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Doctor profession for Sagittarius moon sign natives

As the world becomes more competitive and challenging day by day, everyone is more focused towards their career. Picking the right career path is very essential for good advancement in life. Career astrology can tell the nature of the person in terms of profession and studies. It also indicates how intelligent or artistic the person will be, how long he will be in a particular field of career and what will be his/her position at workplace.

The field of Medical (which generally leads the child turning into a doctor) requires ton of efforts and hard work, so it is extremely important to realize whether becoming a medical specialist is the ideal choice or not and it is possible to find this out with the help of your horoscope.

Sagittarius: The Archer

Sagittarius is the ninth house of the zodiac. The sign gives a picture of an archer who is aiming without a clear goal. This symbol clearly indicates a fire, passion or craving to reach out, without any physical move. The Sagittarians try out many things and explore various areas. If they remain involved with larger issues of life, they can do wonders.

A Sagittarian is bold, courageous and outspoken; he is restless till he achieves his goals. He is charged with a tremendous energy which keeps him on his feet all the time. They have a desire to do so something meaningful for the society.

Houses for Medical Profession

  • 1st House- Mental and Physical attitude and dedication towards profession
  • 3rd House- Hard Working Nature
  • 5th House- Intelligence and Higher Education
  • 6th House- Short term diseases
  • 8th House- Longevity and Long term diseases
  • 10th House- Indicates Karma (and Profession)
  • 12th House- Indicates Hospital and Bed

Planets important for Yoga to become a doctor

  • Jupiter-Jupiter represents education and intelligence. It will provide the knowledge required to fix things. Jupiter should be favorably positioned in your horoscope.
  • Mars- (for Surgeon) - Mars is the significator of Blood, and during medical operations/procedures doctors need to deal with blood therefore, Mars assumes a significant role in making the person a good doctor.
  • Sun-According to Varahamihira, Sun represents Doctor. It is an illustration of one's soul. Hence, it should be well placed, if the person intends to be a Doctor
  • Moon- Moon represents emotions and sentiments. In order to turn into a medical specialist one should not be emotional (that is the person ought not to be soft hearted). Moon’s placement should be in such a way that that makes the person bold and strong.
  • Venus- (for Medicine) - Venus (Shukra) is thought to have Sanjeevni Vidya (Provided to him by Lord Shiva) which is the knowledge to cure Dead Persons (those having serious illness). Thus Venus also assumes a significant role in shaping a native’s career as a doctor.

Houses and signs prominent in a doctor’s horoscope:

The fifth (education) house, ninth (luck, fortune) house and eleventh (aspirations, wealth) house assumes a significant role in framing a native’s medical career as a Physician, Surgeon, Cardiologist and Dermatologist. All three aspects i.e. education, luck and wealth are covered in this planetary combination which will make the native a proficient medical specialist.

Saturn which commands over your second house of wealth and third house of healing capabilities, if set in your fourth house of education, will provide good education in medical science.

The planetary placement of Mars- which directions over your fifth (intelligence and higher education) house and twelfth (hospitalization and abroad settlement house)- in the tenth house (karma and profession), will open doors for excellent education opportunities, grant you wisdom and you will get placed  in a renowned hospital as a Surgeon, Neurologist, Skin specialist.

The combination of Ketu and Saturn will make a good career as a medical specialist who treats leprosy.

Planetary position to turn into a Medical counselor:

Jupiter, which rules over your first and fourth house, is supporting your basic education aspect. Jupiter’s essence in these houses will make medical study simple and swift process for you. You’ll be able to put in required efforts and concentrate well on your studies. Native’s consistent efforts, patience and understanding level will pave a path for his/her career as a: Medical counselor, aesthetician and critical care specialist.

Combination of planets which will build native’s career in occult science:

Moon rules over your eighth house of longevity. In the event that it gets places in your twelfth house of hospitalization, it will give you the ability to do research work in medical field. Eighth house has a lot to do with occult. So the individual will fabricate an unimaginable fascination for the study of occult science. Your twelfth house which signifies settlement outside your native land can make you step out of your local land and seek after research work.

Houses and planets noticeable in a Surgeon’s horoscope:

On the off chance that Moon gets placed in your fifth house of intelligence and advanced education, the native will be blessed with wisdom and the abilities which are required to be a plunge surgeon. Intelligence and wisdom assume a significant role in shaping your career as a surgeon in the light of the fact that this field requires keen observation and medical knowledge since nothing gives you the privilege to experiment with someone’s body parts just like that.

Planetary positions which will help aspiring neurologists polish their career

Mercury rules over your tenth house. Its placement in the ninth house has a lot to do with shaping your career as a neurologist. The ninth house signifies nerves or nervous system and the tenth house polishes your career. In this manner, with  the ideal mix of these two houses, the native can go in for higher studies related to neurology or can even shape his/her career as a proficient neurosurgeon.

Combination of houses which are essential to progress towards becoming a Dermatologist:

Venus has the lordship of two houses, your sixth (service house) and eleventh house of income. If Venus is set in the sixth house, it has a tendency of framing your career as a cosmetologist. Its placement in your eleventh house brings in excellent opportunities related to finances. Consequently, your profession as a skin specialist will be productive both fame vise and income vise.

The above mentioned results are generic in nature and may vary from one individual to another. If you have any doubt related to your career Click here

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