Why do Predictions Go Wrong In spite of Correct Birth Chart

Astrology predictions are purely based on accurate information. Even a slight difference in the degrees of a planet can result in a different horoscope reading of a person. However, when one provides the right detail, there are times, predictions can go wrong. Read more to find out why!

Why do

Sometimes astrology predictions do go wrong. One famous astrologer said he did his accurate predictions on his favorable Maharajas. That most of his wrong predictions came during his bad dasas.  There are astrologers who have given different answers for the same question. People expect accurate astrology, whichever school of astrology the astrologer practices.

Astrological predictions are based on planetary placements, maha dasas and current transits. They move through different signs for the different span of time. Ancient astrology texts have given us certain parameters and it is literally impossible to decode everything cent percent. The time has changed, the generation has changed and people have also changed. But astrology is predicted based on the ancient texts written in ancient format. Astrology consultation is a very complex process. We need to understand whether the planets are favorable or unfavourable for a person. It is actually like magic because planets also change their character. Some planets will be good during some period, but they will become negative during other times. 

Astrology enlightens and shows us the right way

Many people ask about their future events, while astrology should be used for enlightenment. Career consultation is a main branch of astrology. Suppose  person wants to know when he will get next job, but his chart may not be showing a good career path. There are certain people who are not even destined for a steady long career. An ethical astrologer will never say that this person is not destined for a career. Instead, he will look at the next good dasa which the 10th lord is involved. But the person do have some karmic bondage and he has to be jobless or do unsteady jobs during his life. So, the predictions can go wrong like this.

Same as in the case of marriage predictions. In the chart, marriage may not be shown as a promise.  The person is coming to an astrologer to listen to good news when he can get married to a beautiful female and start his family. In such cases, the astrologer will not be able to identify whether he can get married or not by 100%, but he can definitely understand that marriage is not going to happen soon. Still, astrologer will see the best time where the person can meet up with a person whom he likes.

Changing times and its effects on Astrology

Astrology is coded according to ancient society and marriage in ancient society is totally different from today’s marriage. So, it may not be that easy to predict any event according to the present context. Brihat parasara hora sastra, which is the Bible of astrologers is not available in the full form.  So, astrology has a lot of restrictions. Still, it has many potentials to make people understand how to live happily amidst all the struggles. It teaches us how to respect the destiny and to break the bond through the help of God.

The Verdict of the Predictions

It will be a big mistake to say that all astrologers are giving wrong predictions. Actually, the correct predictions are reported in a very less rate. Many astrologers around the world have the capability to give accurate predictions. Yes, there are wrong predictions, but the accurate predictions are always more than the wrong ones.

The basic norms to be an successful Astrologer

An astrologer should be a satvik, a vegetarian and a humanitarian. Rishi Parasara has given clear directions on the lifestyle. He has the divine power to show the people what is in their future. Therefore, he should follow a righteous life path.  There are many conditions if you want to be a successful astrologer. It is, of course, the path of sacrifices, not enjoyment.  He should have a divine life and should have sadhna. Daily prayer and meditation is also a must because he is dealing with people who have less good news and plenty of bad things to share. It is a surprising fact that whenever someone sees an astrologer, then they have only bad things to share. People go to an astrologer when they feel things are out of control in their life. Then the astrologer should be physically and mentally prepared to understand the issues and try to make them understands the situations and how to face them.

The ancient connect:

Ancient rishis were probably beings from higher dimensions. There is a beautiful story about Sage Parasara’s affair with Matsyagandhi. In Devi Bhagvata Purana we can see Matsyagandhi or Satyawati was in a boat with Sage Parasara. Looking at the heavenly bodies Sage parasara understood that this is the right time to produce great Son. He wanted Satyawati  to get united with him and thus produce a child. She rejected that by saying that she stinks like a fish and a Brahmin like sage Parasara should not touch her. Then he blessed her and changed her bad smell to the smell of musk. Then he created a fog as per the request of Satyavati because it was broad daylight and she was afraid of people watching her. Then again, she complained as she is a virgin and after the union, people will insult her. Then Parasara finds a solution for that as well. He replaced her Hymen, virgo intacta. From these incidents, we can come to know that Sage Parasara who introduced astrology was not just another common man. So, it may be difficult to reach that perfection.

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