Greatest Career Strengths as per Astrology for all Zodiac Signs

You have the reins of the journey of career growth in your hands. How you maneuver and strengthen your power and personality assets, depends on how well you are able to capitalize on your strengths and eliminate your weakness. We present to you a comprehensible list of career strengths which you can build on to have a smooth sailing career.

Greatest Career Strengths as per Astrology for all Zodiac Signs


Career is your personal journey of learning and work, which determines your livelihood. Career is the extremely important and needs to be fulfilling in order for your life to pan out the way you have envisioned it. Career denotes your professional growth and development, giving you access to skills and experiences. It is natural that all of us will want to play out our strengths in such a way that it optimizes and enhances our career in the right direction.

Astrology here becomes the divine medium of light that guides us through any confusion or uncertainty that we might have in any sphere of life. It can give us information just like any personality quiz on topics of self-analysis like understanding or finding out our strength, abilities, weaknesses, goals, and passion.

Using the studies and findings through astrology, let us determine here the best career strength of each zodiac signs which will aid you in establishing dominance and your presence in the professional world.

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Each Zodiac sign’s greatest career strength:

  1. Aries

Aries natives are ruled by the planet of aggression and competition, Mars. Naturally, you have an indomitable fighting spirit within yourself, not just mentally but also physically. Mars make you strong, competitive and a natural born leader. You are authoritative and know how to stand your ground. Bold and courageous, you face any challenge head on. Your instinctive and go-getter attitude triumphs over any weakness like impatience or mood alterations.

You tend to do very well when placed at a managerial or ownership position. You have this uncanny ability to assess other people’s character and intelligence, which gives you authority over others. You let your quality of work reflect your intelligence and work ethics.

  1. Taurus

As a Taurus native, you are blessed by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty. This allows you to find strength and power in little things in life. You are grounded, persistent and stable minded. You understand the value of money, which makes you very efficient in its handling. You are a master planner and have the ability to work two-ways. You are reliable and responsible and always have the eagerness and quest in you to deliver on time. You are highly efficient and productive in office and not shy away from difficult responsibilities. You have excellent work ethics. Your patience and perseverance allow you to excel at repetitive and detailed routine work.

You have good skills as wealth or asset management. You can deal well with the material aspect of any company or organization. You will do very well as financial advisors, accountants, and investors. You are the most diligent among all the other zodiac signs and this quality of hard work and perseverance becomes your greatest career strength.

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  1. Gemini

Gemini natives are ruled by the planet Mercury, which governs your communication and intelligence. You biggest strength will always be effective communication skills. You are sharp, witty, and intelligent and have a social and curious mind. Being a dual sign, you are quite flexible and have no restrictions or inhibitions in changing jobs from one to another when the right time comes. You have an independent streak in you, which allows you to have confidence and opinions. You are good at self-expressions and are animated with imaginative energy.

Your flair of fluent conversation is your best skill set. You know when and how to use the right words to gain and influence others. Your ability to delegate work to others without sounding bossy makes you very good at managerial work. However, you do best when you have the freedom to work as per your own schedule, such that you constantly evolve. You will do well as novelists, poets and lyricist, media journalism, teachers, and public speakers.

  1. Cancer

Cancer natives are ruled by the planet Moon, which is the plant of sensitivity and emotions. You are soft-hearted and caring. You have a very high emotional quotient, which makes you nurturing and empathetic individuals. You are also quite sensitive to criticism which you often tend to take personally. Your high EQ and sensitivity allow you to read people very well. You understand the emotional turmoil of others and become a shoulder for them. You have the ability to make people feel protected and happy. This is an endearing quality about you, which you absolutely should capitalize on and use it for the growth of your professional activities.

You own way of interpreting people, being able to handle their emotions is something you do best. You are quite loquacious and know how to use it to your advantage. You will do very well in fields of hospitality and healing. Therapy is another avenue, where you will have an advantage over anyone else.

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  1. Leo

Leo natives are ruled by the sun, which is the planet of power and status. You are a natural leader and have a very dominant personality. You love to always be on the limelight and be the center of attraction. You can be quite egoistic and hot tempered. You have a deep sense of pride because of your achievements and the way you carry yourself. If you see anyone undermining your power or attention, your ego becomes hurt. You are quite generous and in your working arena, you always look out for others and give them a chance to grow and thrive. You encourage their creative instincts and challenge them to prove their capability, as long as you feel your position as a star performer is not threatened.

The way you nourish and exhibit your leadership qualities makes others have trust and belief in you. You are a great multi-tasker and always willing to take up difficult and challenging work. Your charismatic and robust personality works in your favour. You do well at a commanding position. CEO, Team Managers, Presidents etc. are some of the leadership roles that you carry on with elan.

  1. Virgo

Virgo natives are known for their perfectionist attitude and organizational skills. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Virgo natives are blessed with intelligence, practicality, and effective communication. You are very hardworking, determined, ambitious and faithful and loyal towards your work. You usually prefer to work alone than in a group. But when you do work in a group, you have clear expectations, instructions and roles defined for others. You have a great eye for detail, and you are easily able to sort out complicated matters. You are logical and practical in your approaches and solutions.

