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Full moon in Leo

Full moon

In 2020, the Full Moon in Leo will appear on 9th March, 2020.

Lights! Camera! Action!

The Full Moon in Leo will bring a radical commitment towards your creative potential. Your energy level will be consistent. This Full Moon will prove to be a blended period where positive trends will be more prevalent. However, regular check over expenditure is required. Otherwise, luck will favor you whole heartedly and your efforts will bring positive outcomes.

Let’s study the impact of Full Moon in Leo for all 12 moon signs:

 Aries: You’ll develop interest in mysterious subjects and fine-arts

Lord of Forth house is transiting in the Fifth house of Aries moon sign. It also has an aspect over the Eleventh house of Income.

The fifth house is the house of creation. It also concerns progeny and intelligence. With the placement of Moon in Fifth house, the native will be rich, fortunate, a voracious reader, honorable person, kind-hearted, cheerful, self-willed, and contended.

He’ll develop interest in mysterious subjects and fine-arts. Good gains in life and, fortune in the matters of progeny are likely results.

If you’re an artist, you can expect a productive period ahead as this Full moon will give you name and fame in this area of work.

There could be gains from speculation or lottery.

This planetary placement will make you knowledgeable. You will be fond of clothes and good food.

Aries, if your child is blessed with a good voice and shows interest in learning music, you should support them with all your heart. He might turn up into a famous personality some day.

Speculative investment will wind up being profitable, provided that you go for safer options.

 Taurus: You might get plentiful of opportunities to enhance your financial status

Having Lordship of Third house, Moon will move in the Forth House of Aries moon sign and aspect your Tenth house at the same time. Moon in the forth house will bring plentiful of happy moments in your life.

Gains from agricultural and mining fields are being highlighted over here. You’ll own extravagant vehicles and your income will get enhanced.

You’ll love your siblings and parents with all your heart and this factor will make your personal relations strong and sound. Domestic harmony will prevail in all the corners of home.

Family members will wind up being each other’s support system. This is an excellent period for purchasing/selling land or property.

Journeys planned from work point of view will bring gainful projects in hand. You’ll establish amicable relations with your professional peers. You might get plentiful of opportunities to enhance your financial status.

These would bring along good name and fame in your area of work. This entire period will be amazingly prosperous for Taurus natives and you’ll balance both personal as well as professional aspects in the best ways possible by giving equal importance to career and family.

 Gemini: You’ll get plentiful of chances to prove your skills and abilities

Ruler of the Second house will enter the Third house during the period of Full Moon in Leo. At the same time, it will also influence the Ninth house of Fortune.

You will have to put more efforts than usual but will have the courage to do the same and so right amount of efforts put in the right direction will wind up being fruitful.

The placement of Moon in the Third House could make you a bit indecisive but eventually you’ll be able to enhance your good luck and fortune. You’ll get plentiful of chances to prove your skills and abilities.

Effort level has to be increased anyhow if you wish to climb stairs of success and achievement. Your stars will favor you but first you’ll have to work on your confidence level and self determination.

You will have to be extra cautious in personal relations. Make an attempt to maintain amicable relation with your siblings as odds of conflicts are likely.

During this period, you could also make a trip to some religious destination as ninth house will make you inclined towards spiritualism and religious activities.

 Cancer: Inheritance of parental property is likely

Moon, being the Lord of Ascendant will enter the Second house of Cancer moon sign. It also has an aspect over your Eighth house. This planetary placement will make the native licentious and rich.

 You’ll be fond of reading and will have a deep insight into a particular subject. Your financial situation will remain consistent throughout this phase.

You’ll be blessed with an excellent speech and this efficiency in verbal communication could make you a good orator. You’ll have the wisdom to accumulate decent amount for the Rainy Days! Inheritance of parental property is likely.

Eighth house brings to light hidden treasures and knowledge. It also marks out sudden events and activities. The aspect of Moon in this house might incline you towards spiritualism.

