Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga: Effects & Precautions

Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga may majorly affect your life at an early age as per Vedic astrology. The presence of this yoga in your birth chart can direct you to many obstacles in life. This article focuses on the causes of Kulik Kalsarpa yoga and how it can changes your world upside down with its negative influences.

Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga: Effects & Precautions


Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu is in the Second House (House of Wealth) and Ketu is in the Eighth House (House of Age, Unexpected Gains, Gains in Ancestral Properties, Result of Previous Life’s Karma) and all the other planet (remaining 7 planets) are between the Second and the Eighth House toward the left side of the chart. The formation of this Kalsarpa Yoga is considered to have a negative connotation however the placement of the Ketu in the Eighth House is somehow expected to bring some sort of relief of good news to the native.

As the name suggests Kulik is derived from the work ‘Kul’ which stands for one’s family and hence, it is considered that the Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga majorly affects the family in a negative way. The native may start experiencing the bad effects of Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga at an early age.

Negative Effects of Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga

The second House stands for wealth and ancestral property and Eighth House is the House of Age, Unexpected Gains, Gains in Ancestral Properties, Result of Previous Life’s Karma; hence, the placement of malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu may cause issues or problems like:

  • Wealth Loss
  • Lower Savings
  • Loss of Reputation in Society
  • Disturbed Income Status
  • May Face Hurdle in Getting Ancestral Properties
  • May Face Series of Unexpected Events in Life
  • Financial Losses through Speculative Acts
  • Diseases Related to Sexual Organs or Private Parts
  • The problem of Eye-Sight in the Right Eye
  • Speaking Disorder
  • Addicted to Intoxicants of Various kinds (Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs, Tobacco, and others)
  • Dispute with Ancestors
  • Sudden Losses
  • Rude and Arrogant Behavior
  • Disturbed Eating Pattern

Positive Effects of Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga

The placement of Ketu in the Eighth House is not all bad and hence, also brings some positive and good news in the life of the native who has Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga in his or her natal chart.

  • Enhances Healing
  • Enhances Meditation and Yoga Power
  • Improves the astrological skills of people (those who are interested in the field)
  • Monetary Gains from The In-Laws
  • Gifts For Your Spouse (Wife) from Her Parents at the Time of Your Marriage

Effects of Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga on Native’s Life

It is keenly been observed about natives who have Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga in their chart that they suffer from heavy losses on the financial front and are unable to make any savings as they had expected to. The academic advancement of the native is extremely slow and may have to face hurdles while completing his or her education.

The native will remain forever hungry for materialistic and mundane gains. Gains may include monetary gains as well as in terms of knowledge. Such people gain a lot from their ancestral history but soon lose interest in it and move away from their family history and lineage. They may become completely against their ancestry and may even have a dispute in the same regards.

The person who has Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga in their chart is known to be multilingual. They are generally attracted and like to associate with people with high intellect and socially privileged category of society.

Effects of Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga on Health

Those who have Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga in their Horoscope or Kundali majorly suffer from health issues related such as Stammering and Speech Disorders along with eye problems like issues related to eyesight, especially in the right eye. The native will remain susceptible to injuries caused by firearms, weaponry, animals and even insects. He or she will remain accident-prone and may also undergo surgeries in life. They may also suffer from perineal disease or may suffer from a disease that would not be easily diagnosed in the initial stage.

With the positive placement of Ketu in this Yoga leads to some good news coming on the way of the native. He or she may expect sudden and unexpected gains to flow from every direction.


  • Beware of Neighbors: you never know who might be plotting against you and may also be jealous of you or your family. They may try to harm you or your family in multiple ways so, the best thing to do is to keep or maintain distance with your neighbors.
  • Stay Away From Investing Money In Speculative Fields: As there is no guarantee of a profitable or beneficial return of your investment from the same. Do not go blind behind these alluring deals of multiplying your money within a small span of time under these speculative schemes.
  • Avoid Aggressive Speech: Sometimes you may need to think before speaking to others as this habit may land you in trouble someday. From where it may become difficult to get out.
  • Avoid Overspending Money on Unnecessary Things: It is always good to know the limit of the expense that you need to follow. There is no end to desires hence you need to be clear about what in necessity and what shall be considered luxury and accordingly spend wisely your hard earned money on them.
  • Stay Away from the Wrong Deed to Enhance Your Healing Power: The wrong deeds brings down or lower our personal aura and good deeds hence also have a negative effect on the healing power or strength that you have gained.
  • Eat Healthy to Avoid Health Issues
  • Stay Away From Animals And Reptiles

Thus, these precautions if practiced properly may help you to lessen the effects of Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga in your charts.