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Food to order on your Date based on your partner's moon Sign

The idea for a perfect date is to try new things with your partner. However, it can get pretty boring if you are repeating the same activities, hangout place, restaurant, or even your meals. Make your date memorable and exciting by trying something different this time. We have put together a list of cuisines you can enjoy with your companion based on your partner's zodiac sign.

Food to order on your Date based on your partner's moon Sign

"Food is eternal love."

Choosing what food to order on a date can be a tough asking especially when you want to make a lasting impression on your date. While some people eat to live, there are others who live to eat. As per Vedic astrology, every zodiac sign has its own taste and food preferences. Some like their food traditional and sober, while others seek exotic cuisine and experiment with the unknown. There are people who tend to be very choosy about what they eat and then there are those who would eat anything & everything that comes on their plate. We, at Indastro, help you know the eating habits of your Date based on their Moon Sign, and unroll their list of temptations. Grab that bucket of popcorn, gobble up,& read on!



Aries natives have taste buds of steel. They like it hot! Taking an Aries out on a date can leave you confused and helpless in so many ways, as they want variety when it comes to food. Not only are they impatient about food, but Aries would want to try everything they seem to like on the menu. Save yourself the time and horror of sitting there, waiting for them to decide, and plan your orders before you even leave for that restaurant! Moreover, if thinking about sharing that meal they have ordered, keep a glass of water handy, because things are about to spice up.

Pro Tip for Aries: Eat slowly; avoid overconsumption of alcohol.



Taurus likes to laze around a meal and enjoy all the flavors which melt in the mouth over time. They seek exotic dishes and are in no rush to gulp up the exquisite food item. They are experimental with meals and all out for continental food. For a date with Taurus, take them to that fancy restaurant that matches its offbeat menu with a perfect ambience. Leave the choice of ordering food with your Taurus partner and let their smile boost your confidence. Be careful though, not to interrupt them during their meal, since they want to enjoy their food in the most comfortable manner possible and with loads of sweets!

Pro Tip for Taurus: Cut down on those sweets; replacing them with fruits!



Gemini Moon Signs folks are more about the company at the dining table than the food itself. A good conversation during the meal holds greater important than the food itself. Gemini natives are perhaps least likely to be overweight, as they find true love in cooking rather than eating. Kitchen is their playground and the food they cook is a work of art. They are creative and courageous when experimenting with the various ingredients, bringing out unique and finger-licking flavors that would leave everyone asking for more. The biggest problem you may face while asking a Gemini out for a dinner date is that they rarely have a fixed time for their meals and plans are likely to change last minute. If you wish to impress them beyond expectations, invite them for an 'Indoor Date', where you may offer to cook for them. This will allow you to spend candid moments together and you may learn a thing or two about each other’s tastes.

Pro Tip for Gemini: Form a daily routine for your meals & eat at a fixed time.



Cancer Moon Sign natives are very choosy about their food. With a specific set of likes and dislikes, they would either be too fussy about the food joint to visit or would be cooking on their own, and expect to be appreciated for it. A Date with a Cancer native needs careful selection and in-depth research to select a destination that has been tried and tested to live up to their expectations. Dump your plans of taking Cancer people to that new place based on your friends’ references. To make it easier, let your Date choose the place. Alternatively, if you want to play it smart, ask Cancer zodiac to guess the name of the restaurant you plan to take them, and the first place they mention would be their ideal choice. A word of caution - for Cancer natives, sharing their food is abomination! So don’t even think of ‘tasting’ out of their meal.

Pro Tip for Cancer: Avoid overeating, even when you are in a bad mood.


Let’s get this straight - not everyone can afford to Date a Leo. Expensive tastes and a luxurious lifestyle aptly describe their lifestyle and Leo will settle for nothing less in life. They usually have a specific choice of food items when they are hungry and don’t bother having an elaborate meal. Good company and a good place define a perfect Date for Leo. They generally prefer a healthy and sophisticated diet to fast food or experimental meals. If you wish to make a lasting impression on your Leo partner, be sure not to save on your pocket and instead book a table at a classy and stylish eating place, where Leo can be seen by others and their majestic presence be felt by everyone around them.

Pro Tip for Leo: Add fruits to your diet; expensive or not, they are definitely a healthy choice.



