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What bothers your zodiac sign easily

What are some of the things that really bother you? Have you given it a thought? It is time for some self-reflection. We here categorically list out some of the triggers for your zodiac moon sign, so that you can identify the cause and work upon eliminating such bothersome events.

What bothers your zodiac sign easily

On a daily basis we are plagued with different issues – some good, some not so great. Often these not-so-great moments cause us irritation stemming from our own insecurities and fears. Certain situations bother us more than it should. If we break down those bothersome moments and delve into the root cause, we will see how our innate personality plays a significant role.

Vedic astrology answers these poignant questions about our deep insecurities and worries. Through placement of stars and planets, a lot of these instinctive worries can be unburdened, bringing what bothers each zodiac sign to the forefront.

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What causes your zodiac sign to get bothered and worried?

Certain triggers and factors cause us to get worried and bothered. What these factors are, depending on your zodiac moon sign, is listed below.

  1. Aries

External Triggers: Aries natives are a dynamic ball of fiery energy. What bother them most is incompetency. They are continuously running after their goals, one after the other. What demolishes their spirit and causes them to worry is if they are not being productive enough.

Aries also often gets bothered and worried about people talking behind their back or hiding things from them. They are always wary that someone might harbor ill intentions.

Health triggers: Aries are known to take excess stress. Often, they are bogged down or bothered due to mental stress. This leads to headache, migraines, and strokes. Health wise, these are the things that bothers Aries natives the most.

  1. Taurus

External Triggers: Taurus natives are responsible, reliable and patient. The planet Venus rules them. Therefore, they have an eye for all things beautiful and aesthetic. What bothers them the most are lack of symmetry or anything that does not conform to their standards of beauty.

Another thing which worries and drives Taurus natives to the edge is any kind of change. They tend to worry about how quickly or slowly everything will change. Taurus natives can never warm up to the idea of change. As a result, any change – minor or major, always bothers them.

Health triggers: Stressing over failures in career or even relationships cause sleepless nights to Taurus natives. This is turn triggers their health. Often, they are embroiled in health issues like colds, sore throats, and earaches. These health issues bother the Taurus natives the most.

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  1. Gemini

External Triggers: Gemini natives have great power of effective communications. However, as a dual sign, Gemini natives have a tendency to drift off in two different directions. As a result, they remain perpetually indecisive and confused. This inability to come to a stable decision often bothers them a lot.

Geminis have a hard time truly trusting people. Having faced betrayal in the past, they often worry about how a new person is going to be. They remain bothered about the activity of someone new and often becomes too critical or judgmental. This causes them undue anxiety.

Health triggers: Health issues like respiratory challenges, fever because of immunity challenges bothers the Gemini natives the most. Often at times, their nervous system is also affected causing bothersome anxiety.

  1. Cancer

External Triggers: Cancer natives are sensitive, emotional, and family oriented. Being an overthinker, everything worries them. However, they remain the most bothered and concerned about their family and friends. Being extremely family oriented, they remain worried about the wellbeing of their family members and close friends all the time.

They are also worried about personal failures. Cancer natives are sensitive and often take failures to their heart. It doesn’t matter how big or over-ambitious their goals are, when they are unable to achieve their goals, it makes them anxious and bothered.

Health triggers: Having very high emotional quotient, Cancer natives are quite prone to depression and anxiety. They remain quite bothered about their mental wellbeing, especially when things are not going great.

  1. Leo

External Triggers: Leo natives are fiery, over-the-top and natural born leaders. What bothers and disappoints them the most are the instances of their leadership being failed. Sometimes when the Leo natives fail to make an impact or are unable to convince others through their leadership skills, they get very bothered and anxious. Used to being at the spot-light, if they no longer enjoy the position of limelight, they become very bothered.

Being impulsive in nature, the Leo natives think less and spontaneously act more. Sometimes this fast-thinking process backfires on them. Times when the Leo natives regret their actions or decisions, causes them to worry the most.

Health triggers: Leo natives often have issues with their blood pressure and heart palpitations. Chronic heart problems bother them the most, health wise.

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  1. Virgo

External Triggers: As an earth sign, Virgo natives are methodical, grounded, and practical. Often, they are overly conscious and critical of themselves. Being a perfectionist doesn’t help either. What bothers them the most is that the delegated task in not up to the high standards of the Virgo. An unfinished task or poorly made decision by others bothers the Virgo natives the most.

Virgo holds their career and profession at the highest most level. Anything messing up their career trajectory worries and bothers them the most. Not meeting a deadline or a poorly executed business plan bothers you very much.

Health triggers: Virgo natives tend to manipulate others quite a bit for their professional gains. This often causes them to have issues with digestive system and eating habits. The constant struggle with stomach and digestives issues sure is a bothersome matter for the Virgo natives.

  1. Libra

External Triggers: Libra natives are also ruled by Venus, which makes them romantic and dreamy. They have a very idealistic notion about how relationships are supposed to be. As a result, they are very clear in their head what they want in a relationship and in their partner. The thought of not finding their dream partner scares and bothers them the most. Even in a relationship, if the love bond deviates from its routine, Libra natives become the most bothered.

