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Understanding the Elements of Astrology

Element is one of the ways in which the twelve zodiac signs can be classified into. Each set of element has three zodiac signs in it. The major traits that we read about these zodiacs are basically derived from this parameter.

Understanding the Elements of Astrology


Fire signs in love

Fiery signs have abundant passion and energy stored in them and they make their own decisions. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius belong to this set of elements.

Fire signs are always very quick and the first ones to initiate in the matters of love, however they definitely take longer than usual to commit.

If you are lucky enough to fall in love with a fire sign, you will understand the real meaning of love and romance. The natives born under fire element have a different idea of love in their mind. You will receive tons of love and romantic affection from the fire signs.

The fiery nature of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs make them act in spontaneous ways and their actions are mostly motivated by instincts. Thus, you will never get bored of these three signs.

Never doubt their actions, as they do not believe in faking at all. Whatever they do they do, they do it with all their heart. The natives belonging to the set of fire signs are very straightforward in love. Their actions speak louder than their words. Their nonverbal cues let you know if they are interested in you. They do not feel shy in putting forward their desires and they are also very indulgent in sensual pleasures. Fiery signs do not understand the concept of pretentious behavior.

  1. Aries as a Fiery sign in love

Aries being a fiery sign are very upfront about things. They take the first step willingly.

Aries the front-runner does not accept the push and make decisions based on how things make them feel. They will commit themselves to someone only if they want to.

Aries will try to find out ways of having fun along with romance. Sagittarius will try to make things adventurous for you.

  1. Leo as a Fiery sign in love

Leos flirt in their own grand style. Leo being a fixed fiery sign can somehow stay committed but only on a condition, that due attention is given to them.

You must have seen Rom-Coms where the actor woos his lover in a complete filmy manner. That is like our Royal Leo, who will put his heart and soul into you and will choose a grand style to express their love feelings.

  1. Sagittarius as a Fiery sign in love

Sagittarius natives take you on the path to a memorable adventure.

Sagittarius natives love their freedom and hence do not commit themselves to someone very easily. However, if you give them adequate time and space, they can prove to be the best partners.

  1. What it is like breaking up with a Fiery sign?

For fiery signs, breakup is not a big deal. They always let go off people and memories that trouble them.
Since Aries are likely to have many options lined up, they get over a breakup fast and move on in life.

Sagittarius loves their freedom and personal space so much that they are very happy to welcome it back after a breakup.

Leos, however could linger on for a while as they take it on their ego but they will eventually leave the past behind.

One should always remember that cheating these signs will not be a good idea as they are not so generous in forgiving. If you ever cheat them, you must be ready to face the burns a fire can cause.


Earth signs in love

Earth signs being very practical, pragmatic, and down to earth, believe in serious relationships. They do not understand the concept of Pastime relationships.

The natives belonging to this set of elements enjoy the feeling of falling in love. Thus, casual dating or flirting around is out of league for these signs. They take their own time to check the chemistry and compatibility before committing himself or herself to anyone.

Once these signs get into any relationship, they would be the first ones to commit. They love stability and hence are never scared of getting into commitments. Relationship security is essential for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs. Hence, if they are not sure about a person, they do not take a second to call off that relationship.

Practical and sober attitude of the earth signs can be felt in the way they treat their partners. Too much showoff or drama is not their cup of tea. They believe in making the other person feel loved and appreciated through their gestures and some special activities.

For Taurus and Virgo signs, unrealistic words and ideas are futile and they consider only the reality at ground level as authentic. For Capricorns, pragmatic persistent approach is the most important thing in a love relationship.

One may find earth signs bit cold in terms of passion. However, it is only until the time they are friends with you. Once, they commit themselves to you, they become indulged in romantic and sensual pleasures.

  1. Taurus as an Earthy sign

Taurus being a fixed sign believes in doing deep thinking and analysis before making the final call. They use all the parameters to check their compatibility and understanding with a person and if all the parameters are fulfilled, they will commit themselves to that one person for life.

Taurus is one of the most loyal and trustworthy signs of the zodiac. However, they can sometimes be paranoid about their loyalty. Do not even think of flirting with a Taurus native who is in a serious relationship with someone else.

  1. Virgo as an Earthy sign in love

Virgos have a very practical approach to life. They are not proactive when it comes to love and thus wait for the other person to take the first step. Virgos would want an assurance and participation from the partner.

  1. Capricorn as an Earthy sign in love

Capricorn the sign of order and discipline is one of the most emotionally stable signs of the zodiac. They are not afraid of committing themselves to a person. However, they do have a checklist to ensure they are choosing the right partner. Capricorns believe that a relationship needs 100% efforts on both sides to succeed.

  1. What it is like breaking up with an Earthy sign?

It is very hard for them to breakup with their partner. Being the loyal partners, they take the longest time to get over someone. Even though they will have the toughest time with the heartbreak, yet they will never openly show their feelings/emotions. However, Taurus natives might not be able to hide their emotions for long, which may cause sudden angry outbursts. Virgos tend to become anxious after a breakup. Capricorn pretends to be okay when they are not okay.


