Gemstones That Suits You The Best!!

Gemstones have a great effect on mind & body. This article covers the effects of gemstones based on your moon sign. Read more to know how wearing gemstones can either nullify the ill-effects or maximize the positive influence of your ruling planets of the horoscope.

Gemstones That Suits You The Best!!


Precious gemstones have always been coveted for aesthetic and beautification purposes. Associated mostly with wealth and health prowess, gemstones have energized power to negate any obstructive forces. gemstones have a mysterious power in them that could benefit the wearer in any territory of his/her life including, education, business, illness and so forth. Big names and industrialists also have understood the forces of gemstones and can be seen donning them on different body parts.

Precious stones when properly selected and used are known to ward off evils and malefic influences of the planet. Different planets have different stones ascribed to them. Proper use of these gemstones will also help the native in favorable situations or enterprises.

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Gemstones for different zodiac signs are selected as per the power of the ruling planet. An afflicted or benefic position will determine the type of gemstone suited for you. All the benedictions that these gemstones shower on individuals of different zodiac moon signs are listed below.

Gemstones for your Zodiac Moon Sign

Know the natural effects of the gemstones, and which one is the most suitable for you as per your Moon Sign.

Aries: Moonga or Red Coral for positive energy

Aries being a fiery sign with Mars as the Lord of the Sign, the gemstone that is best suited for Aries will be Red Coral. This stone gives you:

  • Strength and energy to get your things done through the day
  • Keeps you energized to accomplish all that you aspire for in life
  • Extracts all the pessimistic thoughts out of the native
  • Attracts positive energies from the universe
  • Brings happiness in the native’s life

Taurus: Diamond for flourishing in life

Venus, the planet of worldly desires, luxuries and pleasures rules Taurus moon sign. Diamond can prove spectacular gemstone for the Taurus natives.

Venus is also known to be the “Planet of Love". Diamonds gives you:

  • Creativity in interactive fields such as that of arts, hospitality, and interior or beauty profession
  • Bring huge success and opulence in your life
  • Get you recognition for your work
  • Make you popular
  • Improves your health, happiness, and social wellbeing
  • Diplomacy in important matters to take the required action
  • Help the native with a good memory
  • Good for all-round happiness and financial prosperity

Gemini: Emerald for increasing mental power

The planet Mercury connotes mental power, wit, business, academics, and fortune. Along these lines, an individual whose birth planet is Mercury must wear an Emerald. Mercury is also known to be the "Prince of Planets".

Emerald (Panna) is a valuable green color gemstone for Gemini moon sign. It gives you:

  • Complete and true serenity by expanding your tolerance level
  • Creates a superior comprehension in the family for cordial connection of family members
  • Excellent recuperating forces to improve blood circulation
  • Control ailments such as asthma, loose motions, ulcers, and stammering
  • Diminishes a sleeping disorder
  • Eliminates pessimistic thoughts from the mind
  • Enhances communication skills

Cancer: Pearl for a perfect balance in life

Moon denotes harmony and tranquility of the mind. It signifies the mother and heart of an individual. Pearl (Moti) is the gemstone for planet Moon. Hence, pearl is the most suitable gemstone for the Cancer native. Wearing Pearl for Cancer natives is beneficial because it:

  • Expels the pernicious impacts of the moon
  • Frees individuals from discouragement and despair
  • Direct the brain toward inspiration
  • Constructs notoriety in the public eye
  • Brings a perfect balance of peace and harmony in the life of the wearer
  • Improves the self-confidence of the wearer
  • Positively impact the heart and psyche of the individual
  • Gives good grip over their emotional flow

Leo: Ruby for name and fame

Sun is considered as 'Ruler' or the “King’ among all the nine planets. It is for this reason that the sun is the main wellspring of vitality in the solar system.

The ruling Lord for Leo is Sun, therefore Ruby or Manik is the most suitable gemstone for Leo. Ruby is considered as one of the most precious stones. It is known to give:

  • Provide with the gifts of good health, name, and fame and
  • Prevent any major disease from reaching the native
  • Gives power, respect, strength, commanding force, valor
  • Makes the native kind-hearted
  • Enhance the power of sun in their horoscope so that the wearer is able to achieve more in life.

Virgo: Emerald for expanding psychological capacities

Virgo is a double Earth sign governed by Mercury. Since Mercury is in its very own sign in an exalted position, this situation is regarded as positive in
Vedic Astrology. Hence, an individual whose birth planet is mercury must wear Emerald. This planet is famously called the "Prince of Planets".
Best gemstone for Virgo natives is Emerald.

  • Usually, it belongs to the category of scholars, entrepreneurs, merchants of scientific equipment and publishers.
  • Enables the wearer to have control over the sensory or nervous system, tongue, tissues, liver, and vocal cord.
  • Builds the psychological capacities of the native
  • Enhances the communication skills and professional life of the wearer

Libra: Diamonds for love and elegance

Venus represents attraction, sex, bravery, love, and ethical quality. Venus is the closest planet to earth. Venus is also called the “Planet of Love".

