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Mars and the motivation factor in Vedic Astrology

Mars is the logic, the motivation and the energy of your mind & body. This article deals various interesting significations of Mars in the horoscope.

Mars and the motivation factor in Vedic Astrology


Mars is like your Personal Motivator, who gives you courage and the drive to take initiatives in life.

Mars works like a Commander-In-Chief

Mars has the Key to unlock your Inner Derive to live life in an awesome and extraordinary way.The placement of Mars in your horoscope signifies that an Army Man is standing guard with full preparation to fight against all the challenges coming in your way.

If you have the feeling that you are not participating actively in work, and do not have the drive to enjoy, party, and have fun with your friends, then you must watch out for your Mars’ placement in the birth chart.

Signs ruled by Mars

Mars has rulership over the first and eighth zodiac signs, Aries and Scorpio.

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the zodiac plane, and is known as the one who takes the initative and has the courage to fight against the adversity.

And in the Scorpio zodiac sign, Mars will become the Marine Archaeologist who will be courageous enough to deep dive into the Ocean for search of precious pearls.

Mars gets exalted in the tenth zodiac sign, which is Capricorn, and gives a good amount of energy to participate in each event of life, and face challenges with courage. You will feel the motivation which will drive you in the right direction of life.

The Debilitation of Mars happens in the fourth zodiac sign Cancer. If you have the debilitated Mars in your Horoscope, it will not support to participate with friends and you will feel emotionally weak and you will feel lost in your life.

If you understand the Placement of Mars and the observe the Nakshatra in which the Mars get placed, then you get the Key to unlock your Inner Drive.

The aspects of Mars, that make it so special

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars has special aspects. With that special aspect, these planets play a very significant role in our horoscope.

The Mars has the Fourth, Seventh, and Eigth aspect. With these aspects, Mars will give protection and strength in your life, to achieve short term and long term gains as well.

  • Yogas Formed by the Mars: Certain combinations of planets with Mars will give good gains, and name and fame in life. You must see whether you have these yogas in your horoscope or not, to know your inner desire and motivation given by your soul to you.
  • Chandra Mangal Yoga: The Chandra stands for the Moon, here. If Moon and Mars are in the conjunction in your horoscope, then you will have this Chandra Mangal Yoga. The Mars will give you the motivation and desire to gain money, and will also give you lots of opportunity to earn money from different sources.
  • Guru Mangal Yoga: The conjunction and aspect between the Mars and Jupiter will give this Guru (Jupiter) Mangal Yoga. You will have the thirst to attain knowledge, and success will be there for you, with the effort given by Mars.
  • Ruchak Yoga: Whenever the Mars gets placed in the quadrant house in itsown or in the exaltation sign, then this yoga will get formed in your horoscope. This Yoga will give you a great amount of success. You will have good Name and fame on the international level. Good respect will be given by the government to you with this Yoga.

Why Mars is important :

Mars is the planet of courage and also known as the great warrior. If you think a warrior are present just to fight in the battleground, then you need to flip your thought process you have been following,so as to know the real meaning of a warrior, that your Mars want to show.

Mars wants you to be the real hero, who knows everything, and is able to do multiple tasks at the same time with the same energy,and has quick decision making ability.

Placement of Mars in different houses of horoscope:

If we take Mars on the astral plane, then the Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and the second smallest planet in the system. In Vedic Astrology, the Planet Mars has been given the role as a Chief-In-Commander, who works as the protector in your life.

Come and see the Mars’ placement in various houses because the placement of Mars signifies where you need to focus, and what is the problem that you need to fix. Mars will show you the way from where you will get good amount of material and spiritual gains to fulfill the desire of your life.

  • Mars in the First House: The natal Mars in the first house will give a very energetic personality and the native will be ready to participate each challenge with courage, and to overcome it like a super hero.

Mars aspecting the fourth house will give you the courage to do work related to the homeland. The seventh aspect of Mars will be in the seventh house, which will give you good support from spouse and your business partner. The eighth aspect of Mars will give success in wholesale business, or your career will thrive well with respect to research work. Good knowledge of occult sciences will come to you.

  • Mars in the Second House: You would always want to be with your family member, with Mars’ placement in the second house. Your speech works like a proactive shield for your family. The fourth aspect of Mars will give a very active relationship with your love partner and you will enjoy that relationship. Mars’ seventh aspect in your birth chart will give you sudden wealth gain from relatives. You will be very active in religious work, give respect to your grandparents, and love to spend time with them. Your higher study will also be good with Mars’ aspect in your Ninth house.
  • Mars in the Third House: Mars in the third house will make the person courageous, and ready to fight against their enemies. No one can dare to fight back with this placement of Mars in the third house. The relationship with siblings will be full of fun. Career will be very good, as the Mars will give its aspect in your tenth house of career, which will in turn give you the courage to come up with a new idea at your work place.
  • Mars in the Fourth House: Mars in the fourth house will let you be adorable to your mother and you would always wants to be in your comfort zone. This will be the challenging place for Mars, where the emotional challenges will be faced by you. The relationship with spouse and partners will also get affected if you don’t know how to make your personal things separate from the work place. Your Martian energy will feel that it is putting a lot of hard effort to gain money.
  • Mars in the Fifth House: The placement of Mars will give good intelligence and quick decision making ability. Your love partner will like the sense of humour you have. This placement of Mars will give you the hidden and secret information about others, even you will be the expert in the foreign related language.
  • Mars in the Sixth House: The sixth house placement of Mars is one of the bestplaces, and no one dares to oppose you, and your decision will be accepted without any argument. You will learn from your own mistakes, and have good religious and foreign knowledge, which will lead you towards greater success.
  • Mars in the Seventh House: You will follow your inner desires which will lead you towards success in life. The spouse will be your strength. You will be the main leader in your workplace, and your inner desires will come up with new and innovative ideasto give you agood rank at your work place. Your presence will give the assurity of protection to your family member.
  • Mars in the Eighth House: Mars in the eight houses will bless you with a good amount of occult knowledge or you will be an expert in research related to Marine Archaeology or work in the Navy. Good amount of gain from the different source will be there for you. You will be the most adorable among your family members, and participate in each function with lots of energy and fun.
  • Mars in the Ninth House: Mars in the ninth will give property in the foreign land. Your inner desire to get settled down in a foreign land will be fulfilled with this placement. You will be the most adorable one for your mother and grandparents. You will actively participate in the field of writing and a career in journalism will lead you to good success.
  • Mars in the Tenth House: You will be the Boss at your workplace, but it will not be the easiest task for you to work as an employee under someone. You might meet your love partner at your work place. You would always want to be with your mother.
  • Mars in the Eleventh House: Good social status will be bestowed on ypou, and every one will give you respect in the society. You will have better support from the friends and family and good financial gains from them as well. Your enemy will not harm you. You will have a good career in law. You will have a good looking love partner and every fun and enjoyment will be there in your love life.
  • Mars in the Twelfth House: The placement of Mars in the twelfth house will give you the courage to do the best in a foreign place. You will overcome every challenge very easily. Mars will give you a secret relationship and also the financial gains from the secret sources.

Mars - the motivator

All of the above placements of Mars shows what the works and desires Mars has in your birth chart, as you just need to understand how the inner motivator wants to work within you.

Don’t struggle with the weird thought that you would not have to leave your home,or place, to get success, or if you are struggling to start a new business or project, you just need to see and observe how your Commander-In-Chief, ‘Mars ’will help you and get ready for the command to execute the plan you have.