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Astrological Combination For IT Software Career & Success

Astrological Combination For IT Software Career & Success
With the advent of a digital world, everything has now shifted to a domain that needs IT software engineers. The surge has also yielded a competing field that doesn’t always suit everyone. If you are wondering whether you will have a successful career as an IT professional, Astrology has the answer.


With the whole world going digital, the need for It Software engineers has experienced a surge recently. The domain of IT professional is growing by days as the entire human race is turning towards technological advancement and looks forward to getting things done either on digital platforms or through gadgets with artificial intelligence. With the ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Humanoids’ coming into the picture, people will need the support of an IT technician more than ever. But will the IT Software field suits you and will you be able to make big in the specified field? Well, astrology has answers to all such questions and can also help you guide through the various Knicks and Knacks related to the field.

Software forms the major chunk of the technical field of engineering. In order to be successful in this particular field Rahu, Mars, and Saturn are the planets that need to be batting on your side and in your favor. In the Kundali or horoscope of the native, when these planets have a direct aspect or conjunction in the Tenth House (House of Career) then the chances of being successful in IT Software sector increases. On the off chance that the native or a person has such Yoga in his or her birth chart then it is believed that they will remain naturally inclined towards the software and IT sector from a very young age of life.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the IT Software Career Success as per the ascendant. Just in case you have any doubt or are oblivious of your ‘Ascendant’ then don’t worry. Just click here and right away get to know your ascendant and then advance forward to know if Law is your Ultimate Goal or not.

In the following article, we will discuss a few of the ascendants (Zodiac sign) that will have a thriving career in IT Software and what are the planets that will affect the tenth House for the native as per the Vedic Astrology; also, when they have the following Yogas in their zodiacs.


In the case of Aries ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of the Tenth House (House of Career). In the event that Saturn , Mars or Rahu is placed in the Tenth House or has a direct aspect or a conjunction with the Tenth House then chances of having a successful career in IT field increases for the native.


For the Taurus Ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of the Tenth House (House of Career). In the case of Taurus, if the planets Mars, Rahu or Saturn is placed in the tenth House or has a direct aspect or conjunction in the same then it is a sure shot Yoga and combination to have a successful career in the field of IT Software.


As per the Cancer Ascendant, Mars is the Lord of the tenth House (House of Career). On the assumption that Rahu and Mars are either placed in the Tenth House or have a direct aspect or have conjunction in the tenth House then it gives a good career in fields related to IT software. The placement of Rahu in the Fifth House (house of Intelligence and Education or Study and Gain) also indicates a successful career in the IT field.


With the Capricorn Ascendant, Venus is the Lord of the Tenth House. Presuming that Rahu, Mars or Saturn is either placed in the tenth House or has a direct aspect or conjunction in the respective House then Great Yoga for success in career for It is visible in the natal chart of an individual.


According to the Aquarius Ascendant, Mars is the Lord of the Tenth House. In the event that Rahu. Mars or Saturn is either placed in the Tenth House or has a direct aspect or conjunction in the Tenth House, it all mixes up to bring unfathomable success ad g=career growth to the native. Similarly, if Rahu and Saturn are either placed in the Fifth House (house of Intelligence, Education and Gain) then auspicious Yoga for Success formulates for the native.

According to the Vedic Astrology, Mars stands for good organizing abilities, logical thinking, practical skills, and mechanical knowledge of various instruments. Mars also is the representative of technology, mathematics, engineering, electronics, and calculations.

Saturn is software engineering has a direct connection with the various languages or programming used for coding and gives a good command over the language. It also signifies the depth of thought, planning skills, concentration power, native’s foresight, machines, and engineering.

Rahu becomes an important factor for those who choose IT Software as their career. Rahu is famously known as the Karaka of the ‘New Age Technology’, aerospace, technology stirrer of the electronic storm, cloud computing, programming, and software. Things that are still not discovered and remain untapped and are rare in kind or are invisible to human eyes but make a connection such as the Wi-Fi come under the string wings of the planet Rahu.

The Fifth and the Tenth House also have a Huge Role to be played in getting into the IT Software field as a career. The Fifth House stands for the House of Education and Intelligence. Education and intelligence both are required to fly high in the field of It Software career and hence a strong Fifth House will ensure a good career and income for the native.

Along with these planets, other planets and their aspects or conjunction also come into a role-play for determining whether or not IT Software career is the right choice for the native in terms of career and will he or she become successful in the respective field. If there is a negative aspect, conjunction or placement of any of the planets in the natal chart of the individual, it may result in displaying negative effects on the career graph of the native such as delay in success, or in the worst-case scenario, the native may also have to face failure in career.