You tend to adopt an unimaginable fascination for religious activities. This religious faith will take lead you towards a positive path in life.

You could show a keen interest in mysterious fields such as Astrology and Occult science.

We would advise you to be a little more cautious in terms of well being as odds of health issues being marked out in this phase. The same caution is required in personal relations, particularly with In-Laws.

 Leo: Marital relations should be handled with care and caution

Having the Lordship of the Twelfth house, Moon will enter the First house of Leo moon sign. The first house represents self and self is the key by which all locks of fortune can be opened. The First house also rules over your conscious mind.

This house will generate a lot of possibilities for you. But, you need to have clarity in approach and focus in order to achieve your targets.

This house will bless you with a penetrative mind and a discriminative mental faculty. If you use it properly, nothing seems impossible for you.

Awareness is another trait of this house, which will enable a Leo native to deal with all kinds of eventualities.

It has an aspect over your seventh house as well. The seventh house has tremendous connectivity of our being with another. You’ll have to be the wise one in marriage matters.

Marital relations ought to be handled cautiously. Being passionate and comprehensive will be of great help in this case. There are going to be some challenges in your marital life but if you handle the matters wisely, these issues won’t have the power to affect your relations by any means.

You should be humble and compassionate. Try to spend a lot of quality time with your better half because this factor can carry you and your spouse considerably closer to each other.

At last, do not exaggerate minor clashes; solve them then and there without any further complications.

 Virgo: Planning to settle abroad? There’s ecstatic news for you!

Being the ruler of Eleventh house, Moon will transit through the Twelfth house of Virgo moon sign. The placement of Moon in your twelfth house can open chances for foreign settlement. You may take interest in esoteric knowledge. You’ll turn out to be an ascetic person who would love to spend money on auspicious functions and celebrations.

In case you’re planning for foreign movement, this is an ideal time to put in all the efforts at one go. You’ll surely receive uplifting news. You should try to curb pointless expenses otherwise you might have to confront irksome situations.

You seem to be inclined towards spirituality and this factor will turn you into a religious person. Expenses related to same are most likely in this period of Full Moon.

The aspect of Sixth house will require you to take care of self as well as children’s health. Avoid over consumption of fast food else you may get caught up by stomach infections. Instead, adopt healthy life style patterns so that you are able to wave off all possible diseases and infections.

Career-wise, you’ll have to be extra mindful. Some sorts of losses are expected and your negligence can further create a whole lot of mess in your professional life.

Therefore, do not take any decision without proper calculations and tactics. In case you feel confused at any step, consult your parents or a reliable senior.

 Libra: This is a perfect time to shape your career

For Libra, Moon is the owner of the Tenth house and it would enter your Fifth house during this Full Moon period. You will get whole lot of income opportunities, which will automatically enhance your financial status.

This is a perfect time to shape up your career so be prepared to put in efforts from your end. Your existing job will go off pretty well.

Your hard work will be perceived by your peers and you’ll receive appreciation from your boss and seniors. Your respect and status will be uplifted and you’ll start getting desired outcomes.

Career related to business will bring handsome chances to earn maximum profits throughout this period. Promotion and appraisal is also likely in the same period.

If you were intending to discuss these matters, you may go ahead! This is a perfect time to plan and place assets in investments, but it would be much better if you weigh all the pros and cons before taking the final step.

A new love relation may develop in this period. Educational prospects seem favorable. Creative work may shape your career all together in a different way.

Your children will be your source of happiness and they’ll constantly make you proud through their excellent performance in different areas of life.

There are chances that your child may show interest in pursuing higher education from abroad. Let them stand by their decision and show immense support and love to them, ensuring that this major decision will wind up being extremely fruitful for your child.

 Scorpio: This is the perfect time to kick start off your career

Moon, the ruler of Ninth house will be transiting in your Tenth house, having an aspect over Forth house of domestic harmony. Tons of service options will lie in front of you and you’ll have the option to go with the best one.

