Engineer's Day – What does your sign say about you as an engineer

Acknowledging the contributions and role of engineers in our lives, this day is observed each year on the birth anniversary of India’s first engineer. Curious to find out what kind of engineer you will be? We have the answers for you, based on your zodiac moon sign. Find out more…

Engineer's Day – What does your sign say about you as an engineer

In India, 15th September is celebrated as Engineer’s Day as a tribute to the greatest Indian engineer and Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagund Vishweshvaraya, popularly known as Sir MV. Visvesvaraya. He was born on September 15, 1861 in Karnataka to very well-known Sanskrit scholar parents. He studied civil engineering and was the Chief Engineer of Krishna Raja Sagara dam in the north-west suburb of Mysuru city, and also served as one of Chief Engineers of the flood protection system for the city Hyderabad. He was instrumental in the founding of Government Engineering College at Bangalore in 1917, one of the first engineering institutes in India. The institution was later named University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering.

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On this day, the contribution of the greatest and the first engineer of India is celebrated and paid tribute to. Not just him, engineering as a profession is noble and needless to say difficult. It is not for everyone. But whether you are born to be an engineer with sound scientific and technical knowledge depends a lot on the positioning of your stars and planet. We bring to you here the kind of engineer that you will be depending on your zodiac moon sign.

Type of Engineer you are, based on your zodiac sign:

  1. Aries

As an Aries, you are energetic, lively and passionate about your work. You are a natural born leader who has the grit and determination to make it big in life. You are a go-getter but you get easily frustrated if your goals are not met instantly. You strive for excellence but at the same time, you get quite bored of the monotony too. You have many innovative ideas but you lack the discipline to see it through. You are often impulsive and can leave any project midway if you are convinced that it is not yielding proper results. In the long run, you tend to move away from core engineering towards the management side of things. You excel better as project managers, leading a team of engineers rather than being one.

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  1. Taurus

You are known for your reliability, responsibility and endurance. You have great strength and will power, which makes you a very good engineer. You are not fond of change and take your role as an engineer very seriously. Your discipline and integrity makes you a hard worker, who will go to any extent to accomplish his goals. You are calm, patient and diligent. Intelligence and hard work goes hand in hand for you making you one of the best zodiac signs who can be a good engineer.

  1. Gemini

You are intelligent and adaptive. What makes you a good engineer is your thirst for knowledge and curiosity to do good work. However, you are quite impatient and cannot stick to one project for long. You have the affinity of taking up multiple projects together and end up being a jack of all trades but master of none. More than core engineering, you are better at speaking and sharing your thoughts. You are a problem solver with great intellectual insights. Your knowledge about different subjects comes handy while you are at your engineering work.

  1. Cancer

You are kind, sympathetic and patient. You are extremely loyal and passionate about the work you do. Even though your aptitude towards engineering may be low because of the subject and the work being very mechanical, you still do a great job, being the diligent worker that you are. You are more inclined towards softer professions which upholds your empathetic and emotional yet creative side. You are very intuitive and can read people very well. However, these skill sets make you a good worker but have no direct link to the engineering field.

  1. Leo

You are fiery, passionate and full of life. You are warm and cheerful and at the same time, you are target oriented. You have a technical bent of mind. You are intelligent and brave. You often take up difficult projects and can execute them with ease. You like to try new things and do not fear the unknown. You are ambitious and enthusiastic and also quite social. Working along with you is quite a pleasure since you are a fantastic leader. You are quite effective in influencing people and that makes you a good engineer.

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  1. Virgo

You are practical, methodical and reliant. You love to gather information and often put it to use. Not just in theory, you like to implement things in real life and test their feasibility. You are highly organized but also critical. You are an excellent worker with a penchant for mechanical things. These attributes of yours make you a great engineer. However, you are quite self-critical and introverted. You like to work alone rather than in a team. You are calm and cautious and have a positive traditional approach to solving your problems.

  1. Libra

You are a great team player. You work best in partnership. You are quite easy going and social. You make friends easily and can incorporate activities as a group. You are neither a leader nor someone who likes to take orders. Best described, you are a collaborator. This quality of yours makes you an average engineer since you are not known to step up and take the lead. You are more inclined towards creative, aesthetic professions rather than mechanical ones. However, if you choose to become an engineer, you will be a rather good one since you never leave any work undone and always make sure to do good work.

  1. Scorpio

You love new challenges and nothing makes you afraid. You prefer situations and professions where you will be faced with new problems each day. You like the thrill and adventure and have the quest in you to take the road not taken. This makes you a mighty good engineer, who will come up with brilliant solutions to tough situations. You are passionate and energetic, which makes you a very hard worker. You are also dependable and persistent and are known to accomplish whatever goals and targets you set for yourself.

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  1. Sagittarius

You are straightforward and easy-going. You like to breeze through life. You are independent and love your freedom. Any kind of restrictions bum you out. You love to experiment and dislike the monotony of life. You do not make a very good engineer since this profession does not involve much mobility or travel. You are hard to pin down and best suited for you are to become engineer entrepreneurs and research scientists. You are not a planner and are quite spontaneous. You are a risk taker and do not like to be tied down.

  1. Capricorn

You are extremely ambitious, motivated and dedicated. You are quite a workaholic and genuinely have interest in your work. You are diligent, hardworking individual who is intelligent and methodical. You are also very patient and do not leave until you have completed the project that you have undertaken. You reign a tight ship. You are a strict leader and follow traditional approaches to solve any problem. You are well respected and admired for your dedication. You have a certain loyalty towards your profession and can manage all the mechanical and methodical work with panache which is what makes you a good engineer.

  1. Aquarius

You are a genius when it comes to technology. Your curiosity for technical stuff and your interest towards gadgets and mathematics, make you a very good engineer. You often discard the traditional approach and try new innovative ways to solve the problem. You have a very progressive attitude towards life and your work and often quirky ways to look at a problem. Thinking out of the box is something you are adept at. With your love for technology and innovative free thinking and the zest for work, you make a mighty good engineer.

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  1. Pisces

You are empathetic and open-minded. You are intuitive to the core. At the same time, you are extremely drawn to creativity, aesthetic and artistic professions. You are a dreamer and an artist in your own accord. You have great imaginative powers and therefore you are more prone to take up creative career options rather than being an engineer. You are spontaneous and insightful and have a great sixth sense. If you choose to become an engineer, you are known for your sensitivity and empathy. You work well in a team and maintain the decorum within the group.