Astrological Measures to Combat Depression

Depression can afflict a person due to malefic position or weak strength of planets & stars in their horoscope. But astrology also has answers to overcome depression. Read the article to learn about them & to know how you deal with depression because of your sign.

Astrological Measures to Combat Depression

Depression can afflict a person due to the malefic position or weak strength of planets and stars in their horoscope. The placement of planets in the horoscope can make a person restless with anxiety as they are not able to handle the stress since they lack mental strength. In fact, the severity or the cause of depression depends upon the planetary configuration in any horoscope.

Nonetheless, it is good to nurture positive thoughts and approach all your scheduled work with this attitude, as thinking excessively in a negative mode, especially subjecting oneself to the need to tune well with everyone’s expectations is very difficult and may lead to depression.

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How can the causes of depression be determined astrologically?

Moon is the significator of the mind. Moon, in the celestial cosmos, is receptive of everything that may be good or bad in nature and is happening in any individual surrounding. The combination of Moon with other planets can make one the receiver of happy or unhappy emotions, as a response to any given situation or event in life, and in this manner can be the cause of depression.

  • Moon’s association with malefic celestial bodies like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can pave the way for depression.
  • The combination of Moon-Saturn can make the person restricted in nature, where one would want to stay alone, with the extra burden of restricted emotions.
  • Moon indicates peace and happiness, but Moon-Ketu combination indicates our sub-conscious thinking process. Ketu represents the south node of the Moon and it is not considered as a heavenly body with shape or mass like other planets; so, it compels us to think beyond the materialistic world.
  • Moon’s placement in the 6th, 8th and 12th house in conjunction with any malefic planet or alone is not a positive position and can cause depression.
  • A debilitated Moon can also induce depression in an otherwise healthy and happy person when they fail in their professional or personal life. They will tend to brood over their problem rather than focus on finding solutions to overcome them.

Inconvenient Nakshatras for Moon

  • Ashlesha Nakshatra is positioned in Moon’s own sign Cancer but it can be responsible for emotional turbulence in a person’s horoscope.
  • Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra in any horoscope indicates the loss of mental stability due to jealousy, or a person may succumb to depression.

How to combat depression astrologically?

There are multiple measures that can help a person to keep healthy and stay away from depression.


Colours, for instance, are a very important tool to reduce stress and live a healthy life. Astrology highlights the therapeutic importance of colours as they enable you to reduce stress and bring balance to avoid stress or cure stress. You can wear clothes with these colours or have these colours in your surroundings.

  • Light Grey has a soothing effect for your brain.
  • Light Pink brings immediate relief from stress as it exudes happiness and purity of life.
  • Lavender induces a state of calm and bliss.
  • White is the universal colour of peace and this colour plays a significant role in calming down the turbulent cells of the brain.
  • Blue helps in reducing depression to a considerable degree.


Adding silver in your daily routine - by drinking water from a silver glass or eating food from a silver plate, wearing silver bangles - is beneficial for combating depression.

Yoga & Meditation

A daily regime of yoga and meditation will help you to relieve stress or cure depression.

Make a strong commitment to stay positive under any difficult or contradictory situation to overcome obstacles with your strength. Spirituality can also make you mentally stronger as it stirs positivity in the core of your soul and helps you grow with maturity, which is fundamental for your mental peace.

On another note, Jupiter is the benevolent planet in astrology and when it conjuncts with any other planet, it always brings forth the wisdom and inspiration to live life positively.

How do different Zodiac Signs deal with Depression?

  • Aries: It is very difficult to convince you to take any step when you are under depression. You seek the company of people so you can avoid the depressive feeling; however, your aggression leads people away from you. You cannot deal with depression well as you will engage with a lot of self-assessment, rather than attaching importance to yourself, while making important decisions.
  • Taurus: You are very stable emotionally and when you feel depressed, you love to engage with familiar faces in familiar surroundings. The best remedy to boost you out of depression is good, tasty food, which satisfies you mentally.
  • Gemini: You are very passionate about seeking goals in life and exploring opportunities to see what gains destiny has in store for you. You are aware of your ambitions but lack the sense of direction as to where you should apply your passion and focus to achieve those gains. You aimlessly try to search for destinations and the absence of direction can lead to depression. So, focus your attention on your aim before moving forward.
  • Cancer: You display in public an image of being mentally strong, but deep down in your hearts, you need assurance and care to feel mentally secure. Since Cancer is a water sign, you are very sensitive and nurturing towards others, but hesitate to communicate your emotional needs. Hence, you always try to mend your problems yourself, in silence, which can make you slip into depression.
  • Leo: You are the symbol of power and optimism and your sense of vibrancy helps you to overcome mood swings and mental disturbances. But your strong personality is disturbed easily with criticism. You are not able to overcome the feeling of being criticized, a note of disturbance that can lead to depression if not handled well and with care.
  • Virgo: You are a born perfectionist and always conscious of interacting well in any social party or gathering. The feeling of inborn shyness can lead to the feeling of being alone in a crowd, which may in turn create a feeling of loneliness. On the positive side, you are very practical in nature and have the ability to get over any kind of mental disturbances with ease.
  • Libra: You are very sensitive and emotional by nature, but you have a strong streak in you to maintain balance in every aspect of life, especially in relationships. You will always try to crush the feelings that make you feel low; but a lingering low feeling may cause depression. So, you should incorporate activities like yoga and meditation for a good balance in life.
  • Scorpio: You have the ability to hide your feelings very well. You also try to work upon your negative feelings with self-effort to come out of it naturally and connect with the world. At times, when you do not succeed to overcome this feeling, you tend to become depressed. So, it is good for you to have someone in confidence to share your problems with and fight depression with success.
  • Sagittarius: You will always make small gestures of happiness with freedom as an approach towards life whenever you are sad or feel depressed. You can easily overcome any situation that leaves a dark mark on your happiness as you have the ability to self-motivate and move away from any negativity quickly.
  • Capricorn: You have the ability to remain calm even in any stressful or problematic situation. You will always try to remain calm even when you are disturbed to the core of your soul. But at times these suppressed feelings can lead to depression or mental illness. You should always have some trusted friends or family with whom you can share your problems.
  • Aquarius: You are very innovative and progressive in your thoughts and actions, which are generally not understood well by others. This feeling of being alone vis-à-vis your thoughts and actions can cause mood swings and depression. So, it is best if you interact with people with similar thinking processes as this will help you overcome depression.
  • Pisces: You are very wise and have a strong intuition as well as kindness for others. So, whenever you try to be practical according to the ‘real world’, you feel as if you are missing something which is divine. The combat between intuition and reality can bring about a feeling of depression and loneliness. Hence, you should always try to strike a balance between the extremes.

In astrology, it is very easy to detect any individual who is fighting depression by observing the configuration of their horoscope. Nonetheless, to avoid depression, a few things that all of us can practice are: be balanced in our expectations; keep our surroundings positive; and try to live naturally with our life rather than going against it. Nature has the tendency to work against those that work against it.

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