The first thing a Virgo would notice about anything is its cleanliness, or the lack of it. Hence, your Date with a Virgo needs to be at a tidy place without doubts. However, when it comes to their choice of food, they are not very fussy and would choose an irresistible taste over a hefty price tag. Even while cooking, they work like a magician to bring out new flavors with whatever is available at hand. When planning a Date with a Virgo, a tidy place with a distinctive menu would be wonderful! You will be amazed how playful a Virgo can be with their selection of meals.

Pro Tip for Virgo: Eat light; take frequent short meals instead of long and heavy ones.


Libras are essentially the foodies. They enjoy every meal to the fullest and even relish the joyous experience of cooking. Everything on the menu, from the salad to the appetizer, and then the main course is a Libra’s favorite. When not hungry, they will still have a small piece of every item on their plate to let the juices flow. The most essential part of their meal, however, remains the dessert, followed by fine wine or a fancy beer. Any meal of the day is incomplete for them without sweetness pouring on their taste buds at the end of it. For them, eating is foremost an experience like no other. They want their food and their dining table to look nice, and an atmosphere that suits their mood while eating. If planning to take your Libra partner out, make sure you pick a place with the looks & ambience that suit your partner’s taste, without being too loud or pricey.

Pro Tip for Libra: Keep your sweet tooth under control


Scorpio natives are hungry always. It is common practice for them to be surfing through the refrigerator at night searching for leftovers. While they are non-fussy about the choice of food and not bothered by the surroundings of the eatery, they do want their meals to be spicy enough to make them feel connected with the food. A date with a Scorpio will be either a fun filled rollercoaster ride or your worst nightmare. From roadside vendors to the uber-luxurious eateries - everything fits the needs of a Scorpio, as long as food is being served. Keeping your fingers crossed would be a safe option till you wait to see whether the food is as per your Scorpio partner’s taste or not.

Pro Tip for Scorpio: Avoid too much of junk food, increase your intake of water and fluids.


Sagittarius natives are always up for an experiment. While they love exotic food, they are also curious to try everything they can get their hands on. Swinging between extremes, their favorites vary from the sweetest of Sundaes to the spiciest of fast foods. They are deep thinkers and often connect food with their thoughts, which can easily make them overeat or overdrink when they plan to settle only for a couple of drinks. When taking a Sagittarius out on a date, choose the most out-of-the-box place you can think of, with plenty of crazy names on the menu. Make sure you are not bound by a budget, as they may easily sail through a few plates of meals without blinking.

Pro Tip for Sagittarius: Fix your meals to suit your body weight, not the other way around.


Capricorns are precise and specific when it comes to food. They would often compare the nature of the place as well as the staff before they even order something when dining out. Experiments or flamboyance with food does not impress Capricorn natives. Quality stands the foremost. With their sober nature, homemade food fits their style perfectly. Take your Capricorn date to a soberly decorated place that is not overpriced, because they may soon be comparing price to quality, and things can only get ugly from there. Order the regulars and keep it simple.le.

Pro Tip for Capricorn: Try adding some new flavors to your list of favorites.


Aquarius natives generally give little thought to what to eat. Most of the times, they are occupied with the blazing ideas in their minds and are so busy working towards them that whatever is given to them on a plate is perfect. If not working, Aquarius people tend to get choosy, not because they are fussy but because they can’t decide what to eat. They are open to unusual recipes and new tastes. Coffee is generally a must-have on their daily schedule. When taking an Aquarius out for a meal, choose a bright-looking place, and order a fancy sounding meal. Please don’t waste your time asking them what to eat, or you will spend the rest of your time waiting for the response.

Pro Tip for Aquarius: Too much of coffee does not mean too much of energy. Cut down on your caffeine intake.


For Pisces, food is love. They appreciate good food and even consider as a token of appreciation for the people they love. Pisces prefers eating in a romantic ambience and candle-lit dinners. The company of loved ones only makes things better for them. However, their eating habits change completely when they are gloomy. Suddenly, they would want to eat that specific meal from a specific place, and would become a food critic with the greatest sophistication. That is the tricky part of dating a Pisces native - they eat the most when they are sad. And you would not want your date to be sad would you? To take a Pisces out on a date, setup your own romantic backdrop, add on a few cello players, and ask for that bottle of champagne to go with the meal. Perfect!

Pro Tip for Pisces: Increase your water intake