They are not great at maintaining their finances. The concept of not spending recklessly doesn’t seem to exist in the Libra’s mind. As a result, Libra natives are always worried and bothered about their finances.

Health triggers: Libra natives have sensitive skin which they have to keep hydrated and moisturized. They suffer from stomach and digestive issues as well. These health problems are a concern for the Libra natives and bothers them.

  1. Scorpio

External Triggers: Scorpio natives have a hard time trusting people. They are naturally suspicious and also have a mysterious way about them. They are constantly worried about their close ones betraying them. As a result, they develop serious abandonment issues. Scorpio natives are very intuitive. When they see their intuition taking form of reality, it bothers them to no end as they realize they were right about the situation right off the bat.

Scorpio natives are very secretive and enigmatic. They do not let out more than necessary. However, they have a fear of people getting to know their weaknesses, which gives them sleepless nights. They do not want to reveal their shortcomings to others, and it bothers them very much if someone gets to know. Scorpio fears being predictable as it interferes with their image of being mysterious.

Health triggers: These natives can often be promiscuous and have a tendency to suffer from STDs. That apart, health issues like bladder infections, UTI and PCOS etc. are known to bother the Scorpio females especially.

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  1. Sagittarius

External Triggers: What matters the most to the Sagittarius natives is their freedom and independence. They are free-spirited and lively individuals, who respect the private space of others. Naturally, they want the same things from others as well. When their freedom or independence is curtailed or restricted, it bothers them a lot. They fear being controlled by other people.

Sagittarius natives are also very self-conscious. They have a particular body image of themselves in their mind. As a result, they seek appreciation and validation from others about their concerned looks. When their personal style doesn’t align with the image of them that they had in mind, it bothers the Sagittarius natives very much.

Health triggers: Often the Sagittarius natives suffer from poor eyesight and impaired vision. This difficulty in vision bothers them a lot because it affects their easy-going free flowing personality as they have to become more cautious and restricted.

  1. Capricorn

External Triggers: Capricorn natives are very career oriented. They are responsible and quite traditional in their approach as well. They love to spend their waking hours either working or thinking about work. When a work plan does not pan out as per their wish and guidelines, it bothers them. Capricorns tend to overthink about the outcome of the decision they have taken. This adds unwanted stress to their life and till the perfect outcome is reached, they remain worried and bothered.

Another important aspect of Capricorns are they are more words than actual action. They put up a very strong exterior or front, which is not necessarily a pretense but is also not a 100% authentic. As a result, they are almost always worried that their act of being strong and put together will be discovered by others. This bothers the Capricorn natives a lot.

Health triggers: Any major health issues which may cause them to hit the pause button in life and career is most bothersome for them. Breaking of bones and ligaments is a common occurrence in the life of a Capricorn native. And these physical injuries bother them quite much since their life comes to a temporary halt.

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  1. Aquarius

External Triggers: Aquarius natives are quite different from the rest of the lot. They seem like they are quite unbothered about the events in their lives and around. However, that is not true. Deep down they are quite attached and full of regards for occurrences around. At the same time, being socially inclined and non-conformist in nature, anything that is regressive or traditional in nature bothers them. They always look for a way forward and do not like to be tied down due to age-old customs and old-fashioned traditions.

Aquarius natives also have a hard time maintaining positivity in life. They are often bogged down by negative thoughts. Any restricting thought or action bothers them very much. They may call them realist, but in actuality they are quite close to pessimists.

Health triggers: Health wise, Aquarius are prone to face challenges in their lower body especially in their legs. They are quite clumsy at times and are susceptible to twisting ankles. Such accidental issues keep on troubling the Aquarius natives and bothers them.

  1. Pisces

External Triggers: Pisces natives are very warm, emotional, and creative. However, they face issues with self-esteem. They have a people pleasing attitude and want to be in the good books of everyone. As a result, they seek out validation from others. They believe themselves to be a good person, but continuously worry about people saying things behind their back. This bothers the Pisces natives when they are not being appreciated or positively reinforced.

Creative and artistic Pisces natives are quite reckless about their finances. Worrying about their finance gives them stress and tension. They are always thinking about ways to multiply their income but being lazy and a procrastinator, they do not actively take up this challenge. This lack of zest for financial stability often bothers the Pisces natives the most.

Health triggers: Overthinkers of the zodiac panel, Pisces natives are very prone to health issues related to the central nervous system. Often faced with anxiety or panic attacks, chronic depression etc. hinders their daily functions. This health issue bothers the Pisces natives very much.

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Therefore, it is to be noted that all of us have certain triggers that activates worry and irritation in us. As much as we cannot completely negate the feeling of being bothered and annoyed, we can control our reaction towards such frustrating events. Let us all therefore identify the root cause and bother ourselves in finding a proper solution to rid the problem.