Career & Astrology

This article discusses the dynamics of 10th house in the horoscope and how it affects career, while also dealing with the reasons behind the delay in getting started.

Career & Astrology


For some people, they don’t get a steady growth in their career. Their struggles are lifelong and that may lead to long frustration. For others, there are breaks in career. There are people who often lag in getting promotions.

Career & Astrology

The primary house for a career is the tenth house. The first, second, fifth, sixth, seventh and eleventh house is also career houses on a secondary level. If you have to have a productive career, then your tenth house has enough strength. The planet ruling the house also should have enough positive influence.

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Lagna or the rising sign also has a great role in giving the persona a great career. The lagna shows the strength and the person should be strong enough to take up responsibilities and perform well. Despite the time, only who survives is the fittest. So, the person should have good grasping power to understand his responsibilities properly. With that, his education also should be strong. These days many are following their passion like acting, painting, modeling and there are so many areas where people see as passion. Yet, everything is being professionalized, so all are learning these skills in a professional manner too. So, the lagna should be strong to learn all these in a professional manner.

There are people who like to have businesses. If the business has to be strong, he should have a strong personality. His third house of communication, intellectual capacity, courage, own ventures, and analytical capability must be strong. Then only the person will be capable to take mature decisions. There will be many moments where he has to take quick decisions. For that, he should have good analytical power. Otherwise, he may get into wrong deals and thus losses. He should have good communication skills to get the deal to happen. Along with that, he should have a good eleventh house because it shows profits.

The tenth house of career is the most important career house. The person should choose the right domain to be productive. The planet with the second highest degree is known as Amatyakaraka and that will show you the most profitable domain. Then the planet which rules the tenth house also will show what career you have to take up.

Reasons for delay in the job?

The planet which rules your career says everything about it. Mostly, you get into a job during the Mahadasa and antar dasa of this planet. If this planet is in a retrograde and debilitated mode without any beneficial aspects, then there can be a natural delay in starting or getting a prosperous career. Every antardasa of this planet may bring some hurdles in a steady job if the planets do not have a beneficial aspect. So, when the planet rules your tenth house has some negative impact, then there are chances for getting a solid career. That doesn’t indicate a zero career too.

Saturn is the planet of Karma. In astrology, Saturn is seen as a negative planet, but it rules two houses which are the most auspicious ones in the natural astrology chart. In a natural zodiac wheel, Saturn rules the tenth and eleventh houses. So, whichever lagna you are, you will have a natural influence of Saturn in these houses. Saturn should be in good condition to have a strong career. A debilitated and retrograde Saturn shows some hindrances. If you have Saturn in a complex mode, then you have to go an extra mile in having a strong personality and you must equip yourself with enough skill set.

If the planet which rules your tenth house is in the eleventh house, then that is a great indication, if the planet is not retrograde or debilitated. The tenth house indicates career and the eleventh house indicates profits. So, when the planet shows your career is in the house of profits then you have to really work hard to make profits. If the planet rules your profits is in the house for career, then it is a blessing from the universe that, you may convert your efforts into profits. If these planets are not in a complex mode.

Everyone has to go through ups and downs in their life. There is a case study where the person had a high paid government job, but he resigned the job and started own business. Within no time he lost everything he had. Our birth chart shows the promises, we have to go through. There are pains and pleasures in our account. There are times for highs and lows in career. Still, we must keep trying to empower us to use the next available opportunity.