Astrology and Assisted Methods of Conception


TODAY, ASTROLOGY IS looked upon as a science capable of delivering us solutions to many of the present day problems. One of the common problems we come across in the world today is infertility. Due to advances in science and technology it has now become possible for childless couples to have children through techniques such as In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF). The first human birth resulting from IVF was on 3rd February 1984. Prior to this, infertile couples had only one path to parenthood, namely adoption. This technique of IVF initially brought it with it various legal and ethical issues but gradually over the last two and half decades, it has gained widespread acceptance.

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Although menopause puts a natural barrier to further conception, IVF has allowed women, a fresh lease of life to court pregnancy in their post-menopause life. It is significant to note that the uterus of a female is capable of supporting pregnancy, even after menopause.

Ethical Issues

Some of the ethical issues which arose after the introduction of IVF techniques were:

  • Conception is a matter involving only the husband and wife. These new techniques introduced technology as well as third parties into the picture.
  • Women could not conceive after menopause. But the possibility exists with this technique.
  • Barrenness is attributable to the will of God. Artificial methods could defeat God’s will.
  • Marital act is the source of pregnancy but in this method fertilization takes place outside the human womb and therefore immoral.

Astrological Basis of Conception

If the lord of 5th, sign dispositor of 5th lord, navamsa lord of 5th or the karaka planet Jupiter is strong, birth of issues is certain. Birth of issues is ruled out only if all the above mentioned factors fail. It is also said that a strong 5th lord can successfully ward off the ill-effects of vamsa vicheda yoga.

A client wished to know whether the time would be ripe for adoption since he had no issues. On going through the birth chart, I noticed that not only the 5th house was strong in both the charts (of the husband and the wife) but also the running period was conducive for conception. Instead of giving them assurance that they will have a child soon, I told him that they should not adopt a child for the next couple of years. Within a year they were blessed with a child.

Another way of determining whether conception could take place is by casting a chart at the time of the raised. A prasna chart has to be given the same treatment as a natal chart. As a rule only one query should be answered using a prasna chart. The Ashtakavaraga chart too can throw enough light on issues related to conception.

Assisted modes can be adopted if

  • The 5th house comes under benefic influences and the 5th lord is strong,
  • The lagna and 5th lords are related to each other,
  • Jupiter is well placed,
  • Sufficient number of bindus are there in the 5th house in Ashtakavarga chart,
  • Dasas and bhuktis conducive to conception are in progress.

If yoga for childbirth exists but hindrances or obstacles are foreseen then it is a clear indication that “Purushakara” (human effort) rather than “Daiva” (destiny) can give the gift of a child to the native. In such cases assisted reproductive techniques may be suggested.

Astrology is not a science of fatalism. For instance “Muhurtha” as a science, makes Man on a par with God, because whatever can happen due to time of birth (which solely rests on God’s will) can be made to happen by choosing an auspicious Muhurtha. But the silent catch in this theory is that even an auspicious Muhurtha gets fixed and acted upon only under a higher energy. As is rightly said, not even a blade of grass moves in this world unless ordained by that higher power.

If the whole process of IVF is started under an auspicious Muhurtha, it can only give beneficial results. This is one of the major areas where people who are involved in this technology, need to focus upon. A prasna chart can determine chances of pregnancy. If the “chance” could be expressed as a percentage, then those whose chances are below 50%, may be dissuaded from resorting to such expensive and time consuming measures.

The birth charts of the couple may be assessed to find out whether prospects for children exists. If yes, then these methods could be suggested. If not, they may be advised not to brood over this but focus on other good areas in their life and derive satisfaction out of that.

"Assisted Technology" in producing children is one area where Astrology could prove to be a boon. Even in an advanced and well developed country like Canada, the average pregnancy rate reported in IVF may be just about 35%. Now the question is, which 35% is likely to succeed? Astrology as a science can help identify the unsuccessful 65% and assist them in employing their time, money and energy for better use.