 Professional relations will wind being in a satisfactory state; there won’t be any kind of issues or confusions at work place. These reasons will keep your relations moist with peace and harmony.

You may get a chance to work as an employee for a MNC. Fresher candidates will also get lot many job opportunities. This factor makes this Full moon period a perfect time to kick start off your career.

Your determination and commitment will take you a long way. Your mother will offer all kinds of support and assistance to you. Chances of promotion are there, but level depends on your work performance.

 If you’re planning to invest in a land/property, this is the right time to proceed with this thought. There won’t be any major hurdles in arranging funds for this purpose.

Those willing to get financial assistance can apply for home loan, ensuring that your bank will turn its lights GREEN and provide you a loan of your desired worth.

 Sagittarius:  Your hidden treasures and desires are likely to pop up in this period

Moon is considered as the Lord of the Eighth house. Its transit in ninth house will prove to be extremely fortunate for Sagittarius natives.

Moon is likewise influencing third house of your birth chart. Personal wisdom combined with courage and tactics will uplift your career by great means.

Your confidence level will get enhanced and this will enable you to fight back against challenges with great strength. Your stars will favor you whole heartedly by providing you a smooth path to walk on.

 You will have a vision of clarity. You may take new career steps; this will bring travel related opportunities. This period will make you religiously inclined as you seem to develop a keen interest in spiritualism.

The aspect of Moon over third house of Sagittarius will enhance your personal as well as professional relations.

Sudden opportunities may come on front and you’ll thank your stars for favoring you with such a positive phase.

Your hidden treasures and desires are likely to pop up. You’ll receive healthy support of your family members in all possible ways.

 Capricorn: Marital relations needs to be handled cautiously

Moon, the Lord of Seventh house is transiting in the Eighth house and aspecting the second house of Capricorn moon sign. During this period, there could be discordance in family relations due to ego clashes and aggression issues.

 Odds of financial issues are likely and these could lead to tussle between family members. You’ll have to handle marital issues with great caution.

Maintain strategic distance from aggression and ego otherwise this could demolish your valuable ties. It is prudent to plan a romantic getaway with your spouse in order to make them feel special and adored.

This trip will carry you both considerably closer to each other and past issues will also get resolved.

On a positive note, financial stability will be maintained throughout this period where accumulation of wealth will be an easy task.

You’ll save decent amount by your practicality and calculations.

You’ll most probably get ample of opportunities to bring your life on a smooth track. Inheritance of parental property is also likely.

 Aquarius:  Discord in marital life is likely but, we have the perfect solution for it

Being the owner of the Sixth house, Moon will move to your Seventh house in this Full moon phase and will aspect your first house as well.

Marital relations will undergo a tough time as your spouse will not be in a sound mental state. He’ll turn aggressive over petty issues and his anger might be uncontrollable at times.

This factor can affect your relationship immensely. During this entire period, your spouse will be filled with ego and rage. Thus, you’ll have to be the wise one here, handling your relationship maturely and tactically.

In order to save your relation, you’ll have to adjust in all possible ways. At times, things could get out of control but thorough patience will be required for substantiality of your marital life.

 The same goes for health factor. Your spouse could possibly suffer from certain health ailments. You’ll be responsible to take good care of your life partner and bring them back on track.

 Pisces:  Do not get involved in unnecessary disputes

Moon, the Lord of Fifth house will transit into the Sixth house and aspect twelfth house of Pisces moon sign. During this entire period, make a note to walk on a right path and keep yourself away from illegal activities otherwise you may get caught up in a court case.

In order to maintain strategic distance from such complexities, do not get involved in unnecessary disputes. Beware of your enemies and rivals; they may try to pull you down in all possible ways.

Keep yourself in a stable mental state so that you are balanced enough to fight back against them in a tactical and calculative manner.

Along with this, make best attempts to maintain cordial relations with your staff members and employees. By doing this, you’ll win their love and trust and they’ll stay completely loyal to you.