Atmakaraka - Know the Real Purpose of your Life

  • Feb 05, 2019
  • Pt. Punarvasu

Atmakaraka is your soul planet - the planet that is the indicator of what your soul desires. This desire could began a fresh chapter from your present life or it could simply be the sum total or a carry forward from all your previous births. The soul continues to take birth into different embodiments till the time it fulfills the unfinished desires of the past lives. It's a very slow process of self realisation that the 'atman' - your soul undergoes in each birth, as there are worldly duties of this life to be carried out also. The soul must accomplish the worldly mission of this birth before before your spiritual path is enlightened!

The unfulfilled desires of your soul

Vedic Astrology is unique in a way that it can find out what the unfulfilled desires of your past lives are and how you can achieve them in this birth. There is a specific planet that rules your soul. This planet is called your Atmakarka planet in this life time. Just like any other planet in your horoscope, the house/s which Atmakaraka planet rules over, defines the areas of life where your most difficult life challenges and the pain points will come from during this life term.

This is what an Atmakaraka planet signfies:

  • The areas of life where you can find fulfilment
  • Aspects of life where which are your pain points or challenges
  • Its the center - piece of your this life, where all your destined actions have to be played out.
  • Its the power that your life derives from your Atmakaraka planet that either lets you fulfill your soul's desires or fails it.

Another important thing which gives impact on you with reference of Atamakarka, is that Sign occupied by the Atmakaraka in Navamsa determine the results given by various planets.
  • If Atamakarka, is in Taurus sign, the person will enjoy all happiness and Wealth in life from all facets of life.
  • If the Atamakarka, is in Libra, the person will be a trader or man of commerce.
  • So on..
The life clues, as seen from Atmakaraka in a horoscope

Your Atmakaraka defines the quality & mettle of your character & spiritual development as well as identifies the type of human being you really are. Most interestingly, your Atmakaraka holds the answer to why you came back on this earth & what your greater role in the cosmic scheme of things is. Every planet that acts as an Atmakaraka has a special lesson & story to tell. Lets understand it very briefly here:

  • If Sun is your Atmakaraka, the purpose of your life is spun around power, victory & fame. Your ego becomes your pitfall.
  • Mercury as an AK brings you intellectual superiority and an instinctive intelligence that has travelled with you over many births. The cosmic lessons are based on the art of communication.
  • Venus being your Atmakaraka, the life story revolves around relationships, love & very importantly - sex. Your control over sexual desires and taking people as they are becomes your true key to upliftment in life.
  • Mars being the Atmakaraka leads you to endless pursuits of victory and adventures. Some of them are even the mindless ones. The control of this urge and a sense of satisfaction in conceding gives the soul the true light.
  • Moon as an Atmakaraka is in search of worldly harmony and happiness while the differentiation between the true happiness and a superficial one is the key to the life bliss.   

Importance of Atmakaraka

Atmakaraka analysis in your horoscope:

  • helps you identify the role & mission of your current life
  • helps you chart your path on to your journey towards attaining the zenith of success that your soul is capable of achieving.
  • gives you the most important lessons in your life. Life's most difficult areas are related to the AK planet and they play out during the dasha/ antar dasha of the AK planet.

Remember it is just not human to not failing those lessons at times or may be many times in this life. But in the end your must 'learn to learn' from them. This would take you to the path of self realisation!


Pt. Punarvasu


Feb 09, 2019 06:24 pm

What about Jupiter? I would appreciate if you can reply with info for this.planet as it relates to your article on Atmakaraka. Thank you! Blessings

Feb 14, 2019 06:41 am

Supposedly the Moon--as possessing the highest degree in my chart--is my AK. Absolutely incorrect. Nothing about that makes any sense whatsoever. My life is completely intellectual, and if anything I scorn those who are emotional and instinctual and have eliminated them and their hokum from my life. Mercury or Saturn, even Jupiter at AK are more accurate. I left my family for good at age 16 to put myself through college- graduated with honors. Have by my choice had no female partner, nor any family while I pursued and found intellectual fame and guru-like honor. So where's the Moon in all this?

Feb 20, 2019 10:13 am

I quite like the concept. Thanks Pt Punarvasu. Would like to understand the learning from my atmakarka planet.

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