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Does your Zodiac sign get disappointed easily?

Disappointments are simply a part of life. You cannot avoid it, unless you have reached levels of enlightenment as a saint. However, what can be controlled is the reaction to your disappointment. Few of us get flared easily and dwell on our disappointment, while others take it in stride. Find out here what causes you disappointment and how well you can deal with it.

Does your Zodiac sign get disappointed easily?

Disappointments trigger differently for different people. Some might get upset by the fact that they are not treated equally, while others face disappointment at the hands of their expectations not being met. Having said that, everyone among us has to face ups and downs in life. Disappointment is simply a part and parcel of life. How you deal with your disappointment is however a different ball game altogether.

Some of us like to dissect the reason and identify the root cause for disappointment, while others may not pay much heed to it. How you deal with it depends on how mature your understanding of life is. As much as there is no point to dwell on matters which upsets you, sometimes certain triggers warrant bigger reactions.

If you are wondering what causes you disappointments and frustrations in life, read ahead. Depending upon your core competencies and inherent behaviour, it is bound that certain things will cause you more annoyance and disappointment than others. Find out your triggers below.

Triggers, no matter what, you should be able to identify them and practice self-care and self-love. Check out here the self-care you can practice to relieve stress and disappointments.

What causes you disappointments according to your zodiac signs?

  1. Aries

Your impatience is the main cause of your easy disappointment. You are smart and intelligent but at the same time not very trusting of others. You are a master accomplisher and when you are unable to meet your set goal, which causes disappointment. Aries love challenges in life and often overcome them with great maturity and effectiveness. You do not like to dwell on negative feelings and when you do not trust others and take up too much on your plate, it often becomes overwhelming and disappointing to you.

  1. Taurus

You are dependable and reliable. Matured, efficient and ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus natives often are too busy seeing the best in everything. However, you do not respond too well to changes. You also have high expectations from your near and dear ones. And when those are not met, you get momentarily disappointed. You like to remain in your comfort zone and when faced with something new or a deviation from the normal, that often can upset you. You are not prone to much disappointment.

If your disappointment is because of strained romantic relationship, find out ways how you can strengthen you relationship with your spouse.

  1. Gemini

You are dynamic, energetic and intelligent and also you get disappointed easily. You love a good challenge and often when there is none, you feel life has become drab for you and you seek out the thrill. A monotonous life becomes the cause of your disappointment. Your mind is always overactive and you can go from calm to super upset in literally a few seconds. When sad, you are not your usual chirpy communicative self but recoil in a cocoon. You detest monotony in life and boring mundane routine. Undue possessiveness is also something that disappoints you.

  1. Cancer

You are caring, kind and nurturing. You are good at reading people, which draws others towards you. Your warm disposition makes others warm up to you and often you do the same for others. However, if someone starts taking advantage of your emotions and feelings, you straight up get disappointed and upset. You are also emotional and very close to your family. If anything happens to them, that can become a main cause of your frustration and sadness. You get hurt and disappointed easily.

  1. Leo

You are fiery, energetic and love to be the centre of attraction. You love the spotlight and have the talent for it. It disappoints you to no end, when you are unable to reach centre-stage. You want to stay relevant and be noticed. And when that does not happen, you are riddled with apprehension. However, your fighting spirit does not allow you to dwell on your sadness for long. Disappointment is part of the process of getting what you want and creating positive change, and that is something you are always willing to pay the price for. You are prone to getting in and out of disappointments easily.

  1. Virgo

You are a perfectionist. Being an earth sign, you are grounded, efficient and organized. You love to be in charge and in control, to make things run smoothly. You are not high on emotions and often bottle them up. When you fail to get an emotional outlet, it bothers you. You also tend to get disappointed about things when others stray from your idea/vision of perfection. Any incompetent work also drives you to ultimate frustration. You seldom get disappointed though.

Numerology is another important aspect, which can bring you respite through numbers, from any prevailing disappointments. Find out the numbers that are best suited to your moon sign.

  1. Libra

Your personality is such that you like to remain stress free. Firm believer of, ‘let the water flow, where it flows’, you are highly adaptable to situations. Governed by the planet Venus, you admire little things and find beauty abound in everything around you. You are an advocate for fairness and harmony. However, when you are not treated fairly, you tend to get disappointed. If others portray signs of poor decision-making without displaying any efforts, then you become utterly disappointed.

  1. Scorpio

You are intense, loyal and passionate. Not high on showing emotions, but you are an extremely sensitive and an emotional being. You have a hard time trusting others and when you do, you do it with all your heart. That is why, if someone close to you breaks your trust, it causes you pain, apprehension and uneasiness. You become coiled in your own shell and shut out from the world. However, a disappointed Scorpio is not a good sight to see even though you seldom get disappointed easily.

  1. Sagittarius

You are free spirited and easy going. You take life as it comes. You love to see the big picture and are fiercely independent. However, you hate it when someone tries to micromanage you. When your independence is at stake, you get utterly annoyed and disappointed. You are all about movement and free flow, and when movement is restricted (in any form), you become prone to anxiety and apprehension. The feeling of being stuck annoys you to no end. You are quite prone to being impatient which ultimately results in disappointments.

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  1. Capricorn

You are super ambitious and goal oriented. You are an earth sign and cling to your notions of traditionalism and loyalty. You work too much and try to not let any disappointment affect you. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and forget that there is a life beyond work. Because you are such a workaholic, you expect the same level of dedication and good work from others. When such expectations are not met, you get disappointed. However, it is not easy for you to lose sleep over minor disappointments.

  1. Aquarius

You are empathetic and sentimental. Being a humanitarian, you are very keen on helping others. You despise ill-treatments, cruelty, abuse etc. and even lies. You get very upset when people tend to go against the good rules of society to become ill-mannered and become threats to people. You are also a free soul and do not like when others try to control or manage you. You often have a variety of ideas and ideals and want to implement them for better society and social causes, but when that does not happen, it disappoints you.

  1. Pisces

You are emotional, caring and think too much. You are imaginative and an over thinker and have the amazing capacity to worry about nothing and everything. You despise harshness, mean and cruel behaviour and if your close ones display such traits, you will be extremely hurt and disappointed. You are not good at saying no and often become people pleaser, in spite of not wanting. This ability to not be able to confront and being dismissed by someone else, often creates situations of frustration and stress. You get disappointed quite easily owing to your emotional behaviour.

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