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Doctor as a profession for Leo moon sign

Medical profession is one of the most revered and sought after career option. As a Leo native, do you think you have what it takes to be become a successful specialist doctor? To find out, read more…


Looking at the contemporary world, doctors are the frontline warriors, relentlessly fighting the global pandemic. They are the heart and soul of the nation. However, it takes discipline, aptitude, and hard work in order to be a successful doctor, committed to saving lives. This profession is not for everyone. As a Leo native, find out how much the medical profession suits you, astrologically.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo ascendants are born leaders, independent, charismatic and confident. A Leo native usually thrives in the positions of power. They are also goal-oriented and competitive. They are quite methodical and can plan and execute things with ease without wasting much time.

Leo moon sign traits that make you a good doctor:

  • You are ambitious with a lot of competitive spirit.To become a doctor you need it both. If you are not ambitious enough you will not have the desire to take on the highly complex and intricate task of becoming a doctor.
  • You have the natural affinity for independence and to lead.This is something, which is required of effective doctors. The success of a doctor depends on how well they treat their patients in a time sensitive manner.
  • You are rigid but not unreasonable.This trait is essential for doctors, as they cannot operate on vagueness, so some level of rigidity in opinion and action is required.
  • You are charismatic and confident. These qualities of yours make you approachable and you are able to gain the trust of the patient and their family.
  • You have great persuasive powers and your personality. You have a captivating and a self-assured quality in your speech, which is essential for doctors to pacify critical patients during times of crisis.

Besides your innate character, there are certain astrological combinations and placements, which are critical in having a successful career as a doctor.

What are the astrological planets and houses that play a key role in the medical professional horoscope?

  • Strength and connection of your 6thand 10th house, 5th and 4th houses
  • The placement and influence of Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and Mars in your birth chart, which brings possibilities of good basic education, higher education and foreign travel, to ascertain long-term success in the field of medical science.
  • If Sun and Mars are placed in the 10thhouse of their birth chart, Leo native can become good doctors.
  • Sun in conjunction or trine with Mars or having an aspect of Jupiter can give successful career prospects in medical science.
  • For those interested in becoming good surgeons, you need to have a good placement of Sun and Mars in the Scorpio sign in the 1st
  • Your 6th house signifies disease, healing and employment or career.
  • For Leo moon sign, Saturn rules this house. If this house connects well with Mars or Jupiter in your natal chart, there are high chances of you taking up a career in medical field.

What are the medical specializations that a Leo ascendant should opt for?

  • If your Mars is placed in the 4thhouse and makes some connection with Jupiter, it can give successful career in treating chronic or prolonged diseases.
  • If the Sun is placed in your 9thhouse and makes any relation with Jupiter or Mars, you can become a renowned surgeon.
  • Saturn in your 3rdhouse gives you a successful stint as a medical representative.
  • Mercury in relation with Saturn or Jupiter and placed in your 3rdhouse blesses you with a successful career in pharmacy.
  • Saturn or Jupiter’s relationship with your 7thhouse and Ketu gives you the ability and skills to treat patients with sexual disorders.
  • When Jupiter or Venus connects with your 8thhouse you can do well in the study of plastic and cosmetic surgery.
  • When Jupiter, Venus or Saturn connect with the 6thor 8thhouse and if any these planets make an association with a Ketu, the native will succeed in the field of microbiology and leprosy.
  • When Venus, Saturn or Mars make an association with the 8thhouse, it is considered a favorable placement for gynecologists.
  • When Jupiter and Rahu connect with the 6thor 12thhouse, a Leo native can be a successful psychologist or have the talent to treat patients with neurological or mental disorders.
  • When Rahu conjuncts with Mars, the native can have a fruitful career in manufacturing of medical devices and equipment.

What role does the placement of Sun play in a Leo’s medical prosperity?

Ownership of Sun makes you a natural healer, letting you prosper in the profession of a doctor.

According to Vedic Astrology, the three nakshatras of Sun, namely – Kritika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha, play a vital role in identifying the medical specialization that will be the most favorable for a Leo ascendant.

  • When Mars has an association with Kritika nakshatra along with Jupiter and Mercury in this connect, there is a high likelihood of you becoming a successful surgeon.
  • If Mars, Jupiter, or Mercury is involved in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra, a Leo ascendant is blessed with the divine healing powers.
  • A Leo ascendant is considered to have the god’s gift in healing and therapeutic fields when Saturn, Mars, or Jupiter makes a liaison with the Uttara Ashadha nakshatra of the Sun.

Besides this, the strength that you derive from the favorable placement of Sun in your natal chart bestows you with the courage to take on the life challenges with ease and do well in your professional endeavors.

What are the significant planetary or astrological combinations for success in medical profession, for Leo?

Sun is not the only planet, which defines your area of expertise. There is more to it.

For you to become a successful doctor, the role of other planets such as Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and also Rahu and Ketu are considerably important.

  • A strong 6thhouse (which is ruled by Saturn for Leo ascendant) and a well-placed Jupiter in your natal chart is essential to crack the common entrance test for admission to medical science courses.
  • Association of Mars or Jupiter with your 12thhouse increases your chances receiving education in the field of medical science from a foreign university.
  • In case your Mars is debilitated but your Jupiter is strong, you can still make it to medical science colleges, even if you do not fare too well in your entrance exams.
  • Jupiter is the owner of the 5thhouse and signifies intelligence and Venus is the ruler of 10th house, signifying career.
  • If Jupiter or Venus connects with the 6thhouse it gives the native a natural liking towards daily or routine jobs, which is critical for a profession like of a doctor.
  • If Rahu is in Mars (specifically Chitra Nakshatra), which is in the 3rdhouse for a Leo native, the person will have a high probability of becoming a prominent innovator in the field of medical sciences.
  • A good connection of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter in the natal chart of a Leo ascendant signifies likelihood of long and short travels. If Mercury is also involved in this, it guarantees gain from travel related to medical field.
  • Mercury is exalted in 2ndhouse, and if it makes any connection with Mars or Jupiter, research related roles in medical science can be very rewarding for you. This placement is also favorable for those who own hospitals or chain of specialized clinics.

While this gives you can overview of how effective you can be as a doctor. You need an in-depth analysis of your birth chart to accurately predict the best career choice for you. To get an exclusive and detailed copy of your horoscope click here.