The Perfect Hairstyle For You According To Your Zodiac Sign – For Men

The Perfect Hairstyle For You According To Your Zodiac Sign – For Men


A good hairstyle does not necessarily have to be very elaborate and time taking. It just needs you to take care of your hairs well, and also give them the required care and treatment, so that they remain well-maintained and in the best of their health. It also adds to your natural beauty and enhances the way you look and present yourself. A bad hairstyle might even send the wrong signals to people around you, and also let them project the thought about you that you might be lacking in self-esteem or might be lazy. A good hairstyle would affect you in more ways than one, and you would also realize that it complements your features well, and makes you look all the more attractive and smart.

Vedic Astrology also has some guidelines as per zodiac signs, as to which hairstyle would best suit you and complement you for you better good.

Aries Man

Headstrong, adventurous, confident, and born to be a leader, an Aries will always be on his heels and be busy throughout. This will demand him to have a very clean, simple, and classic styled haircut, as it would suit best. Military cut, or tapered cut, crew cut, are ones that would give them the edge and also bring into focus their best features. They would need a skilled barber to also give them a haircut that would be on point and never mess with the styling and precision. Using a styling gel would also help in keeping the fly-ways at place, and to give that clean look.

Taurus Man

A man who is steady, grounded, and attractive at the same time, a Taurus man would be the change and call out for renaissance among his peers. You would like to sport you hair on the longer side, and so would choose hairstyles that suit your long hair. You might want your wavy hair be tied into a pony or even a bun after growing it long. Or you could also give your curly hair the best products to retain their natural curls, and look suave with your attractive features. Hair products would help you get the kind of styling you aspire to, and let you look magnificent and a head turner among the crowds.

Gemini Man

One of the most brilliant among the signs, a Gemini man would not go for a chic hairstyle or haircut which would make them feel like they have experimented too much. Though they are flirty, fun-loving, and outgoing, yet they would shy away from, trying trending cuts or even while coloring their hair in some different color. They would play safe and like a kind of styling that would give them a youthful appearance, and prefer a cut like that Mohawk or the like, that would look good on them even if the hair had no product on or was untamed. In this way, they would experience the looks of both the worlds, and be suave and clean at the same time.

Cancer Man

The most emotional and sensitive among the signs, a Cancer man would be attached to his hair and would like to keep a hairstyle that reminded him of his youthful days in college. Since you have a chivalrous personality, you would like to give your hair a styling that is evergreen, and classic, like a clean cut or even grow it out to wear them longer like in older days. You might even keep it quite short or even keep a baldhead. Such haircuts would need you to schedule your visits to the barber on a timely basis, so that you maintain the style and avoid being out of style. Even if have a longer mane, try to keep it appealing by maintaining it well.

Leo Man

Being true to a Lion’s nature, you possess authority and like to be the center of attraction in get-togethers. You would like to keep your jovial and happy nature intact, and wear styles and keep haircuts that represent your jolly nature. Keeping an eye on your royal nature, you might also keep hairstyles that reflect your nature, which would have length and volume to themselves. Naturally, the thick mane you have would need due care and you would have to use products to maintain their health, shine, and luster. Your hair’s natural oils would definitely help you grow a healthy volume of hair.

Virgo Man

The fun-loving Virgo Man is someone who is always on-the-go and is ideally a lover of cleanliness and a simple and suave style. Since you are so peculiar about investing very less time into your hair and daily beauty routine, and one that would need low maintenance, you would ideally go for hairstyles that look polished and give you a sleek look. You would thereby prefer shorter haircuts and style your hair in a way that lets you have a clean hairstyle, without the need of much products or setting them frequently. However, that would also mean that you would need to schedule visits to the barber a little more than others, as only that gives a shorter haircut the needed sleekness and polish. To consistently cater to your wish of being always looking on point, you would have to maintain the cut and style, and using a little pomade or wax, or even oiling at times, would not be a bad idea to keep your hair tidy, we believe.