For you, your career is very important, and you have a lot of reverence and respect for this aspect of your life. That is why, your work is mostly flawless, and you tend to not rest until your task is not complete. Precision and dedication are your biggest strength, which is what you should make the most out of. Careers as writers, editors and even detectives suit you very well.

  1. Libra

Libra natives are ruled by the planet Venus, which determines beauty, patience, and balance. You are known for your liberal ideas and nature. You are open minded and possess the qualities of patience, harmony, and flexibility. You are loyal, co-operative and always helpful. You want to empower others so as to aid them in their growth and development. You have a great prowess for negotiation. You always are empathetic and can be unbiased and have an impartial perspective on things. You are creative and come up with intelligent solutions to common problems.

Your best strength in career is your ability to assess everything with a clear mind. You are always open to new ideas and bring balance and harmony in a team or group. You can use your social skills to bring together people from varied backgrounds and make them work together without any friction. You tend to do well as great musicians, actors, and film makers or in the field of arts and aesthetics.

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  1. Scorpio

Scorpio natives are ruled by the planet Mars, which is passionate and secretive. You are loyal to the fault and very trustworthy. You tend to be sensitive and emotional, though you try not to show it to the outside world. You love to take the road less taken and all the challenges that you face, you overcome them with your wit and logical interpretation. You can be quite egoistical too. You tend to get angry and impatient. You always form deep and meaningful relationship at personal and professional fronts which makes you very approachable and intuitive. You have a talent for persuasion and value your self-opinion. You are extremely determined and dedicated and once you have fixed your goals, there is nothing that can deter you from achieving that.

You have a penchant for intuition which helps you to connect with people easily and at a deeper level. Your interpersonal skills along with your burning passion makes you a popular figure in your professional circuit. You do well in any field because of your intelligence and dedication. Professions like psychiatrist or psychologist suits you well.

  1. Sagittarius

Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom and philosophy. It makes you curious yet restless. You are good at convincing others. You are also easy to talk to and therefore very approachable. You need constant motivation and inspiration to carry on with one routine work. Work that challenges you all the time, inspires you to do better. You value your independence and thus any profession that allows flexibility and yet is challenging suits you well. You have a streak of wanderlust in you that makes you enjoy mobility. Your unique ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking allows you to come up with different yet effective communication.

You are not quite made for a 9-5 job structure. Anything that restricts your movement and freedom, physically or mentally is something that you will discard in favour of flexibility. Careers such as pilots or flight attendants, travel journalists, stuntmen or explorers suit you well.

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  1. Capricorn

Capricorn natives are ambitious, dedicated and extremely disciplined. This is because they are governed by the planet Saturn which facilitates them to be hardworking and have very strong work ethics. You have great willpower and perseverance. You are quite traditional in your approach and like to climb the ladder of success through your hard work and diligence. You are accountable and capable can single-handedly manage the responsibility of an organization on your own. You remain focused and productive even at the face of adversity. People admire you for your integrity, determination, and the ability to remain cool under pressure.

You are hard-working and tend to make your life revolve work. You genuinely enjoy what you do, which is why you always are at the top of your game. Professionally, your ideology and integrity help you to remain self-reliant. You thrive on your achievements and always try to achieve things by your own merit and hard work.

  1. Aquarius

You are ruled by the planet Saturn, which bestows upon you the qualities of being innovative, eccentric, and inventive. You are very progressive and reject traditionalism. You are always in a lookout for a way forward and often come up with unique solutions to problems. You are very adaptable but restless. You are like those revolutionaries who like to bring changes and reforms at a broader level. You are very innovative and constantly on the quest of new discoveries and technologies. You are an intellectual and have humanitarian qualities in you, which makes you a proponent of social changes.

Your biggest strength is your visionary ideas which you bring to the forefront. You adapt to any situation with ease and comfort. As long as your workplace is not regressive, you give it your best there. You are passionate and channel that passion into your everyday life where you can realize your potential into far-reaching idealism and humanitarian causes.

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  1. Pisces

Pisces natives are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which makes you sensitive, observant, and imaginative. You are strongest because of your emotions, affections, and empathy towards others. You are very creative and artistic. You rely heavily on intuition and your people reading skills are excellent. Your ability to read other people’s mind and understand human emotion on a profound level is what makes you a gem. Your optimism tends to inspire others. You are very approachable to others and use your imaginative abilities to form lasting bonds.

Your biggest strength in your professional ambit is your ability to understand motives of others and play them accordingly. You tend to weigh all your options and then make any decision. You offer creative solutions and prefer a non-traditionalist working environment. You do not like competition and neither does it drive you. You are gentle and enjoy a free working atmosphere with easy exchange of ideas and solutions.

In conclusion, it can be thus said that with the help of astrology, now that you have established your strengths in your professional capability, it is best that you use them wisely and enhance you career development for a smooth and steady growth.