Astrological Suggestions for Buying or Renting New House

We spend a considerable time in a house, if not a lifetime. And since, a house is a peace haven, you must choose correctly before you rent or buy a place. The vibe of the house will change the course of your life and thus you need to be very careful. Follow more for some important astrological suggestions before you buy or rent a house.

Astrological Suggestions for Buying or Renting New House


As a primary need for every human being, a shelter is a must. With more affluence, people build better and bigger houses. But whether small or big, what makes any house, a home, is the people living together in harmony with dedication, patience and affection.

Mutual understanding and love make home what it is – a heaven on earth, your comfort zone. All of us aspire to stay in a house [rented or our own] which will bless us with peace and prosperity.

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There are some important things which you must consider before buying or renting a house. They are as follows:

  • Planetary combination in chart responsible for buying or renting house.

Saturn - Significance of property

Mars - Signifies immovable property

Venus - Signifies a beautiful house

Jupiter - Gives promise to have a big house

  • Houses in your chart responsible for buying or renting house.

1st House (ascendant) is related to self

4th house is associated with property/real estate

2nd house relates to immovable and movable property such ad ancestral properties

11th house is for any type of gains and having or owing a house is considered as a gain

  • Dasha (period) of planets also plays an important role in buying or renting your house. Your running Dasha could determine the exact time to purchase or shift your house. Deals can be fixed based on the main and sub period of planets (Dasha and antar dasha). Main period or sub-period of the 4th house lord or the planet is posited in 4th
  • Planetary transit is another important factor for purchasing or renting house. Planet’s position and Dasha makes the combination and transit capable to deliver the promise to purchase your house or renting house. Saturn, Mars, Venus, and combination of 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 11th house/lord gives the promise of house, both for buying or on rent.
  • Direction of the property/house- Before purchasing or renting any house, check the proper direction of the house or facing of house. For example, East facing house is always to be good for family members. Proper sunlight should reach each corner of the house, which is another important factor.
  • Vastu of House - If Vastu of house is afflicted or not proper then the residents of that house may suffer physically as well as mentally. It brings loss of health and wealth.
  • Muhurta (Auspicious time) to finalize the deal or for entering in new house - Muhurta is another important factor for purchasing a house or renting it. If you fixed the deal in an inauspicious time or muhurta, your deal may not be fruitful and some or the other problem could arise one by one.
  • Remedies to break the blockage for buying or renting house - There are few remedies which can remove blockages from your way to purchase new house. Sometimes you may feel that something is going wrong at the last moment, this type problems can be removed with some remedies.
  • Rituals - After taking possession of house, you must follow proper rituals to purify the house and to remove all negativity from that place. You need to have knowledge of auspicious moments for this ritual too.

All the above-mentioned points are most important to consider while buying or renting a house. If you follow or consider them all, it will surely reduce your exercise or exertion while planning for a house.

Preferences for Buying or Renting a House Based on your Zodiac Sign:

ARIES: Proximity to open places

Aries are action-oriented and competitive natives by nature, but they love open spaces and fireplaces. The Aries natives tend to love fitness and exercise, so a home gym or close proximity to parks and outdoor spaces will make a quick way into their hearts.

TAURUS: Luxury living

Taurus natives love luxury living but they’ll want a home with the most amenities for their money with long-term value. Patient people under this sign will take their quality time to find the “right” place rather than impulsively jumping to purchase or renting a house.

GEMINI: Hustle and bustle of the city

Gemini sign is a curious sign that needs constant stimulation, and they prefer a house which is in the city where there is constant action, and they will go for dwellings that are ready to move in.

CANCER: Walk in closets and good vibes

Home and family life are of primary importance to Cancer natives. A big kitchen where everyone can regularly gather will appeal to this sensitive sign. Lots of closets and cupboards are liked by them to store their mementos. Their housing decision is based on their intuition of the place which gives out a positive feeling.

LEO: Luxurious and Opulent Penthouses

Leo has extravagant tastes. So, the attraction of luxurious accommodations will be on the Leo priority list and open spaces for activities that will draw their attention.

VIRGO: Green Corridor and open spaces

Virgo natives are very practical and efficient sign and they will always prefer to live in the optimal sized space related to their requirements. But they will lay more emphasis on the organization of homes that offers “green” amenities such as solar power and natural materials as Virgo is an earth sign.

LIBRA: Aesthetic and Good location

Libra will love to have a beautiful house with adequate space and lot of amenities for entertaining as they are romantic and more social beings by nature.

SCORPIO: Private and Nature surrounded

Scorpio crave for privacy so soundproof spaces and houses surrounded by thick shrubs or trees will attract their attention fast.

SAGITTARIUS: Space and Minimalist Outlook

Sagittarius is an adventurous sign who loves to take risks with real estate choices, like moving into a neighborhood that’s on the cusp of development so that they can generate more space in their house with their money.

CAPRICORNS: Well-established posh locality

Capricorns love to have their house in the well-established area of town and are attracted to old-money-type dwellings made of brick or stone or luxury high apartments that make their status look grander.

AQUARIUS: Open spaces and Advanced Designs

Aquarius are innovative sign with their own set patterns, and they love spaces that are highly inventive and technologically inclined. These souls tend to be attracted to dwellings with innovative features or advanced designs.

PISCES: Creative corners and plenty sunlight

Pisces have more of an emotional bonding with the house and will overlook flaws of the house as their concern is more on the emotional level rather than the physical space of the house.