Banking and finance as a career for Sagittarius moon sign

Finance is one of the most promising career fields with numerous opportunities like money managing, insurance, corporate finance, and banking services. Find out for yourself as a Sagittarius native, if you have, what it takes to be successful as a finance and banking professional in your career.

Banking and finance as a career for Sagittarius moon sign


A career in finance is one of the most sought after career opportunities. There will always be demand for financial analyst and banking sector workers, no matter how much the economy of a country may falter. It is also a very challenging career, as it requires skillsets and deep-set professional values. Let us see if you have it in you as a Sagittarius native to be a successful in the banking and finance sector.

Traits of Sagittarius moon sign for a career in banking and finance:

The hallmark of a Sagittarius native is their wisdom, patience, enthusiasm, vitality, and vigor. They are ambitious and self-confident to the extent of battling any situation with courage and fortitude. On the hind side, a Sagittarius native can sometimes be too righteous and impatient to create and maintain strong work ties and professional maturity. You are in fact, not considered quite effective in leadership roles for the very reason.

  • Ruled by Jupiter, their intelligence and detail-orientation makes them a good fit for a career in banking and finance.
  • You are target-oriented and believe in time bound services. It makes you do well in highly competitive and well-regulated field of financial services.
  • You crave independence and freedom in your profession, a job that requires use of physical strength or intellectual competencies. The varied and ever expanding horizons of banking and financial services sector offers you scope to prove your resourcefulness.
  • Since you prosper on flexibility and liberation, roles such as sales, marketing, customer service, financial advisory and loan or debt counselling will be quite compelling for you in the banking and finance sector.
  • You have an eye for detail and are proficient in any monetary dealings. Sagittarius native will be competent in dealing with money-related transactions and other banking operations, which involve direct involvement with finances or cash.

So, to find out if you can make it big in the banking and financial domain, a careful look at the placement of certain key planets in your natal chart is required. These planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Moon, and Mercury.

What are the unique planetary combinations and houses required for a favourable banking and finance career?

Apart from your innate qualities, which are of course extremely important, the position of planets and houses in your horoscope plays a very important role in shaping your career as a banking and financial expert. The placements of different houses for a successful finance career are as follows:

  • Strength of 2nd and 11th house (income source)
  • Strong moon (signifies prosperity)
  • Higher education prospects
  • Foreign connection
  • Strong 4th house (for people and masses)

Jupiter’s influence will help you pursue the right education in the right manner to be able to become eligible for selection in the banking and finance domain.

  • Jupiter is the lord of the 1st and 4th house and aspect on career house. This placement gives good basic education in the banking and finance domain.
  • It also makes the native intelligent and gives them all the critical abilities required for public dealing and detailed study of the subject matter.
  • If Jupiter occupies or aspects the lord of the 2nd or 11th house and Venus and Mercury are together and strong, then it guarantees success in the banking and finance domain.

Saturn’s favorable placement in your birth chart helps you develop a natural affinity to take up a steady and meticulous field of education and work.

  • Saturn as the lord of money house, i.e. the 2nd house has an aspect on the 4th house, which signifies native’s ability to opt for comprehensive study field like commerce and accounts.
  • Saturn as the lord of the 3rd house indicates fruitful short travels which is required in the sector like banking and finance.
  • If Saturn is placed in 3rd house, in own sign and aspect over the 5th house, you can have excellent opportunities in roles that involve public dealing.
  • If Saturn is placed in 3rd house, in own sign and aspect over the 9th house, it offers good prospects for higher education.
  • If Saturn is placed in 3rd house, in own sign and aspect over the 12th house, you can very well go to abroad for higher studies.
  • If Saturn occupies 2nd or 9th house in your birth chart and receives aspect of Jupiter and Mercury, it signifies that you will earn your livelihood from a career in banking and finance sector.

Mars represents the courageous, passionate, and disciplined nature of the native.

  • In relation to career in banking for Sagittarius, its placement divulges the talent and capability of the native to excel in the said field.
  • Mars is the lord of 5th and 12th house for a Sagittarius ascendant. This placement makes them action-oriented and proficient in public dealing.
  • Both these traits are high in demand in the banking and financial services sector, as that is how most the profiles in this sector operate.
  • If Mars is placed in the 9th house it guarantees long travel related to work and education.
  • If Mars makes any kind of association with your 10th or 12th house you have a fair chance of having a successful career abroad.

Moon’s favorable placement makes you diligent towards your work.

  • The placement of moon in the natal chart of Sagittarius native makes them have an insightful approach towards work, thus aiding their success in banking operations and financial services roles.
  • Moon as the lord of the 4th house gives the Sagittarius ascendant the gift of good speech and inventive intellect.
  • It makes them succeed when working in departments that require in-depth examination and analysis of financial transactions.
  • If Moon is placed in the 6th house and make an association with the 11th house lord Venus, the Sagittarius native will be competent in dealing with money-related transactions and other banking operations, which involve direct involvement with finances or cash.

Mercury influences the valor and capability of a Sagittarius native to boost their prospects of doing well in a highly demanding field of banking and finance.

  • Mercury as the lord of 7th and 10th house touches upon the inclinations, education prospects, knowledge, strength, and skills of a Sagittarius ascendant.
  • If Mercury is placed in the 6th house of a Sagittarius native, their focus and devotion towards their profession is enhanced. It highlights all the qualities related with wisdom, education, patience, and strength to favor immense success of the Sagittarius ascendant in the area of banking and finance.
  • This placement favors the progression of Sagittarius native in the banking and finance sector, where they are likely to hold high ranks and positions of authority.

If you are born in the rising of Sagittarius or if you are born in the Sagittarius moon sign, you will thrive in any occupation, no matter what it is, with your strength and zeal. However, any profile that demands travel, fieldwork or remote work opportunity, you will be able to do even better in that.

But, you will be surprised to know that many banks and financial institutes are in fact experimenting with remote work opportunities in traditional roles, too. Here, they are leveraging technology for utilizing benefits of telecommuting, videoconferencing, virtual private networks, and paperless workflows to provide a larger scope for better career opportunities to the new workforce generation. So, you just need to open your eyes and mind to catch that opportunity that best suits you.

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