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Importance of Ketu in Vedic Astrology

  1. Understanding Ketu
  2. The Planetary Configuration
  3. Professions ruled by Ketu
  4. Personality of those ruled by Ketu
  5. Positive & negative results of Ketu

Ketu is a headless, half planet, the south or descending Node of the Moon also called the tail of the dragon. It is a shadow planet as it is invisible and is just a point in the cosmic arrangement. It is the karaka of Moksha, the reason of liberation. It drives people towards spiritualism, enlightenment, asceticism and it frees the person from the shackles of worldly desires. But it is a malefic planet, not as malefic as Rahu but it bestows the natives with various mishappenings in life, with the intention to help us reach emancipation.  

It concerns itself with after life experiences, spiritual knowledge, detachment from the world, the concept of righteousness and karma. It is said that Rahu is the giver and Ketu is the taker. But there is a deeper meaning. Rahu makes a person indulgent, stuck in materialism and worldly comforts while Ketu helps to get detached from hollow endeavors. It directs us towards liberation.  Rahu is about enjoyment and worldly comforts while Ketu is about enlightenment and wisdom. Here is a detailed analysis of this shadow planet as per Vedic Astrology to help you understand it better.

Planetary Configuration

 Ketu is the South Node that takes 18 years to travel through the zodiac just as Rahu and it stays in one sign for around 1.5 years. Ketu’s influence is usually benefic for people born in Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio or Pisces ascendant. Ketu is said to be exalted in Scorpio and Sagittarius, as opposite to Rahu and is regarded weakest in Taurus. Its Moontrikon sign is Leo. It shares a friendly relationship with Mercury, Venus and Saturn and is enemy with Moon, Mars and Sun. With Jupiter, it shares an average relationship.

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Professions ruled by Ketu

Ketu if positively placed is the mastermind of professional success. It creates magicians, militants, astrologers, detectives, hermits, spiritual writers, philanthropists, and professions involving religious activities and pursuits. Some may even become architects of holy places such as temples and shrines. Some may become travel guides in religious places. Positive placement of Ketu also governs professions involving spiritual and righteous deeds such as charity, orphanages, old age homes, pilgrims, rest houses, meditation centers, donations, and religious exhibitions and museums. Ketu also gives professions that are ruled by Mars usually, in fields such as military, defense, weaponry, explosives etc.

Personality of those ruled by Ketu

Ketu ruled individuals as a rule believe in the service of man, the concept of karma. They believe that one should lead a simple life, but think high. These people try to help others without expecting anything in return. They are driven towards spirituality and liberation. Along with a compromising nature, the native is likely to have good knowledge and intelligence as well. They may not pay heed to luxuries and worldly comforts. At the same time, a malefic Ketu can also produce immoral people, those with strange behavioral tendencies. They can be anything from a psychopath to a serial killer. An ill-posited Ketu also leads the native to feel something horrifying, an NDE (near death experience) such as a fatal injury, accident, shock, or attack. Ketu’s negative influence can turn the native into a deceitful, dishonest and aggressive personality.

Positive and negative effects of Ketu

A positively placed Ketu often results in better luck and fortune when it comes to running businesses. The person may lead a simple lifestyle despite having all the luxuries around. Ketu makes the person a justice lover and compassionate being who believe in the betterment of the whole mankind. They generally support a cause and have lots of followers owing to the righteous deeds. A negative placement of Ketu affects one’s social behavior. The person may indulge in smoking or tobacco dealing. Misunderstandings and fears would be prevalent in life. They may work hard but the results would not be satisfactory. They may try to appear as having supernatural and haunting experiences and would be inclined towards occult subjects such as black magic and sorcery. There would be lack of trust in their marriage and relationships. There would be an air of eccentricity about their personality, which may keep them from enjoying a normal relationship.

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