Which color to wear on your DATE as per your Moon Sign

Which color to wear on your DATE as per your Moon Sign


Have your started shopping a week earlier to get that Perfect Dress in your favorite color to impress your date? And then on the d day, you rush home early to set aside three hours to get ready!

Aahh...!! But after all the hard work, you end up wearing the same old black cocktail dress or a white shirt with denims. As exhausting it may sound but getting ready for a date is as important as filing your Income Tax Return. Before we dive into which color you should wear on your date as per your astrological sign, let’s understand why you need to pay attention to such specific details.

We want our date to be super successful and what you wear affects it a lot (trust me, it does). The color you adorn is going to reflect your personality. Black seems the safest color to a lot of us but this safe option could be the reason behind all those awesome yet unsuccessful dates.

Your inner self is the reflection of the Moon in your horoscope and it drives your likes, dislikes, habits, moods, tempers, etc. The lucky color of your dress on the first date will increase the chances of a budding relationship. As you will be more confident and positive energies will be overflowing from your personality.

What follows is the Moon Sign wise lucky dress color to be worn on your first date. These predictions take into account your Moon Sign, the zodiac in which Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. If Moon was transiting Aries, then you are an Aries Moon Sign. And like wise Taurus Moon Sign etc. If you don't already know your Moon Sign, you can find it out easily here

1 ARIES – Red/ Magenta

Moon seems generous to you. Adorn that Red dress you have been waiting to wear since long because it is going to create the required heat, passion, love, joy and sensuousness on your date. Guys, I know wearing a red or magenta color to the date may not sound very pleasant to you but no worries; carry some red or magenta accessory or some red roses on your date. For exclusivity carry magenta carnations. Aries demand ATTENTION and red & magenta are going to get you all of it.

2 TAURUS - White/ Pink/ Silver

The auspicious colors for your date are white, pink and silver. These colors are associated with abundance and playfulness and that’s what Taurus need for a date to be successful. These colors will fill your date night with natural luck and creativity. Pink, white and silver promise a very peaceful, devoted, rich and powerful relationship to Taurus. They will enlighten your mind and also, prevent you from being overtly emotional.

3 GEMINI - Green

The color of life & nature - Green is going to revitalize your new relationship, you are thinking to start soon. Green color is associated with freshness, growth, harmony, safety and fertility. If you wear or carry something green on your date night, this will help you make some great progress. Green color will also impart a very raw and organic feel to your date night.

4 CANCER- White / Silver / Light blue

White is one of the most auspicious and pure color. It signifies innocence, purity, and virginity. Wearing silver and/or white would not only give positive impact to your date but will certainly create a very modern and graceful image of yours. Light blue color will bring in the vastness of sky and depth of sea to your date. Wearing light blue, white and silver would take love to flow to the deepest level on your date.

5 LEO – Gold/ Red/ Orange/ Yellow

For this warm date night, dress up in the hues of gold, red, orange or silver and enjoy the magic unfold. Power & prestige - all get easily identified with gold and here it helps the Leo in you to get all that you want. These dazzling and bold colors will also help bring compassion, love and royalty to your budding relationship.

6 VIRGO - Green

Virgo are very earthy and so is their lucky color. Wear green as it will be the tiara of love on this date. Green color is about freshness as well as necessary warmth required for life. This color encompasses stability and the required systematic approach which Virgo actually digs in to the new relationship.

7 LIBRA- Pink/ Blue/ Silver

Colors that will benefit you for dating are pink, blue and silver. Pink will be creating a sweet, playful, cute and romantic ambience while blue will provide depth and stability. The silver will act as a silver lining to your date. Pink is associated with love and blue with loyalty, so what else is needed for a date. Moreover, pink and blue evoke the sweet and loving side of Libra in their shiny silver dating life.

8 SCORPIO – Red and Magenta

Expect great chemistry and intenseness on your date, when you wear deep hues of red and magenta. For Scorpios, red will add solidity, reliability and boldness to the date while magenta will ensure timelessness and practical aspect of it. These colors will fill your date with love and passion.

9 SAGITTARIUS- Yellow/ Lemon yellow/ Light Blue

Yellow color is likely to bring a pocketful of sunshine to your date. It’s the color of happiness & hope. Drape yourself in yellow color to welcome positivity, clarity, optimism, dignity and joy in your relationship. This life-giving color will surely awaken and brighten up your love life. Guys, light blue shirt will bring calmness and serenity to your personality.

10 CAPRICORN- Black/ Brown

To bring in luck to your date wear black or brown. Black color is associated with clear night and brown with earthiness; this will bring vastness and calmness along with a firm ground to your flourishing relation. This color will help you enliven the ambience of date. For Capricorns, black & brown will be beneficial for their mind and body too.

11 AQUARIUS - Black

To go along with your roguish and carefree self, deep shade like black is perfect and YES!! It is the lucky color for your date. Black is allied with death and rebirth. So, let go off the past and this date just might be the resurrection of your love life. Black will fetch strength to your character and portray you as very intense and deep person.

12 PISCES- Yellow / Lemon Yellow / Light blue

Yellows and light blue will help you to make best out of this date. These colors have the healing properties which will prepare you for this date. These colors will refill sparkle and brilliance in your fading love life. Lemon yellow color provides rejuvenating energy which will keep you merry and peppy during date. Light blue color clears your subconscious of all the doubts and provides you with a fresh perspective for life.