Are Your Zodiacs Lovers or Enemy: Incompatible Ascendants

In Vedic astrology, the knowledge of your ascendant can help you understand what kind of relationship you and your partner share with each other. Are you two strongly compatible or often find your backs turned to each other? Let's understand some of these ascendants who just can’t get along, no matter what they do!

Are Your Zodiacs Lovers or Enemy: Incompatible Ascendants


Has the thought of being mix-match of your partner and you ever crossed your mind? Did it make you wonder as to why you two can never get along no matter how hard you try? How have you liked a person so different and poles apart from you in nature? Does it make it feel to you that it is only you who is still keeping things on the go with your one-sided efforts?

Well, if such questions have crossed your mind despite the fact that you two really liked each other a lot but things have never favored you; then the reason can also be astrological.

According to Vedic astrology, there are certain ascendants out of the 12 ascendants (Zodiac sign) who do not share a compatible relationship between them even if they try their level hard to make things up and going.

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Here we will talk about the various incompatible zodiac signs for love and relationship and the reasons.

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Aries and Gemini

In the case of the Aries ascendant, Mars is the ruler planet and Gemini has Mercury as its ruler. According to the Vedic Astrology, Mars and Mercury are considered as the enemy planets and hence, their zodiac signs (ascendants) have an anti-feeling for one another.

Therefore, they are unable to find common ground and do not share a mutual understanding between them. They tend to become aggressive in each other’s company and do not have a single common like or dislikes shared between them. They have different roots of existence and understanding that are facing the completely different or opposite direction to one another. Hence, it is for this reason that they face multiple clashes and arguments between.

Virgo and Scorpio Ascendants

As per the Vedic Astrology, Virgo and Scorpio have planets Mercury and Mars as their ruler planets who are sworn enemies of each other. Therefore, the native of both these signs will not share any common habits together. Especially in the case of Scorpio, they majorly lack on the patience front because of which their relationship with Virgo ascendant may take ages together to improve.

Virgo ascendant, on the other hand, falters at times in their decision-making skills but a Scorpio is a master or a champion when it comes to taking some important decisions in their life or for others. This becomes one of the strongest grounds for not being able to sustain in a long term relationship for a Virgo and a Scorpio (rarely does it ever work!).

Taurus and Sagittarius

In the case of the Taurus ascendant, Venus is the ruler planet and for Sagittarius, Jupiter is the ruling planet. These two zodiac signs also share a relationship of hate and enmity between them according to the Vedic Astrology. Because of which they may have a difference of opinion and point of view and multiple conflicts, disagreements, arguments, heated conversations and disputes between them. Just in case, both of them get into a relationship, it will remain a short-term affair between them.

Libra and Leo

For the Libra, according to the Vedic astrology, planets Venus and Sun are enemy for each other which lowers the chances of having a stable relationship or marriage for the ascendants of these zodiacs together. Leo is known for their impatience and they do not want to improve at any level. They are the king of their life and live their life as per their terms and conditions. Leos are stubborn. Libra, on the other hand, is extremely emotional and sensitive people. Such activities of Leo hurts them immensely leading to clashes, heated arguments, disagreements, fights, and disputes between them.

Libras like to ponder at every side of the situation or story thoroughly as this frustrates a Leo due to lack of patience. Libra and Leo do not share an explosive physical or sexual chemistry as well. At the first chance they have, they will try and move away from one another. Therefore, it is better advised that they do not and SHOULD NOT get into a relationship together!

In some cases, if the good Karmas of the previous life’s are extremely strong then even after multiple fluctuations and roller coaster rides, the couple will stay strong and find their way back to one another, negating the fact that their ruler planets are enemies to one another.