Essential Oil Guide: Heal & Channelise Energy as per your Zodiac!

Astrology and aromatherapy can have a significant influence over your personality if you use the right essential oils. If you unite the two aspects, you will be able to obtain the calmness you aim to achieve. Here is a list comprising the best essential oils that reflect the mood of your zodiac for a peaceful aroma therapeutic experience.

Essential Oil Guide: Heal & Channelise Energy as per your Zodiac!


Ever questioned why you feel so fresh and peaceful in a Spa? How a decently fragrant atmosphere works to ease your nerves! Essential oils have been used for medicinal and health purposes since thousands of years. An Essential Oil makes for an excellent anti depressant, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral and a calming agent!

Aromatherapy that has gained immense popularity over the years has its roots in Vedas & Indian astrology. Every medicinal herb has a ruling planet and this knowledge can effectively be used to decide on the ‘Perfect Essential Oil’ to heal and channelize the energy as per your zodiac sign. This is how you can put Aromatherapy to heal negative emotions and symptoms to enhance your positive personality traits and strengths.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. If you are not aware of your Moon Sign, find out instantly for free by filling the data below:



Aries vent anger promptly. These born vanguards have the innate desire to challenge the panoptical. The untamed fierce energy and passion makes Aries prone to headaches, migraines, stress related issues and overexertion. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil are excellent to balance the assertive fire in Aries. The oil will clout the explosive intensity in the body leaving them rejuvenated and refocused.



Taurus are all sweetness and light. High on sensuality yet grounded. What they need should gratify both sense and sensibilities! Salubrious settings are cardinal for peace and harmony. The emotional burden of thy own self makes them vulnerable. Taurus carries emotions in their upper torso region causing stiff shoulders and backs. Eucalyptus oil helps Taurus to release tensions and stay calm.



With all the flowing mental communications, you can imagine Gemini always in thirst of knowledge. These versatile and quick-witted messengers of zodiac are always on the move - be it literally or through their thought process. Gemini- the yin and yang personality have mood swings spasmodically. Basil oil will enhance their quick wittiness and help them to build mental connections with others.



These sensitive and emotional beings are great home makers. If there is a Cancer in the house, it will have the warmth of home as they are natural nurturers. They are intuitive and affectionate people. Essential oil that brings sense of tranquility to Cancers are Lavender and Chamomile oil. They will help to restore the lost energy levels.



The passionate and creative souls of Leo are always grinding to conquer flawlessness. Like lions, Leo have fierce stamina and loyalty. Leo need an essential oil that will boost their energy and benevolence of character. Rose oil and sandalwood oil are the must-haves for Leo. To revivify after a long day, Camphor oil has got all the soul-healing properties.



This highly intelligent folk enjoy logic and practical stuff. Their thoughts are always racing in their head often leading to anxiety. Chamomile oil is their finest ally to ease the freaked out brain-nerves. Virgo are very health conscious and obsessive personalities - to support health and lower obsessive worry, get hold of thyme and lemon oil.



Three power words to describe Libras are Romantic, Compassionate and Balanced. Their peace of mind is always wobbly due to the constant urge to balance everything. Geranium essential oil is a perfect match for Libra as it helps ease their mind by reducing stress and maintaining balance.



The charming, intense and powerful Scorpion have the ability to see deep in the people. Scorpion folks are incredibly curious and mysterious. The must have essential oil in Scorpio’s cabinet has to be Jasmine oil. Patchouli essential oil works wonders for curing the emotional and psychological stress. It revitalizes their sensual side as well.



Sagittarius are the beings on the move and it is impossible to slow them down. They have the ability to materialize what they think or feel worthy of. The sense of self-worthiness motivates them to hustle with fidgeting energy. Use tea tree oil for its anti-inflammatory properties to heal the soreness of muscles and gorgeous skin. Germanium oil can help you keep them muscles healthy.



Capricorn are laborious, disciplined, responsible, practical and focused. They are motivated to standout both in their personal and professional lives. Eucalyptus oil relieves mental exhaustion of these folks. To supercharge your stamina try bergamot oil.



The raw and organic approach of Aquarian towards life brings them in the limelight. They have a very unique and liberal outlook. The inability or the unwillingness of Aquarian to feel any emotion creates a chaotic energy inside their heads. To help balance and focus lemongrass oil can do wonders. It boosts mood and generates positive energy.



The angelica root essential oil is a perfect match for Pisces. It creates the soothing environment to transcend from this world to their dream palace and unite with spiritual and mystical energies. Ylang- Ylang essential oil can be used for relaxation and low/ high blood pressures. Tea tree oil also promotes good health and reduces inflammation in Pisces.