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Is career in banking and finance a wise choice for Libra native?

Libra moon sign natives are impartial and a strong-believer in fair play. They are the ones who cannot withstand double standards and injustice in their professional or personal lives. A keen observant with a balanced persuasive approach towards work, they make for effective professionals in the areas which require advise, guidance, consultation and socialization.

They are intellectual but could be indecisive at times. If they need to succeed art work, they must learn to be firm with their opinions and also guard against becoming complacent or too righteous.

Going by all these traits banking and finance as a career option will not be a very favorable profession for a Libra ascendant. However, they can do fairly well in some aspects of this domain, such as financial advisory, wealth, loan or debt consultants, sales and marketing etc. They can also do well as investment bankers or stock market advisors as they have the ability to weigh all the pros and cons of a situation before finalizing a deal.

Other than this, the strength of some key houses and planets play an important role in giving the Libra native a flourishing career in the banking and financed domain.

To begin with, the strength of their 2nd and 11th house and their 4th house plays a vital role. Also, the placement of Jupiter, Moon and other key planets in the natal chart of a Libra native are critical to assess their success in banking and finance domain. This will help you ascertain your education, travel, wealth and professional possibilities to plan your career in a better and effective way.

Is a career in banking and finance worth your skills and talent?

For anyone to succeed in any profession they must have the desire and the right aptitude to make it big. Banking and finance demands a person to be open-mined but conservative, too, on some grounds, practical but considerate, as well, in various situations. So, before you start with career planning, you need to first figure out if you are actually meant to follow a career path the leads to financial corridors.

To gauge this, you need first check the strength and placement of your ascendant and its lord. In case of Libra, Venus is their ascendant lord and occupies the 1st and 8th house of their natal chart.

This placement of Venus in your horoscope gives you a charming and polite personality. It also indicates some unexpected gains from inheritance or speculations. In-depth analysis of this placement can reveal you success ratio in the finance domain.

  • If Venus is placed in the 11th of a Libra native it gives them a natural inclination for steady and routine jobs for better financial gains.
  • Since, banking and finance demands consistency and regularity this placement becomes crucial for a Libra ascendant to achieve success in this field, because otherwise they don’t have an affinity for monotonous jobs and like movement and change.

Mercury is the lord of your 9th and 12th house, which indicates possibility of higher education abroad.

  • If there is any positive association of Saturn and Mercury in the natal chart of a Libra ascendant, it enhances the communication and patience levels of the native, to make them excel in careers that require financial and public dealings.

Will this profession give you long terms benefits?

It is obvious that none of us work just for the heck of it. We work because we want to do something worthy in life and to earn a living for self and family. In this case, the role of your basic and higher education and your initial inclinations play a vital role.

To assess this, you have to weigh the strength of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Moon and evaluate their associations in your horoscope for figuring the career sustenance ratio. Jupiter is a key planet to be considered for its role in giving the native a prosperous career in banking and finance sector.

For the Libra ascendant, Jupiter has the lordship of their 3rd and 6th house. This is considered a beneficial placement for the early education of the native. It also makes the native compassionate but they get success with much effort. So, for Libra ascendant hard work and persistence will be the key to achieve success in banking sector.

Alternatively, if somehow the above placement is afflicted, you may still succeed in the banking and finance domain, if:

  • Jupiter makes an association with the career lord Moon and if Mercury is placed in the 10th house, making an association with 9th or 12th house, career in service sector (which could be banking and finance) in domestic or foreign land is indicated.
  • Saturn, the lord of your 4th and 5th house is placed in your 12th house, it signifies long work and study related travel, with respect to the banking sector.
  • Saturn occupies 10th or 11th house and receives an aspect of Mercury or Jupiter, it represents the native’s ability to do well in jobs that require dealing in public finance.

How well could you earn from a career in banking and finance?

What is a career without financial stability? Practically, it’s nothing. If you cannot make enough money from your profession you are either doing charity or working without a purpose. You need a good financial status to lead a good life. Here, the role of Mars is crucial to ensure you earn enough to make a good living out of your career in banking and finance.

In case of Libra ascendant Mars is the lord of the money house and also of the 7th house, which makes you quite optimistic and strong-willed to work towards your finial stability. But, can you earn well through this placement by pursuing a career in banking and finance? Well, maybe, if:

  • Moon as the lord of career house is also placed in the 7th house of a Libra native, it will give rise to a good association which can help further financial gains from career.

All these astrological concepts signify your success possibilities in the banking and finance sector on a broader scale. If you want to shorten the scale and weigh your personal possibilities of succeeding in the banking and finance domain, you can register here to get an exclusive and detailed analysis of your birth chart.