Air signs in love

The airy signs represent mental and social inclinations. They tend to be of talkative nature. These people are communicative, quick-witted and adaptable. The signs belonging to this set of elements are Gemini Libra and Aquarius. They are likely to make the first move in life. These signs enjoy the act of flirting.

Exceptionally good in interpersonal skills, air signs are the natural charmers who make connections very fast. Apart from this, they love being a good conversationalist. They would spend hours with you on the phone and cherish the intellectual stimulation. Logic-driven airy signs are very adaptable in nature. For these signs, intellectual compatibility is more important than anything else.

Airy signs fantasize about love and romance. They want the other person to get down on their knees. Their verbal cues let you know that they are interested in you. The natives belonging to the set of airy signs will make you feel loved and appreciated in their own ways, by signing a song for you or sending across love letters. If you are in a relationship with Gemini, Libra or Aquarius sign, your whats app notifications will be all about love you’s and cute little messages that will make your day.

If you ever get a chance to go on a date with any of these signs, consider yourself as a lucky soul! Remember that the best conversations are over a cup of tea of coffee with them.

If we talk about sensual indulgence, they love getting romantic and dirty on a phone call or whatsapp chat. Sexual prowess tends to come naturally to these three signs- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These signs can blow your mind in bed, winks Indastro.

Mental and psychological stimulation is must for these signs and it is particularly important for them to have the best foreplay.
For them, physical satisfaction is not enough. You need to be intelligent enough to satisfy them mentally to create the heat.

  1. Gemini as an Airy sign in love

Gemini as an airy sign is known for its curiosity. They do not take life seriously and act childish at times. Gemini being a dual sign will keep on hopping from one person to another till the time they find a highly compatible partner. Once they find someone who matches their mental outlook, they will commit themselves to that person for life.

  1. Libra as an Airy sign in love

Libras tend to be well-rounded and sophisticated people. They make their partner comfortable and at ease. If a Libra puts his/her heart and soul into a person, they will expect the same level of commitment from the other side as well.

  1. Aquarius as an Airy sign in love

Aquarius being mysterious will help their partners gain a new perspective to look at the world in a different manner. Aquarius prefers to be in an unconventional relationship where they could enjoy the perks of being in a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship/companionship.

  1. What it is like breaking up with an Airy sign?

Being intellectually strong and having logical thought process, air signs come out of a breakup quite soon. These signs tend to get over a breakup and move on in life. Once they break ties with you, they are unaffected by emotions. They generally keep a good distance from their exes. These signs might form a new relationship immediately post-breakup to get over a heartbreak. However, if they were in a serious kind of relationship, they will mourn the loss of relationship so much that they will never be able to move on in life.


Water signs in love:

Emotional and sentimental, water signs value their partner’s feelings a lot and expect the same from the other side. Feeling understood is their universal need. They are compassionate and empathetic towards their love partner. It is quite easy for them to feel attracted to someone but it is very hard to get out of it.

Water signs form a relationship that lasts a lifetime. All they need is, love, security and recognition.

Water signs are very romantic when they are in mood of expression. They discover new ways of showing love and affection. They are not afraid or ashamed of expressing their inner most feelings. They are incredibly intuitive and they can sense when you are feeling sensual or romantic.

  1. Cancer as a Watery sign in love

The natives of Cancer sign will show emotional support to their partner. Scorpio people are mysterious and secretive in their ways. It takes time and patience to get to know a Scorpio on a deeper level.

However, when they fall for someone, they can fall hard such that that they complete dedicate themselves to that person and their loyalty is unparalleled.

  1. Pisces as a Watery sign in love

Pisces natives are daydreamers and their life is full of imagination. When they are single, they tend to live in a fantasy world. The idea of love is always in their mind. Pisceans in a committed relationship are emotionally connected with their partners.

  1. Scorpio as a Watery sign in love

Scorpios are passionate lovers. For them, intimacy means a heightened level of emotional connection. Even when they are causally dating, they try to create an emotional bond with that person. They never say I love you. If they like you, they will simply come and kiss you, which is their unique way of saying “I LOVE YOU”.

  1. What it is like breaking up with a Watery sign?

Breakup is not at all easy for the water signs. In fact, they have no clue on how to get over the emotional pain.

Their emotional investment is too high and they fail badly to manage themselves after a heartbreak. Everything seems to have fallen apart in their life. The fact that they do not keep boundaries in relationship makes it all the more difficult for them to move on in life.

Pisceans lose their own identity and easy give up their freedom to build a strong bond with their lover. As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, they get into a major funk after a heartbreak. However, they have an easy time forgiving others.

After breakup, Cancer natives go into their shell and do not speak to anyone for nearly a week. Also, they have a hard time moving on in life.

Scorpions on the other hand find it very hard to forgive and forget.