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Astrological tips to get your ex partner back

Vedic Astrology is more than about knowing what your future holds for you. It can help you learn about your partner with a detailed understanding of their zodiac sign. Today, we share astrology tips on how to win your ex-partner back into your life with the help of his/her zodiac.

Astrological tips to get your ex partner back


Are you still in love with your ex? Have you spent sleepless nights after breaking up with your ex? No matter how busy you are, does a very minute thing remind you of him/her? Does the sight of other happy couples in love, remind you of them every single time?

If the answer to all of these above questions, is a ‘Yes’, we are sure that you are still crazily in love with your ‘Ex’. Be it your fiancé, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend or your ex-lover; it is not unnatural to love them after breaking up or after leaving them. It indeed is an assurance that you just had a tough time dealing them, and wanted to sort things out and get your head straight. And now that you are convinced about your breakup being a mistake, maybe it is time to work out a way to get your ex back in your life, and life a happily ever after fairytale. Because, although breakups can be pretty nasty, it does not always have to permanent, does it?

Tread your way to Love

Now that you have finally decided on working out your issues, and are sure that your partner is still interested in you, we have some tricks up our sleeves to help you out. Vedic Astrology can do more wonders that you can imagine, and now with its help we can even help you get you ex-back!! Interesting, right? The only quest here is to know what your ex-partner’s zodiac moon sign is, and you are good to go. Based on your ex’s moon sign, we can guide you how and what would be of interest to them, and how you should be wooing them. If you know their Ascendant sign as well, the better, because that would further give you a broader perspective of how to go about for your re-take on love!

So, cheer up, get that cup of your favorite brew, and start planning as you read on. Because, good things should never be delayed; and when it comes to love and war, everything is fair!

This article is based on moon signs, so if you are still wondering what your moon sign would be, click here.

To know about your or someone else’s ascendant, read here.

  1. The Outgoing Arian: If your partner is Arian, you might have known until now that they love their own self, identity, and are dominating at times. If you wish to rekindle the relationship with them, you should just let them vent out their anger, give them the attention they aspire, and make them the center of attraction in the entire discussion. Make them feel special, understand their part of the story, and assure them that you have rightly interpreted whatever they wanted to convey. Being an extrovert, they might like to go out partying, or even like you to throw a patch up party for them.
  2. The Trustworthy Taurean: Give yourself a pat on the back if your partner is of the Taurus moon sign, as you have got for yourself a stable-minded, committed, and trustworthy partner. Coaxing an ex-partner who is a Taurean would not be difficult as you would need to show your utmost care, be emotional towards their thought, and do something romantic to please them. They are practical, and would not waste much time in the process of reconciliation. You could go on a romantic date, or try out a new creative experience to reawaken your lost love.
  3. The Unpredictable Geminian: Being a partner of a Geminian, would let you experience different characteristics of the same person, at different situations. In love, such people would love to have an understanding partner, who would treat them like a kid, flirt with them, and pamper them thoroughly. They are at times commitment phobic, and are very calculative an analytical, thus you need to use your intelligent as well as sensitive side to win them over and be together again.
  4. The Sensitive Cancerian: The Cancerians are known for their sensitive, emotional, unstable, and outgoing nature, and when it comes to love affairs, they are nonetheless the same. A partner of the Cancer moon sign would expect you to think in a dreamy way like them, and be highly imaginative, while giving them all the care and attention they seek. A romantic and secluded date to a place they love, would woo them in no time, as you listen to everything they have to say throughout the date.
  5. The Intense Leo: Leos are proud beings, who have a dominating, passionate, aggressive, and strong side to themselves. In order to pursue your Leo ex, you would have to strongly make them understand their mistakes and ask them to reconcile, or just bow down and say sorry, to start again. They are avid attention seekers and would not budge if they do not get due attention and showers of emotions. Thus, be gentle, give importance and shower love to your Leo ex, and get your long-lost love back on track.
  6. The Intelligent Virgoan: The Virgoans are very intelligent, calculative, practical, and analytical. Being in love with them would mean that you would require to think practically in them and how and what would make you happy in the pragmatic sense. To pursue an ex, you would need to shower them with immense love, listen to them, and do what they would want you to do. They are commitment lovers and sensual as well, so giving them the assurance that your relationship can proceed to the next step, will melt them at once.
  7. The Cooperative Libran: Librans are one of the most romantic amongst us, and having such a partner means, you were wooed by their charming and outgoing personality. They are indecisive at times, and like to be the performer in every aspect. Since they are outgoing, and like experiencing new things, to get them back in your life, you could take them out on an adventurous trip, learn something new together, and rise high in romance. Let them be in the spotlight of your relationship, and together calculate a balanced approach towards life.
  8. The Passionate Scorpion: A Scorpion in love is the most sensual and full of intensity, and needs to have the spark in love life all through. They demand a high level of chemistry with their partner, in the absence of which, they get bored or feel are missing the love quotient. They have a surreal nature and their sex drive is very extraordinary. To get them back, it would be great if you plan a sensual getaway for them, and fulfill the romantic encounter they have been waiting for.
  9. The Independent Sagittarian: Sagittarians are free-spirited, passionate, independent, knowledgeable, and love to explore and experience new things. If your partner is a Sagittarian, be ready to live a whirlwind romantic life, as they would never be tired of fun and adventure. Take them out on an adventure ride, or for a trip to an less-travelled place, such that you get time for both the experience and the romance, to rejuvenate your love. They might also need some space to process everything, as they at times love being with their own self.
  10. The Ambitious Capricorn: An underlying intensity, ambitious nature, focused on the future, grounded, realistic, disciplined, and practical; these are what a Capricorn is known for. In love matters as well, they are more or less the same, as they practice being wise, punctual, patient and focused in a relationship. To get such an ex back with you, you might need to take them out for refreshing their minds, to a place that would interest them immensely. We would suggest a museum tour, or discussing a business plan over dinner, or sharing your career prospects with them, and how they fit the bill with you.
  11. The Progressive Aquarian: An Aquarian is of a free flowing nature, loves being social, is a humanitarian, loves being informative and friendly, and is intelligent as well. Being in a relationship, it would expect its partner to be loyal and loving towards them, and to not break any promises made. They are not very emotionally expressive, and might run away from facing such situations. You would need to coax them into sharing their heart out and listening as they do, and be loving towards them. Gifting them flowers, and taking them to quaint places could also do the trick.
  12. The Compassionate Piscean: A Piscean is selfless, sympathetic, sensitive, and very much a relationship-oriented individual. It has intuitive and imaginative skills, and is kind-hearted and faithful at the same time. They are loyal in love and have similar expectations from the partner. Assure them of your love and loyalty, and promise to live up to their expectations, if you want to rebuild a relationship with them. An unexpected date which speaks of its tranquility, would be very welcoming for them.