Libra Man

You are the eternal lover of beauty, elegance, and all things that have an aesthetic appeal to them. Owing to this nature, you would definitely want to have a hairstyle that speaks highly of yourself on the style quotient. You are a charmer, and shine bright in the eyes of the opposite sex. Being that, you would not want to let go off the attention, right? Your style is such that you would not shy away from trying old as well as new and funky hairstyles, that have been on and off trend since the years. Even the 60’s look and style would not overwhelm you, and you would happily give it a try and flaunt it effortlessly with all confidence. Owing to this, you would be counted as a fashionista, and would gain the attention of many. Haircuts that have deep partitions and give a classic classic to you, adding a modern twist to you, would also give you the oomph g=factor that you so badly love. You would not shy away from using any product like hair sprays, serums, wax, and various combs to keep your hair intact and in shape, as you know that beauty doesn’t come easy, it needs a whole lot of investment and dedication. Any you are ready to give them both.

Scorpio Man

The kind of person you are, one with an indomitable spirit, and never say die attitude, you know what you want and what would be best suited for you. Your confident nature makes you always choose a kind of haircut and styling that would not just be a haircut but would also give due emphasis to your eyes, and face, and all the best features you have. You wouldn’t want the hairstyle to take the focus away from the face, and so would love to have a haircut that would let your fellow people believe that they have your undivided attention. You would thereby choose haircuts that do not fall on your face or hide it, so that your face still remains the center of attraction, and you can show off your much loved asset. Short hair cuts that need the least amount of maintenance, and would best suit your lifestyle would be best for you, as they would be the perfect choice for you. Since your work ethics and people connect is your priority, you would not want a hairstyle that needs a lot of investment and also too many products to maintain its decency and style. You would go for non-messy simple sleek and short haircuts.

Sagittarius Man

You are a wanderlust, a lover of spirituality, and also have the zest and zeal to live a fulfilling life without any inhibitions. You call yourself a wanderer and therefore you would not like to fuss with your hair too much and spend long periods of time trying to maintain it and give it that much importance. Your casual, carefree, and easy going attitude would allow to sport long haircuts as well. But not ones that need too much care and have a strict styling regime. However, you have an adventurous side to yourself as well, and that would let you experiment with hairstyles that are designed uniquely and have a very different look. It all depends on your mood. Trendy haircuts and fashionable hairstyles would attract you too, and you might even love using a lot of hair products to tame your mane. You might even keep different hairstyles for work and when on your won, so that you can satiate your own thirst for the need of change.

Capricorn Man

Practical, classic, ambitious, persistent, disciplined, and realistic. This is what being a Capricorn would let you be. Owing to these nature traits you have, you would love to go for simple, traditional, and non-messy hairstyles, that would not need to be taken much care of a long time after it has been done. While you are in office, you might want to sport a look that is very sleek and has the right amount of caliber to let you look professional and serious about your work ethics. For this, you might have to use products that allow you to keep a sleek look at all times, so that you always look polished and professional. Wax, pomade, or styling gels can be used at times you are at work, in order to get that sleek polished professional look.

Aquarius Man

Being an Aquarius man, you are naturally intellectual, charismatic, thoughtful, and an expert communicator. You have the ability to sport a hairstyle that’s just curated for you, which has the needed creativity to make it look as original and unique to you. Sometimes you might even explore options and settle down on a hairstyle that is a mix of some of your favorite hairstyles, which might at times, be a disaster. It would be better if you consult your barber, or your hairstylist to help you choose and recommend the best stylish hairstyle for you, so that it look good on you and is also able to suit your personal taste. Haircuts that keep your hair long can also be akin to your personal taste. You can also don a haircut that lets you tie a half man bun, and gives you the business casual look, as it is stylish yet clean and sleek. Owing to your preferences, you would definitely need a gel, wax, or styling products to keep you hair intact and on point, as per the styling.

Pisces Man

The most mysterious and sensual among all, the Pisces are known as the chameleons among the zodiac signs. Yet, your empathetic, sympathetic, and artistic nature, would definitely let you be a lot more versatile than others, when it comes to styling your hair. The ethereal look that you want to project among people is something that you never want to let go, and it would impact how and what kind of hairstyles you would want to don. You would be so experimental that you would always have endless options to choose from. No matter what kind of hairstyle you keep, be it long, short, or colored or streaks, or even straightened, you would not shy away from using products to keep the, looking healthier, and shinier, and help them stay in place.

To maintain a cleaner finish to your style, use a flexible hold pomade so you can run your hands through your hair with ease if you wish to change things up throughout the day.