There Be Third Wave of Covid-19

Amid the downward trend of Covid-19 cases prevailing in the country has led to the conception of the onset of the third wave of Covid -19 that could hit the nation anytime. There are two different analyses on this topic. The medical experts predict that the third wave in the country would be more infectious to all, irrespective of age group. And astrologers have predicted the timeline in which the third wave could wreak havoc in India are in the latter part of the year 2021. Series of articles have been posted before on the website initially and this article is the tentative attempt for the gentle suggestions for precautions against the pandemic according to astrological syncing of planets with each other.

Astrologically when a mundane event of any country is mentioned, the planets which play a characterized role in the shaping up of any mundane events are

-Rahu and Ketu as the significator of epidemics and infectious diseases

-Saturn plays a significant role in the epidemic as it signifies mass death.

-Jupiter is called the savior or the Satvik planet which will give everyone the wisdom and help to save humanity.

-The collective karmic cycle of humanity which has given back the toll of offense offered to nature by humans.

A glimpse at the astrological frame of India through the coming latter part of the year 2021 reveals that the roots cause of the third wave of Covid 19

Until September 2021, the virus will remain around us and impact the way we live our lives. Even though the impact will not be felt strongly but it is very likely from the month of October to December it will spread its wings to its full strength as both the slow moving planets Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde and placed together in the 9th house of fortune but Jupiter will start moving towards Aquarius sign in the 10th house of India’s natal chart which is an airy sign and the cases of Covid-19 will start increasing  and on the other side Saturn in the Capricorn sign will create havoc in the respiratory problems in the country with perhaps a new mutation/strain that is highly contagious and will spread fast. The reason for the increase in cases in India will be due to the aspect of both Jupiter and Saturn over the 6th house of the country's health.

On the contrary the devastation in this third wave of Corona is expected to be less lethal than the second wave of Corona and this is because of two reasons- firstly the transit planets of the country would be strong and more progressive during this time and secondly the Prime Minister Modi’s planets in his horoscope will be more progressive and these together will combat the ill effects of the pandemic.

Astrological Reason for the Occurrence of the Covid-19 and its Recurrence in Many Folds:

Jupiter depicts the health, wealth, peace of mind and normal schedules in the life of every individual and hence its effects on individuals, countries and the world as a whole is visible and exactly what is happening in the present and current times.

The world is going in a very twisted and haywire projection because the planet Jupiter is not following its scheduled cosmic order for the last four years and it has become a fast moving planet. So, it becomes malefic in areas it represents. These are affected badly in India's natal chart mainly naming health and economy. Jupiter’s native nature is to bless all with its benefices as it gives more blessings rather than taking something. So the fast moving planet Jupiter blessed the new development of new medicines, vaccines and we as human beings learnt to adapt ourselves to the values of brotherhood, family and mutual understanding with everyone even in adverse conditions.


During the year March 2020, Jupiter became debilitated and became conjunct with malefic Saturn in Capricorn and there were six planets which were conjunct in the one house and the solar eclipse worked as the explosive of the CORONA BOMB in the country and a similar combination is taking shape between September and November 2021 onwards. The precautions and Covid-19 protocols have to be followed judiciously or otherwise Corona will have the ability to cause destruction again, because during this duration Jupiter will become debilitated and conjoin with Saturn once again.


-What will be the consequences?

- Will it be mild or more lethal than the second wave?

Astrologically pointing out these planetary configurations is in its last phase and it may have its strength depleted, so its ability to cause damage will not be strong as before and the adverse effects are expected to be mild and less lethal on a broader level than the last wave.

Word of caution is that we cannot take the Covid-19 for granted but on the positive side of events the efforts on the part of human beings are there, like wearing a MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCING, PERSONAL HYGIENE etc., then we can overcome this pandemic. But if we throw all precautions in the air, then India is likely to face the third wave similar to the second wave.

Totaling on the above mentioned stats in the article we can conclude certain points-

-That only the planetary configuration is not responsible for any pandemic but the collective karma and actions are also responsible. So, human beings and planets must work collectively to overthrow this virus.

There will be times which will bring good health and wealth in the near future but not till March 2022 and from there Jupiter’s movements will become progressive and all events of life will start becoming normal and all aspects of life will settle in their own horizon of activity

Astrologically, such a disastrous wave is possible but a lot depends upon personal behaviour of each individual and with vaccines available along with medical facilities if all protocols are followed and even if situations look good by then, it is a good idea to wear masks from November 2021 to March 2022 timeframe and be extra careful will be beneficial to overcome the third wave with less complications.

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