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How Moon Impacts Human Body?

There is a theory named “Hollow Moon” and it says the Moon was placed in the skies by the super intelligent beings to manipulate human minds and it is not a natural heavenly body.  According to this theory, Moon is there to control our minds. It is not a proven fact, but the truth is that Moon has a connection with our mind. In astrology Moon indicates emotions, mind, and peace. A negative aspect to the Moon in astrology chart indicates a troubled mind. According to astrological rules, Moon surely has a connection to the mind.

Does it influence the body as well? This is an interesting topic. Moon’s connection to various physical issues is been researched over the years.

Moon, even though a male figure in Vedic texts is seen as a female planet in astrology. So, it is connected to various elements which are predominant in females. Even though none of them are proved fully by anyone, there are a lot of studies going on Moon’s influence on a physical level. It will be not right to say with full conviction, but, there are certain factors which connected Moon’s energy to the human mind and body.

Ancient Hindu texts say the first of three layers of the body,   is a product of Earth and the qualities of which is defined by the nine planets. Of these two the Moon and Sun play is important. 

Moon’s energy is thought to have a direct connection with the menstrual cycle. The term “menses” come from Latin and Greek words meaning month (menses) and moon (mene). In ancient civilizations, menstrual cycles are seen as a big event and there are some civilizations that drew calendar according to the menstrual cycles.

A natural force attracts the human body is known as a zeitgeber. 

Indians like the Moon more than the sun. All Hindu religious festivals are connected with the Moon phases.

There was an experiment done by the Switzerland's University of Basel conducted research regarding the Moon impact on sleep. They made few people who were unaware of this experiment and made them sleep in the dark room in a 3, 5 day including the full moon day. They were 33 in number. Their subject was “Lunar Influence in the Sleep”.  They found remarkable changes in the sleeping pattern during the full moon day.

What they noticed is a decrease in the sleep which is not that healthy for a human body. The conclusion is that lunar rhythm can impact the sleeping pattern of a human being.

There is an increased interest regarding the blue moon, super moon and red moon these days. Even the immediate days after the wedding are also known as honeymoon days.

Those who work closely with emergencies like emergency room (ER) personnel, fire-fighters, paramedics and police officers, they will share many stories regarding emergency with a full moon connection.

There are known stories for breathing problem connected with full moons. Yet, there is no such clear evidence for the impact of Moon on the human body.

Maybe in the ancient days, humans were exposed to natural light, but nowadays we are more exposed to artificial light.

According to the  Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research, our heart beats more during the New and full moon days, especially when we are working out. The heart pumps blood and Moon raises the fluid activity in our body. Moon is also connected with fertility as well.

Few Dutch types of research have proved that fluid activity increases brain activity and it may make people unstable and think in crazy ways.

Journal of Urology says that Kidney issues can be increased during the full moon phase. More patients are admitted due to urological reasons during the full moon phase.

There is proof that the childbirth rate is more during the full moon days.

The impact of Moon on the body is yet to be proved and that should be done. All the ancient beliefs show how close they were with nature.