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Break-Up And Virgo Man: What It Means To Him?

Sometimes, things don't go as planned in a relationship. A painful breakup can have a huge toll, even on a Virgo man. We describe to you the personality of a Virgo man to understand how he perceives a relationship. And how the breakup can have a toll on him if things go to the other direction.

Break-Up And Virgo Man: What It Means To Him?


Just in case you are looking for a mature, smart and long lasting relationship, with a sincere and sensible person full of emotions and empathy; well, then Virgo Man is what you need in your life! They actually are the right and most perfect choice for you who are truly dedicated and devoted to their partner and believe in a long-term relationship.

The highly committed and sensitive Virgo lovers have a lot to offer and get completely shattered when coming face to face with a break-up issue. It takes a lot of time for them to accept the harsh fact and move on but when they do, there’s no turning back.

In the following article, we are discussing Virgo as a Lover Boy and the various factor that lead to a break up for a Virgo Man.

Emotional and Sensitive Virgo

Virgo as a Moon Sign is extremely emotional and sensitive. If you need to get work out of a Virgo, you better do it the sweet way because Virgos are good with the dominating or rude tone of voice or action. They are known perfectionist and give a lot of attention to the trivial details. Generally, the love life of a Virgo is similar to a stable marriage as they believe in a long term relationship. This is the only reason they become extremely serious and intense in a relationship even if his partner is not at the same level as him (whether they are equally dedicated to the relationship or not).

Intensity Is A Part of His DNA Structure

Intensity as a character is a part of the genetic structure of a Virgo man. Mostly they have to face one-sided relationship or love in their life. They try to bring their best out on the table in a relationship (since they love everything perfect) not caring enough if their partner is there at the same level of commitment or not. This is also again because Virgos are a perfectionist and hence do not believe in half-hearted efforts in love or relationship.

Loyalty is the Code

Loyalty happens to be the biggest thing in the book of a Virgo Lover but unfortunately, they most often are the big losers on this front as their partners are never (in most of the cases) as loyal or committed to them as they are. In a relationship, a Virgo man is sworn to give all his and more not by promise but because that’s how he functions. He gets really heartbroken when he realizes that his partner is not as committed or loyal to him as it should be.

Perfection is the Culprit!

It is a known fact that Virgos are extremely perfectionist in nature or are rather obsessed with perfection. This at times might annoy their partners. Virgo men without knowing at times continue to nag about perfection and cleanliness to their partner which in the long run becomes a major issue for their partner which they are not able to cope up with. The constant pin-pointing and criticism (even in a gentle way) may trigger her to an extent that she may think of, or rather break-up with the perfect Virgo Man.

Expectations From The Partner To The Next Level!

One of the reasons for a Virgo man to suffer or go through a break up is because of his high expectation from their partners. Again his perfectionist behavior somewhat gets involved in it and becomes the root cause as the Virgo Man want his partner to be ‘ideal’ that is to say that the partner should possess strong ethics (both personal and professional) and should never waiver from them (not even for fun), should have a strict daily routine to follow and much such expectations that put his partner in a particularly uncomfortable spot which they try to break-free of at their earliest. A Virgo man sometimes can get possessive about all this that he may totally neglect the personality of his partner and expect her to mold into his version of expectation.

Acceptance of Harsh Reality Is Difficult For Him

Being extremely emotional and sensitive, it is for this, Virgo man doesn’t recover easily from a breakup and move on. It is difficult for them to accept the fact or reason that the story of his love has come to an end and it is time for him to move.

It is for this reason; they do not recover easily from deception and are totally shattered from the agony of an unfaithful relationship and break-up

Once They Are Done, They Do Not Look Back

It is a known fact that it takes a lot of time for a Virgo Man to process that his love-story has come to an end which leaves them devastated. They keep analyzing every bit of their time together to figure out what went wrong. But once he accepts it (which is really later in stage), there is no looking backward from thereon. Once they call quits, they will never show anyone how much they are hurt even if they are fragmenting into multiple pieces.

No Second Chances Offered

Virgo Man gets really hurt with a breakup and hence they become rigid on not going back. They pour in all they have in a relationship and more. Therefore, a second chance is not a word in their dictionary. Just in case, if he offers his lady a second chance, it should be once in a blue moon opportunity and a quick word for the day; Do Not let it slip away again!

A Virgo Man will never lower himself or his respect so; if just in case you are going around with him then do not think of breaking-up and if you do; do not think you’ll be welcomed back. His fundamentals of life are pretty clear and take a decision after millions of analysis he puts in order to come to that one decision.