In astrology, Diamond is related to the Venus Planet and hence diamond is the gemstone for Libra moon sign. Diamond is a hot gemstone among the Navratnas.

  • Shows love, marriage, partner, excellence, beauty, sincerity, humility, earnestness etc.
  • Icon of extravagance,
  • Advantageous in the horoscope to have a cheerful wedded life
  • Provides solidarity to Venus to get the benefits out of it.

Scorpio: Moonga for passion and zeal

Mars is the fierce red color planet that connotes bravery, assurance, outrage, brutality, self-determination, physical strength.

As per Vedic Astrology, Red Coral (Moonga) gemstone speaks to Mars planet and hence becomes the gemstone for moon sign Scorpio. Coral benefits the native in the following way:

  • Expands the physical quality of the individual
  • Improves the confidence, enthusiasm or passion, wealth, karma or luck, success, and well-being or health to its wearer
  • Protects the positive forces transmitted by the planet Mars inside it.
  • Helps the native to lead a healthy life
  • Prevents various ailments away.

Sagittarius: Yellow Sapphire for health and prosperity

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and is also known as the "teacher" or Guru among every other planet. It is an optimistic planet and passes on advantages like health and wellbeing, success and prosperity, wealth, and fate to its wearer.

  • When your Jupiter is frail and you are constantly confronting inconveniences, not getting great outcomes, misfortune in business, you should wear a yellow sapphire.
  • However, it is critical to consult an astrologer before wearing it.
  • Yellow sapphire promises great health and well-being, wisdom, prosperity, monetary benefit, healthy life span, and name, honor, and popularity.

Capricorn: Blue Sapphire for power and wealth

In Vedic astrology, Saturn, otherwise called 'Shani' is the slowest moving planet in space. However, has very solid effects on an individual's horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire gemstone is associated with Saturn planet and therefore is a gemstone suitable for Capricorn.

Blue Sapphire is also commonly known as Neelam in Hindi. Care ought to be taken to guarantee that the Blue Sapphire quality is affirmed by the astrologer.

  • Wearing blue sapphire can propel prosperity, personality, valor, power, recognition, wealth and general prosperity.
  • It improve social standing, name, and popularity.
  • However, any defects in the gemstone can prompt fates, health issues, and disgrace.

Aquarius: Blue Sapphire for luck and well-being

Saturn is called the planet of hard work and karma. It is being said about Saturn that on the off chance that if it suits an individual, it will acquire all kind of bliss in his/her life. On the contrary, if the gemstone does not suit the native, it might pulverize the life of its wearer.

Blue Sapphire also known as Neelam gemstone is exceedingly prescribed for the Aquarius sign.

  • The planet Saturn claims the Aquarius ascendant and twelfth house.
  • It is useful when the planet Saturn is slight, distressed by Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun.
  • The wearer can get valuable outcomes in issues of health and well-being, wealth, individuality, command and bravery.
  • Blue Sapphire can make any individual rich from poor if it begins to suit the native.
  • It can favor you with riches, good karma or luck, opportunity, and promotion,
  • It additionally gives you name and popularity, and prosperity.

Pisces: Yellow Sapphire for professional accomplishment

As we are probably aware that the planet Jupiter is one of the greatest planets in the solar system and it is also the most charming planet in the birth chart. It has a claim to fame in the astrological domain.

The planet Jupiter represents knowledge and philosophy. It also regulates long journey, fair play, religion, offspring, prosperity, and so forth. The planet Jupiter rules two houses - Sagittarius and Pisces.

  • The incredible Pukhraj can take the native to the next dimension of accomplishment.
  • Pukhraj also represents spirituality, trustworthiness, and dignity and moral ideas.
  • It enhances the power of Jupiter and attracts positives for the wearer
  • At the point when the planet Jupiter is incapacitated and burdened by the malefic planets, it can get embarrassment in life and one can be even deceptive. The Jupiter rules the senior and older individuals of the family.
  • The Pukhrajor Yellow Sapphire can make one healthy, powerful, and strong.
  • The wearer can create a psychic trend and will have an altruistic frame of mind.
  • The native can have a massive career and professional accomplishment.
  • One can build up the great rapport with the people of high rank with the help of the Yellow Sapphire.

Be that as it may, it ought to be noticed that gemstone of natural origin can create the ideal consequences for an individual's life. Gemstones are not picked according to your choice or liking. However, after an appropriate study of the individual's horoscope, would it be wise to choose a gemstone that suits the individual.

Malefic outcomes can likewise be delivered by the wrong choice of gemstone. In this way, it is profoundly suggested that one ought to counsel an accomplished astrologer before wearing any of these gemstones.

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