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What Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Leo!

The Power of Colors

Colors! What does first come to your mind when you hear the word? Does it take back to a memory back in your childhood? Or does it just make you think of which color is your most favorite? Maybe you have not gone that far, maybe your eyes just saw something that attracted you instantly as soon as you heard the word, ‘color’. Interesting, right? Just a simple word, and so many varied perceptions. In fact, colors can be only visualized through the eyes, after which the mind stores its memory so that it can be recalled later on. If we search for the meaning of colors over the internet, Wikipedia describes the definition as, “Color, or colour, is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. This perception of color derives from the stimulation of cone cells in the human eye by electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum”. This definition in itself gives proof to the fact that our mind interprets colors in ways it wants to, and colors do have an effect on us overall.

The various human emotions and feelings that are associated with colors are as diverse as colors themselves. Color psychology in many ways than one, shows how human emotions are influenced by the power of colors, and how different colors can impact the minds and feelings of ours, as per the mood and situations. We will herein discuss the power color of the Moon sign Leo and how it effects a Leo native.

How is ‘Pink’ the Power color for a Leo?

The Leo Moon Sign is ruled by the planet Sun, and the Sun is considered to be the most powerful and authoritative planet among all. The significance of the Sun is immense as every other planet in the solar system revolves around the Solar System. It is also the giver of life and light. Considered as the King of all the planets, it is the source of energy as every other planet only reflects the light of the Sun.

The color ‘Pink’ is associated with the Sun in Vedic Astrology. The inner most spirit of a person is connected with the rays of the Sun, and life-force on Earth is depicted by the Sun. The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and relates itself to unconditional love and understanding, and one who stands by nurturing. The potential for success and the power of red, is all included in the color pink, and as a power color, it exhibits a lot of energy, as well as affection.

Pink is also regarded as feminine, and thereby has the nature of nurturing, thoughtfulness, and caring. It has a sense of gentle and loving energy to it which would give the wearer the feeling of being loved and adored for. Being insightful and intuitive, it also shows a lot of tenderness and sensitivity, apart from being a sign of hope for all those who are in need. A positive color overall, every Leo would be able to enjoy the fruits of being in and around the color Pink, and have a sense that everything in their life would be curving towards the better.

The power gemstone that is apt for a Leo would be the ‘Ruby’. Ruby is one of the most desirable of all gems, and helps one elevate their importance and self-projection in front of others. It is signifies good health, wisdom, and wealth for the wearer and makes the native wearer more confident, be powerful, and authoritative.

Friendly colors for Leo

Apart from Pink being the most lucky color for a Leo, and also being the Power color for a Leo native, there are a few colors which  can be regarded as lucky colors and very compatible with a Leo. These are the colors which best complement a Leo, and are therefore suited for the well-being and overall growth of a Leo native. The colors Red and Yellow are the friendly colors for a Leo, as they are the colors for the friendly planets of the Sun. If you surround yourself with such fulfilling colors, you would be amazed to see how they benefit you, and how they would fill your life with happiness and success, which could make your life worthy and fulfilling for you.

Colors to avoid for auspicious occasions

Being a Leo, there are also some colors which should be better avoided in times of auspicious occasions and when you need that extra amount of luck and fate to be on your side. On these occasions, as per Vedic Astrology, it is advised that you better stay away from the colors Blue and Green, as they might engulf you in a negative aura and try to abstain good from coming towards you. Though you can not completely avoid these colors from your life, keep a check to avoid using them while planning something auspicious or while taking an essentially important decision.